Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sweet Sunday


I love Sundays, it's the day of the week I get to sleep in, take a nap and basically just lounge around without a care in the world. I find it hard to get dressed these days, mostly lounging around in a pair of jeans and tee-shirt, some days I don't even wear one. Today seems to be a prime example of that. My Somina, Untamed Heart bra and panties set is the perfect blend of cotton comfort. Untamed heart hooks from the front not in the back which made it a winning choice, perfect for the ultimate comfort experience. To keep warm I opted to wear my new Ninko big Shirt, which made me feel all snuggly, safe and secure. My fawn Pegged Jeans were sitting on the floor this morning, I had no trouble fitting into them as they slid up my legs and hugged my curves effortlessly. If only every day were as sweet as Sunday.

The Look-Sweet Sunday
Hair-Exile-Ocean-Dark Browns Pack
*Skin-Apple May Designs-Pale-Doll Like-Kelly
*Cleavage Enhancer-Apple May Designs-Pale
*Bra-Somina-Untamed Heart Bra
Button up Shirt-Niniko-Big Shirt-Red-50L item
Jeans-This is Fawn-Pegged Jeans-With Grass Stains-50L item
Home-Reek-Old Attic-50L item
*Blogger Gift

Saturday, January 29, 2011

L'Abel-new release

Today is the day. L'Abel is releasing the new Winter Collection. When I got my sneak peek at the collection I became weak in the knees over it. Nef has done such a wonderful job creating each outfit. It was hard to narrow down my choices for a blog post. I picked my favorite four out of the collection to showcase today. Beulah, has done a wonderful job of showing some of the other dresses in L'Abel's collection, just in case you would like to see more.


I'm starting with my favorite out of the collection Itzel in gold. I adore the coloring and the pattern along the waist. I love the poof of the dress bottom and the sheerness of the underskirt, it's my new "go to" party dress. I plan on wearing this dress all weekend because how can you not when it looks this good.


Next up is Chaya in brown, I love this dress because of the pattern and zip up front. It's sexy, but dosen't put it all out there for everyone to see. This dress is available in three colors Olive, Brown and Purple.


Next is a two part set, Dulce top and Oona black short. I kept saying out loud to my hubby, "Soooo Sparkly" while I was wearing this pants set. I actually pulled out my dance animations and watched as the sparkles motioned across my screen.

Brielle dress-Silver

Finally, Brielle dress in silver, to me this dress was a dream come true. I closed my eyes and swayed, feeling the asymmetrical cut of the dress hit my upper thigh and slide down towards my knee. I felt the cut of the bodice against my chest and I let out a deep sigh, Brielle was utterly..Perfect.


Thursday, January 27, 2011

52 Weeks of Color- Week 12- Taupe


I almost let this challenge slip past me this week but I've been going so strong with Luna's 52 Weeks of Color Challenge I simply can't give up. This week's color is Taupe. my first thought, "What the heck is Taupe?" Thankfully, my good friend google was able to answer the question and I was in quick pursuit to find the color. When I do a color challenge I first try to use items I already own and are located deep within the crevices of my inventory. This outfit was found under my "costume folder" and was one I had for a long time. I've never worn it, but always wanted to experiment with using it in a photo.

I'm wearing YIPs baby snowtiger outfit, this complete goodie was a freebie. Yep, a FREEBIE. It was located in the now closed Gnubie store, but don't worry you can still pick up a copy of your own at her store. Four Yip, is a talented Artist, if you don't believe me check out her flicker stream. She even has her own store where you can purchase her items for RL enjoyment. I'm really a big fan of her art and currently have one of her photos as a screen saver for my computer and I phone.

Next week's color challenge is Emerald, which I think will be a bit easier to find, I hope. :D

What I'm Loving

 What I'm Loving

Recently my real Life and Second Life have become busy and let me tell you I am loving it. I want to apologize for being a bad blogger this week, but I've been so excited by the newness.  The new projects, new releases, new changes have me riveted, feeling energized and fresh.

Some things that I have been loving in Second Life are, this deliciously cute Dippin' Dots Top from Somnia, created by Sanura Snowpaw. As soon as she plurked it I knew I wanted it. I love the versatility of the colors she uses for this top because you can match them with almost anything.

I'm also loving my new home from LeeZu! The Modern Orient Beach House is so beautiful. I feel at ease sitting outside hearing the waves crash against the pier. I love the peaked roof and the fireplace. I can't wait to get started on decorating the inside. I know my photo is not doing this house justice right now, but if you want a better look my last blog post and video used the new home as the venue.

I'm also loving Exile's hair recently I've been finding myself drawn more to it because of the lucious curls that flow effortlessly. It feels so natural to wear Exile.

The Look-What I'm Loving
Hair-Exile-Nikki-Dark Browns
Skin-Dutch Touch-Megan-Cream-Basic
Shirt-Somnia-Dippin Dot Top-Black
Skirt-The Strand-Happy New Year Gift
LeeZu!-Modern Orient Large Beach House
Pose-Glitterati-Headshot 3

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bells Boutique-New Release-Sailor Style


Hello Again! I've just released a new dress "Sailor Style", and it's kinda naughty. Sailor Style is a cross between A boy short set and Lingerie. It's available in 8 different vibrant color combination. Sailor Style's short top is accented with an anchor and buttons. The boy shorts also include two anchors and a cute bow on the back to tie it together. Included in each set is a semi transparent version of the outfit, so you really get 2 outfits for the price of One. Multiple Layers are included for your enjoyment.  All prims are Mod/Copy,  no transfer.


The Winner of this Release is Fenella Flanagan, Congratulations!!!! She wins the coveted Skittles Pack!! YAY!

Bells Boutique store location
SL Marketplace

**Fawn Freebie is still available until Feb 1 after that date it will be removed.

Oh and I also made a little video for Bells Boutique. Please feel free to watch. It's an Ad for Sailor Style. 

I hope you like it, Please feel free to leave a comment as well. 
Bells Semyorka

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Giving A Peek


Just a quick post....

Over the weekend I completed 50L Friday and the Season's hunt and managed to snag this hair, from Lamb and shoes, from AddiCt. Ivalde released a new pack of sweaters, the "Laida Collection". This collection is completely cute and incorporates sculpts. The Laida Cardigan is not a granny sweater, but is one that is posh and completely cultured. The top two buttons are undone which leave a peek of an undershirt or for ladies that are a bit more brazed a bit of the decolorate. Laida cardigan is available in 4 bold, but not overbearing colors. A Win in my book. On to the Skin, Belleza today has released a new group gift skin. Erika is beautiful and a perfect compliment to look I pieced together.

Ivalde is currently in the process of remodeling the main store which means savings for you. The discount store of Ivalde has been relocated inside the main store and all outfits have been reduced to 99L and under. Now is the chance to snag some cute merchandise at a discounted prices. :D

The Look- Giving a Peek
Hair-Lamb-Soma-Milk-50L friday
Skin-Belleaz-Erika-Pale-Group Gift
Sweater-Ivalde-Laida-Green Cardigan
Pants-Zaara-Ishaya velour Slacks White
Shoes-AddiCt-Sora Boots-Seasons Hunt Edition
Necklace-W&B-Little Bit of Prety Necklace-Black Pearl/ Peach

Monday, January 17, 2011

Frida Style

frida style2

One artist I've always admired is Frida Kahlo. I can remember my mother first introducing my sister and I to her art at a young age. She thought it was important for us to see strong Hispanic women in non traditionals roles. Perhaps, to help us realize that we didn't need to feel that we had to confirm or compromise ourselves.  Recently I find myself thinking a lot of my mother's life lessons and turning more to Frida's art for inspiration. I left behind a couple of prints in America of both Frida and Diego's (Her Husbands) art. I'm a fan of both, and miss the comfort I felt from having them in my home.

It's only now as I've grown older that I've truly learned to appreciate the beauty of Frida's life and how much influence she carried as a strong Hispanic role model. I admire that she didn't follow the trends in fashion and rather choose to showcase her Mexican heritage by wearing clothing in bright hues, long skirts and eclectic jewelry. She's become a bohemian fashion icon because of her unique style.  Today I'm doing my humble SL version of Frida's style. 

frida style

The Look- Frida Style
Hair-Boon-KED937-Hair Black
Skin-Dutch Touch-eefje-Carmel-Starters Pack
Earrings-Paper Couture- Deer Flower Earring
Jacket-The Secret Store-Les Bleuets-Brick
Dress Shirt-W&B- Bonita Eyelet Dress
Dress Skirt-W&B- Lismore Drop- Waisted Maxi White
Shoes-Surf Couture-Shoelace Sandals-White
Location-Barnesworth Anubis Homes

Sunday, January 16, 2011

52 Weeks of Color- Week 11- Indigo

52 weeks of Color- Indigo

We're on to week 11 in Luna's 52 week of Color Challenge. When I imagine the color Indigo, my mind conjures deep shades of blue, bright hues that light up the sky, ocean and are just so pretty. This week I decided to dive under the sea and become a SL mermaid for this post.

To complete my mermaid post I ventured out of my comfort zone and found a new store "FunnyCat's Nekoshop or Girl Shop".  Isa Haas owner of the shop has recently started creating mermaid attire, I found this outfit on the SLmarketplace and it was fairly inexpensive.

I also managed to pick up some freebies from the Season's Hunt. I've been a fan of these hunts because the quality of work from the designers that participate is stellar. They are generous and continue to receive my patronage. Prizes used are from Shag and Cheap Makeup. The hair has been slightly modified from it's original look, originally it was softer and blonde, but after some slight color editing it became a vibrant blue. My eye makeup is from Cheap Makeup and is a great addition to the NEW Dutch Touch VIP exclusive skin.

Next week's color is Taupe, Right now I'm a bit confused how I can create a look using this color but I will try my hardest. After all it's a challenge...Right? 

The Look-Indigo Mermaid
Hair-Shag-Sylph-Starlight(modified)(Season Hunt)
Skin-Dutch Touch-Megan-Cream-Starters Pack(VIP Exclusive)
Eyes-Exodi-Soulful Eyes-Blue
Necklace-Eyecandy-Blue Lotus Necklace
Mermaid Dress-FCNGS-Mermaid Collection Ocean
Pose-Glitterati-Underwater set
Eye Makeup-Cheap Makeup-Wind Chill (Seasons Hunt)
Nail Color-Dutch Touch-Group Gift Nail Polish

Friday, January 14, 2011

Bells Boutique-New Release-Fawn

Fawn is my take on the baby doll dress and is available in 6 different vibrant color combination perfect for bringing a bit of diversity into your wardrobe. Accented with a hook eye top and fawn design print this dress is not only cute, but fun to wear too. Multiple Layer options are included for your enjoyment.  All prims are Mod/Copy,  no transfer

fawn Nero

Fawn Meadow

Fawn Natural

Fawn Sunset

Fawn Hero

Fawn Flirt

*********Freebie Enthusiasts!********

A version of the Fawn dress has been recolored as an exclusive gift for subscribed members.  If you would like to see more please take the TP and visit my little shop. Also Tell your friends to TP and join the subscriber Kiosk.  I often release limited edition group gifts and choose someone at random to win a fat pack of the new release. This dress will only be available as a freebie for two weeks. It will be removed on February 1, 2011

The Winner of this Release is Babu Melody, Congratulations!!!! She wins the coveted skittles pack and since she's already a member of the subscriber group is getting the limited edition dress too as a bonus.

Bells Boutique
SL Marketplace
*LM were incorrect. Thank you to everyone who IMed me about the issue. Currently correcting Subscriber kiosk problem. 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Aztec Princess

Aztec Princess

I was really relectuant to post this picture to my blog, but after some gently nudging from Frankie I decided to post and have fun. After all it's rare that I go through all the effort of snapping and editing a photo to not use for a blog post. 

It all started with Finesmith Designs Xenobia set that was dropped off on me. Xenobia reminded me of an Aztec piece of jewelry because the main gemstone is accented with rays very similar to a Sun's golden shine. It seemed to be a perfect piece for an Aztec princess to wear.

I had to dig real deep into my inventory to find this skin, thankfully it survived inventory cleanup. The skin and loin cloth are from a very old runway show of the 2008 hair fair. The skin is created by Minnu Palen under the MMS name, now Lelutka. To give an extra bit of ummmph I added L. Fauna's shadow edge eye makeup.

The new to me store for this week is HUZ Tattoos, where I purchased the Mystikal tatttoo. I totally love the tribal feel and detail of this tattoo. I usually only sport one tattoo on my hands, but found Huz tattoos to carry a wide range of styles. I'll be making the rounds for more pieces.

I want to point out the big pyramid behind me. I actually took this photo inside some one's shop. The Mayan Pyramid was made by Sloan Nightfire, and is a great build in my opinion.

since this was the scond post in a day I'll spare you all the LOTD detials.


52 Weeks of Color- Week 10- Sienna


 We're already on to Week 10 in Luna's 52 weeks of color blogger challenge! YAY!

I had a bit of fun with this post because once I found this outfit last week at L'Abel I knew I wanted to create a Steampunk look. I picked this up during that great sale at L'Abel where items were 50-75% off. Sadly the sale ended Jan 9th.

The Abela dress was one that caught my eye because of the feather skirt and high quadruple buckle belt that accentuates the waist. To me this was the steampunkesque part that determined the look. I also am a big fan of the leggings and high collar top because of the camo print. These little touches give an extra bit of edge and help make my aviator look realistic.

I accessorized my outfit by pairing Magika Hair- Fly (No longer for sale) with Reek's Boston Boots (Picked up at a 50L sale). Reek's open lace shoe is the perfect unisex shoe I found it to be such a perfect match I had to include a full body shot in this post. Once the outfit was complete I looked for a bit of steampunk accessories, Giahorn Band Carry- Pack was purchased on the SL marketplace. I was drawn to this because it reminded me of a homemade attempt to create a rocket pack. I loved the idea that I could soar from roof top to roof top wearing this little pack.

52 weeks of color-week 10-Sienna

I did have some help with finding a location from Plurky Pal, Tiara Thibedeau. Who was kind enough to mention the Babbage sim as a excellent steampunk community. I did take these photos in the city hall building. I found it best for giving a view of the Babbage skyline. I did have a bit of trouble when taking these photos, but after editing I think it was worth it. I'm so happy with the way the first shot turned out.

I'm eagerly waiting for next weeks color, Indigo. I don't have an outfit yet, but I hope I can find something a bit wild to wear. ;)

The Look- Steampunk Avaitor
Hair-Magika Hair-Fly-Browns(No Longer Available)
Skin-Dutch Touch-SjOrs-Caramel-CleoPatras Sis
Dress-L'Abel-Abela dress
Shoes-Reek-Boston Boots-Brown(50L friday Item
Gigahorn Band- Carry pack
Poses-!Bang, Be right back pose set, Freestylin'

Monday, January 10, 2011

Too Sexy


One of my New Years resolutions was to explore and branch out into new stores and designs in SL, I ran across Kennedy Gearz owner of Kennedy's Urban Wear while on this search. Kennedy was gracious enough to share with me her favorite outfit, "Too Sexy". Originally I was a bit scared by the design, NOT because it wasn't a good design but because at times I'm shy in th SL clothing department. Not that I'm an SL prude or anything, I just felt a little exposed in this dress. I decided to showcase two looks 1. (Above) the entire outfit in full with no modifications and 2. (Below) a look with a bit more of my style. I want to emphasize that Kennedy's is versatile and with a few changes will even fit a picky style, such as mine.

So looking at "Too Sexy" from top to bottom you will notice that it includes a complete outfit. Scarf, Belt, Dress, Shoes and Leggings. I personally love that Kennedy took the time to incorporate all the details. Some problems I did have were, sizing the belt and nipple coverage. To eliminate these problems I simply added a tattoo layer of duct tape and removed the belt, after that the look was ready for photo snapping and catwalk turns.


To complete my second look it took a bit more effort. I thought that the "Too sexy" dress made an excellent shirt and I added a sexy bra for extra coverage and a pair of leggings for a blue accent. I felt 100% comfortable and cute in this look. I was ready to hit the club and shake my little tush, Now bring on the music.

Now I'm gonna admit something kinda fun I did here to set a mood. While I was snapping these photos I actually was playing "Too Sexy", by that's right said Fred.  It made me giggle as I used Glitterati's Sci-fi-Hallway

Exile Hair Sale-36 styles reduced to 50L, fatpacks are 250L

The Look- Too Sexy 
Photo 1
Skin-Dutch Touch-SjOrs-Carmel-RoundNRound
Nail-Dutch Touch- Blue polish-Group Gift
Mouth-PXL-Mouth Open
Tattoo-Nipple Cover-League Duct Tape Top
Dress, Shoes, Scarf, Stockings- Kennedy's Urban Wear- Too Sexy

Photo 2
Hair-KatatOnik-Blue-Gatcha Jamz Hair
Skin-Dutch Touch-SjOrs-Carmel-RoundNRound
Mouth-PXL-Mouth Open
Tattoo=!Bang-Life is Beautiful
Shirt-Kennedy's Urban Wear-Too Sexy
Undershirt-5th and Oxford-The Tease-Sapphire
Leggings-Zaara-Nishar Leggings-Primary Art Print

Pose/Prop-Glitterati-Scifi Hallway

Friday, January 7, 2011

52 Weeks of Color- Week 9-Silver


First I want to give a big THANK YOU! to everyone that took the time to read and to comment on the inventory tutorial posts. I never thought that anyone would read them and I was simply floored when the comments came in, it really melted my heart.

Recently have been trying a new Kirstens viewer because of a tutorial I read by Strawberry Singh about depth of field and shadows, sadly because of my Mac computer I am unable to get these features working, so it's looks like I will continue abusing Photosho. I am; however, starting to like the Kirstens viewer and get adjusted to the new interface. Thank you Strawberry for sparking my interest in a new viewer and motivating me to try something new.

When Luna Jubilee announced that Silver was this weeks color on this challenge I knew the perfect shop to visit, L'Abel. Two reasons made L'Abel perfect, there is a huge sale and two I love the clothing. There were so many outfits available in Silver it was hard to pick one, but in the end I choose the Viella dress because The hood and long gloves made it perfect for winter. I also already picked out next week's color challenge, Sienna outfit. I've been working really hard on the look and can't wait to show it to you. It's also from L'Abel ;)

I have to point out some really cute things I acquired recently first off skin, Exodi recently released a new group gift Skin, Sylvan and it's gorgeous. I had the great chance of seeing this skin back in November when Exodi released a preview as a 50L Friday. I relly love the lip shape and the freckles on this skin. Also I picked up hair from Exile, Steph is really cute because of the optional side bow and wavy curls.

Exodi- If you're not a member of Exodi's VIP group you are missing out. It's only 250L to join and the benefits far exceed the cost.Get a copy of the Sylvan skin for Free, current group gift.

Glitterati-A new Group has been opened for those that love Glitterati. It's 500L to join and there is a guarantee that at least 500 worth of merchandise will be released each month. Glitterati is home to awesome pose and props. Exclusive poses will also be released to the group.

L'Abel- 50%-75% off on all Clothing. Sale Ends January 9th.

The Look- Silver's Winter
Hair-Exile-Stephanie-Dark Browns
Skin-Exodi- Sylvan Nuit-2011-Exodi VIP Skin
Blush-Exodi- Makeups-Blush-Primrose
Eyes-Curio-Tragic Eyes-Dark Brown
Dress- L'Abel- Viella Dress

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

How to clean your Inventory...Part Three, Deleting

What to Keep?

You survived  Part One and Part Two of Inventory sorting, Well let's move on to the final phase, " to decide what to keep and what to say goodbye to". I admit to having a hard time letting go of some outfits, skins, hair and objects. I'm what you would call a pack rat, but not quite so bad to where it's considered hording syndrome, to me this is the most painful part of inventory sorting because it involves having a critical and harsh eye.

So here is how I normally decide what I'm going to keep and what I'm going to delete.  

1. First off Strip Naked, That's right Detach it all from head to toe. We're in inventory deletion mode and need a fresh clean slate to work with.

2. Pick out your favorite Hair and Skin. You want to use the most up to date or newest designs you own, the skin and hair combination that makes you feel the best. By doing this you are already creating a standard for quality.

Set your standards. Everyone has their own personal standard for what they consider "good clothing". Personally I am NOT a big fan of overly photo sourced clothing, and prefer hand drawn or a cross between the two. So to me if an object is heavily photo sourced it's likely to fall into the trash.

3. Start going through your inventory and try on your clothing.
 Ask yourself...
Do I like the quality?
Will I wear this in a year?
Do I own something similar?

Keep What you Love
If you can find one thing you don't love about the article of clothing get rid of it. Draw the line on older Items, unless *Vintage. Don't be afraid to tear apart an outfit meaning, Using only a shirt and trashing the bottom or skirt, vice verse. Just remember Be Critical, you already purchased the item and found it to be worth keeping, just ask yourself why?

When working with hair
Textures are key, Save styles with great textures. I tried my hardest to delete styles that were created before hair sculpts were introduced. 2008, is the oldest hair in my inventory and it's *Vintage.

Respect Your Vintage
At some point after you have purchased an Item it's Vintage, Let's say after the two year mark. These Items were originally designed and had great quality. They could have been the HOT item of the year, a limited edition purchase the point is they have major staying power and deserve to be kept in your inventory.

Vintage is also considered to be designs from stores that are no longer in business. You can't find these little gems again on the grid. Examples of stores are, Last Call, Old ETD. 

Transferable Items
So I'm going to throw this out as a little tip in case you are feeling generous and are willing to take the time and look for transferable items. Like in RL sometimes in SL I like to donate items I purchased, just because I didn't find use in an item doesn't mean someone else won't. So perhaps finding a nice new resident to donate might be beneficial. There is always the alternative of selling at yard sale or gift to a friends. Remember the ONE thing you CAN'T do is KEEP.


So after completing my inventory Clean up I have only 17,532 items in my inventory.  I lost a grand total of 4,717. And I'll let you in on a secret. I don't have a bare inventory. All my favorites are still in tact. I just feel a lot lighter now and am definitely ready for more shopping trips. :D Who's going shopping with me?

Sunday, January 2, 2011

How to Clean your Inventory...Part Two, Structure and Orgization


Now that we have the Quick start of inventory sorting out of the way we're moving on to the second part, structure and organization. I feel that this is the is the backbone of an inventory. Without a good structure your items can get misplaced or thrown off balance and you might have difficulty finding what you need or forget what you already own.

Second Life gives us the ability to categorize our inventory by using folders. The first thing I did was use the existing folders that SL gave us to sort my items. It's necessary that you get as detailed as possible during your sub folder creations. I'm going to provide a list of what I keep in four main folders and go into further detail on my biggest folder, clothing. Hopefully this will help give you an example of one way to keep track of inventory.

Please feel free to use the system I have, but don't feel that it's the only way to get this done. The point is to create folders and sub folders to place your inventory items in. Like making bins for all your toys where they can be stored for later use. The more detailed you are, the easier it is to find what you are looking for. Just remember that this is YOUR system and it will be different from anyone else. Find out what works for you.

Folder List
Animations- All animations are here, sorted by pose store name. No pose ball or Prop Items, Only single animations.

Body Parts-  This folder can become quite large as I have all body related items here in folders Skin, Hair, Shapes, Tattoo Layers, and body Enchantments. Each main folder is grouped by designer for quick access, the exception to this is my hair sub folder which is organized by color first then designer name. 

Objects- This folder is filled with all sort of goodies, main folders include:
Ao's- all Hud attacments and AO
Bells Objects-Just a place to store random objects. sub folders include Cars, Christmas Items, Clothing Design stuff, DJ stuff, Drinks, Halloween/fall, Memories of SL, Party, Pets, Poseballs, Props, Stuff Bells Made
Food- All food related props are held here
Helpful- All gadgets are held here
Household Items- all furniture, homes, art pieces, landscaping items

Clothing- Ok this is the big one.....
Right now it's a mess so things are out of order, but I'm going to use this an an example of how to organize and how using sub folders is effective in managing your inventory. I know it looks scary, but take a deep breath. Don't worry, We'll get through this together.

What's hidden

The first thing I'm planning on doing is placing all items into the folders marked Accessories, Bells Creations, Bottoms, Complete Outfits, Shoes, Tops, Undies/Socks, Wedding Dresses. Once we have these basic folders filled we will look at a sub folders in detail.


So my clothing folders are marked by style first, then by designer. For example, in the "Tops" folder it's categorized sub folders include: Halters/Tanks, Hoodies, Jackets, Sweaters and T-shirts/Casual shirts. Then if I have multiple shirts from a designer they are organized by designer Name. I didn't want to completely overwhelm you by giving every sub folder's contents in detail, because this post would have been too long, my accessory folder alone is categorized into16 different sub folders.

The main thing to remember here is to organize how you feel comfortable and to use a system that works for you. Group by color if you would like, Outfit, Designer it really doesn't matter. Just develop a strong system that works for you. After all, you're the one that's in the drivers seat when it comes to your inventory. The final inventory sorting topic we will cover is "Deleting, How to decide what to keep and what to say goodbye to". I promise I will try to keep it shorter than this post.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

How to Clean your Inventory...Part One, Quick Start

To keep up with my SL new years resolution, I decided to do a massive clean up and sorting of my inventory. I thought perhaps we could all use a little encouragement in this department and it would be nice to write a tutorial/guide on how I complete my inventory clean up. Just so you know, I'm in no way an inventory specialist but rather I'm someone with way too much time on their hands and a bit of a complex when it comes to SL inventory.

My inventory is currently unorganized sitting at 22,249 items. This is about the time when that red flashing light and blaring alarm goes off, because to me my inventory is busting at the seams and is needing to be cleaned. Only a short couple of months ago it was under 20K. I do try to set aside some time every week to keep up with the maintenance and sort through my items, but with the holiday season, somehow it has escaped being a priority and has fallen into chaos. 

Originally this was going to be one post, but when I started writing I realized this was going to be a long and decided to break it down into three parts. The first part will cover a "Quick Start", which are easy tips and things you can do to reduce the amount of inventory numbers you have. It's a great starting point to giving a quick reduction in any inventory.

The easiest way to sort through all of these items is to utilize the Filter drop down menu. The Filter Menu is located at the very top of the inventory under the search field.  (I am currently using the Phoenix viewer, so I'm not sure if it's located in the same spot on other viewers.)

1) Delete those Calling Cards- I personally haven't found a way to use the calling card and have always thought of them a space collectors. It's best to delete these.

2) Note cards- Clear out all the useless note cards from your inventory. Old sale updates, events, basically anything that is out of date must go. Only keep what is needed or has sentimental value. Keep instruction manuals for objects and Huds, especially if you are a klutz like me. Note cards can easily pile up and be hidden in folders.

3) Landmarks-Clear out Multiple Landmarks, and only keep ones that are necessary. I delete all LMs and rely on search in Second Life to find locations.

4) Gestures- This is really a judgment call you have to make. Since voice was introduced in Second Life gestures have been used less. It's also considered socially unacceptable or rude to gesture spam in large crowds. While I did delete a bunch of old gestures I kept sentimental ones given to me by close friends.

5) Textures/Snapshots- Another way to clear out extra clutter is to delete the adverts that are included in your items. While I like the extra effort that designers make to include the sale ad as a quick look guide I find it to be an extra I can live without. I also deleted old photos collected over the years.

6) Scripts/Sounds- Unpack scripts, Give inventory scripts, Hold Object Scripts, Delete me Scripts, Give all Contents were just a couple of scripts I had floating around in my inventory. I was amazed at how many were hidden.

So after I removed all these items my final inventory total is 19,126! Which means I cleared 3,123 in one cleaning session. I am so doing the dance of joy at the accomplishment and decrease in inventory. Now,  I'm not quite finished with inventory sorting. The next post will cover inventory structure and organization in detail. I plan to crack open the biggest folders I have "Clothing" and provide an inside peek at my closet.