Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tuesday Morning

Nylon Outfitters is a store I discovered within the first few months of my SL journey. It was the first store that I ever saw that had hand drawn clothes, which is something I really admire. Tucked on a boardwalk sim that was Tableau, I thought Nylon's clothing were the best on the grid. I saved for weeks camping until I finally managed to purchase my first NO designs.  I still have my first purchases BTW, they rarely are worn but are a precious part of my SL inventory. Now on for the look of the day.

Tuesday Morning Look of the Day
*Skin-L. Fauna- Velvet- (Available until 4/30)
Necklace-Paper Couture-Deer Flower Pendant
*Ring-Zaara-Kashiti bobble ring
Dress-Nylon Outfitters-Harlequin Pastel Dress
Jacket-Nylon Outfitters-Summer Bikes-Bone
*Pose-LAP-The Dakota
*SLDD store

Please don't drive me home tonight
'Cause I don't wanna feel alone
Please don't drive me home tonight
'Cause I don't wanna go
Tuesday morning
In the dark
I was finding out
Who you are- Tuesday Morning- Michelle Branch

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Manic Monday

 So I realize it's a little late, but here is Monday's Look of the day. It started with this incredible offer from SLDD. Sunday Zarra offered this exclusive purple Syona Kurta top. It's one of the latest releases Zaara has available in store. Now if you haven't shopped at Zarra before, you defiantly have been missing out. Zarra's style is hard to describe. It's eclectic, funky, indie, unique, ethnic. The texture colors are deep, rich vibrant colors designed with details that can make any girls knees weak. The shop is beautiful in it's design and makes for some great photo locations. In all Zarra is an A++ store. Now for the rest of the look.

The Look-Manic Monday
Hair-Lamb- Lovetones- Snickers
*Skin-L Fauna-Velvet-(Limited edition until April 30th)
*Ring-Zaara-Kashiti Bobble ring-Pearl
*Top-Zaara-Syuna Kurta-Purple-(SLDD exclusive)
*Pants-Zaara-Nishar Leggings-3/4th Ivory
Shoes-Surf Couture-Shoelace Sandals-White-(50L item)
Pose- Oh My Stars-(Pose Fair 2010 Exclusive Set)
Location-Zaara Store
*SLDD Store

It's just another manic Monday
I wish it was Sunday
'Cause that's my fun day
My I don't have to run day
It's just another manic Monday-Manic Monday-The Bangles

Monday, April 26, 2010

"Sunday Girl" A Look of the Day

I'm going to try something a little new this week, rather than do reviews or post on one particular store/item I am going to do "look of the days". This is just a little experiment. I'm hoping I can get Seven posts this week, Sunday-Saturday.  Today's look of the day is all about Sunday comfort because after a night out on the town on Saturday it's all about relaxing.

The Look- Relaxing Sunday
Hair-Tiny Bird-Two Weeks-Natural Red-(50L special)
*Skin-L.FaunaL. Fauna Skins- Velvet-(Limited edition until April 30th)
Shirt-Kenzie&CO-Voir La Vie En Rose
*Pants-*BOOM*-Seamen Pants
Necklace-Yummy-Travlers Charm
*Glasses-Urbanity-Geek Glasses (Themeory Special)
*Pose-LAP-RCD-Gutsy PR4

*SLDD store
Remember "Touch. Pay", that's the way to save with SLDD.

"Baby, I would like to go out tonight
If I go with you my folks'll get uptight
Stay at home Sunday girl"-Blondie-Sunday Girl

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"Harder, Better, Faster Stronger" with SLDD

**Note-Great ideas are not created over night but rather change and adapt over time. It's through this growth that the small become bigger until they become the best. It takes hard work: scripting, negotiation, marketing, patience and above all else time and love. Thank you SLDD for creating something wonderful and unique in SL. Shopaholics around SL thank you, appreciate you and support you 100%.

I'm a total shopoholic in SL. Which is why when I see a sale on an item that I would have normally purchased at full price it's a total bonus. It's like adding the cherry on the ice cream brownie that makes life just a little sweeter. For me, SLDD is the cherry of my shopping excursions. I rely on SLDD to keep to date on new stores, exclusive promotions and items. Anyone that is a thrifty shopper or a lover of discounts can appreciate SLDD.

With more possibilities for savings and a new innovative membership card system SLDD has returned with a twist. SLDD cards are great because they provide exclusive discounts on some of the best designers in SL. These designers are providing a generous offer to the community by discounting their work for these daily deals. Daily discounts provide 50% off one fantastic item. Designers are also providing an additional 10-25% percent off their normal prices on selected items. This is the bonus. Currently SLDD is providing a promotion to kick off the start of the new program. Membership cards are only selling for 10L for the rest of this month. It's really a great steal. This offer is perfect for those that are curious and interested in testing how the membership works.

Designers include:
Whippet & Buck
Phoenix Rising

The Look:Rockin my SLDD Card
Hair- ETD Marisela II-Espresso
*Skin- L.Fauna-Faberge-(Group gift)
*Dress- Phoenix Rising-Cassandra's Envy(Black) SLDD 50%off
*Necklace- Exodi-Southsea Choker
*Pose- LAP-M-No, Please

* SLDD shop

Work It Harder Make It Better
Do It Faster, Makes Us stronger
More Than Ever Hour After
Our Work Is Never Over -Daft Punk

Monday, April 19, 2010

Newness from Amacci

Amacci has released a new skin line Giselle. Giselle is beautiful and come in a total of four skin tones ranging from light to dark. Giselle's skin tone's are natural and realistic in their tone with quirks such as moles placed in key areas of the body giving this skin character. Amacci has a total of 24 makeup all glam and great for enhancing your favorite outfit or look. Amacci provides great options along with their skin line, Cleavage enhancement, a hair base and normal option are available with all skins. Each skin runs for 900L while fat packs containing 8 skins are 3000L.
Amacci Web site

Hair-Fri-Eloise-Sensitive Black
Lingerie-Effie Set-MINT
Pose-EverGlow-Gift-Pose5 (from PF 2010)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"The Geek in the Pink" standing up for Pink Shirt Day

Today is Pink Shirt day! For those of you that are not aware Pink shirt day is a RL movement to stop bullying. More information about the RL movement can be found at the following sites.
Stop Bullying Now!

Whether it be in cyber space or in RL, bulling is hurtful and damaging to one's self esteem. Personally I can't stand to see groups of intelligent people I respect tearing one another apart. We forget that we are a community and should be supportive of one another. We each have different personalities, strengths and weakness. We should learn to become more tolerant, loving and caring of one another. By utilizing our unique perspective and outlook on SL; we are able to build a stronger bonds within our little community. Just think of the resources we could pull together instead of using negative energy to tear one another apart. We're all adults and should take the time to reflect upon that before we speak badly about another person.

As someone that has been the subject of bully attacks in the past I can defiantly say it caused me unnecessary stress. Just because the method of bullying is virtual/cyber doesn't mean the emotional pain is lessened nor does it mean that it is acceptable. I've walked away from my computer at times with tears streaming down my face. The effect of the bullying didn't just stop at my computer but carried on to other areas of my RL as well. For some of us leaving the virtual world drama behind is a little more difficult and attacks made against personal decisions or aspects of your RL can cause emotional distress and real pain.

Please stop by participating stores on this list and take part of Pink Shirt day. Together we can help to stop bullying by stand up next another, speaking out for one another and not spreading or feeding into the bullying mentality.

Stores Participating in Pink Shirt Day
Addison Mortlock - A-BOMB
Airedine Poe - Adore & Abhor 
Anneliese Clarence - Algade 
Apatia Hammerer - Pig
April Looming - Wild Style Fashions
Aranel Ah - *BOOM*
Arora Zanzibar - *~ Zanzibar creationZ ~*
Averie Larnia - =HooT= 
Aydan Darcy - House of Darcy 
Bastet Hazelnut - NUT
Candace Morgwain - Sweeter Than Candy 
Chandni Khondji -  *~*HopScotch*~*  
Clementine Ishtari - Awesome Blossom 
Diva Lilliehook -  LACE Designs 
Dove Swanson - Long Awkward Pose 
FionaRose Bartavelle -  Sparklez in the Attic 
Gabe Bookmite - Get Bent 
Heartless Toxx - Heartless Homes 
Horrid Twine - Horribaubles 
Ivey Deschanel - SN@TCH  
JDiva Ophelia - Masquerade Parade Mask Boutique  
Julliette Westerburg - tres blah  
Katey Coppola - GLITTERATI  
Kiki Cunningham - Ki-2 
Lacie Chambers - LacieCakes 
Liess Paine - KHUSH 
Mako Kungfu - Atomic Owl 
Marja Languish & Kissowa Kamachi - Kissed by Lithium 
Mochi Milena - Pink Fuel
Narita Rayna - *Ticky Tacky* 
Nimil Blackflag - LuNi Designs 
Plurabelle Laszlo - Bliensen + MaiTai  
Radio Signals - Scribble  
Rayvn Hynes - MudHoney 
Redsoledrea GossipGirl - (OMFG) I Love It! 
Riley Sapphire - Inner Peace  
Rocsi Kira - La Pop Rocs  
Sanura Snowpaw - *Dreams* 
SarahTheRed Aurbierre - Vanitas Vesture 
Sarahlin Constantine - #Before Sleep#  
Shade Kingsley - Jinkies! 
Southie Allen - Absurdly Newfangled Designs
Syn Beresford - Little Pricks/Skin Deep/Different Drum 
Treble Freenote - Touche'  
Tyr Rozenblum - Tyranny
Venice Burks/Kylei Benoir - BabyCouture 
Voshie Paine - La Petite Morte
jemima Clowes- TUFT  
Roblem Hogarth- !ReTox! 

*December Dollinger took the time to organize this event. Please send her a big thank you for all her hard work and effort.

The Look- Geek in the Pink
Hair-Clawtooth-Lola's Big date (50% until April 25th)
Skin-Exodi-Dael Molokai-He Loves Me DK/F/C
Pink Tee-Vanitas Venture-Signature Tee-Lapin Pink (<3, this tee soo much)
Jeans-SC- Surf Co-Belmar Skinny Jeans
Shoes-PM-Suede Boots-Baby Pink
Necklace- Yummy-Travelers Charm
Ladder Prop-Olive Juice- posey pose stepladder
Pose- don't freak out! (pose from exclusive female set Poise fair 10)

Don't judge it by the color, confuse it for another
You might regret what you let slip away
like the geek in the pink (do do do...)
well like the geek in the pink, yeah (geek in the pink)-Geek in the Pink- Jason Mraz

Saturday, April 10, 2010

"Vogue" with the First Annual Pose Fair 2010

The First Annual Pose Fair is here and underway!! The Pose fair opened it's doors on April 2, 2010 and will run until April 16th, 2010. Almost 100 pose vendors have all gathered for this event to raise funds for Motivation, which is an organization that helps individuals with mobility disabilities. This worthy, noble and heartfelt cause is the main beneficiary of the first annual poise fair. The second are the wonderful, generous and talented Animators/pose makers that make us avatars mobile. This pose fair not only brought awareness to Motivation, but it also made myself and others conscious of the influence that animators/pose makers have within SL. I will admit sometimes tend to forget these praises and have inadvertently made them the unsung heroes of my blog and SL life.

Without these creators SL Residents would become vapid, lifeless dolls without expression and movement. Stuck in Linden chicken walks with our arms tapered at our side like stumps. Instead of walking we would waddle to one another and resemble poultry more than humans. Intimate embraces such as cuddles, kisses, hugs and group shots would become a faded memory. Which is why it's important to provide kudos to these creators.

I honestly have a lot of fun editing photos and picking out the perfect pose is a big part of my creative process. Which is why I have decided to make a commitment from this post on to provide a little credit at the bottom of my blog for pose makers and props, as a way to say Thank you; I appreciate you; and PLEASE keep doing the fabulous work that allows me to "strike a pose, and Vogue".

**Note..I sat on writing this post for about a week, RL became busy and always comes first. I created a flicker set with the photos I had intended on using for this post. Poses from stores: Poise, Dismorph, posemaster. please click link if you care to view....and now on to the closing credits and music.

The Look-Strike A pose
Hair-Clawtooth-Lovely Liz
Skin-Exodi-Dael Maui-He Loves Me-Lt/F (sneak peek skin available until 4/30)
Dress-P.C.-In Like a Lion (older collection and still a fav)
Necklace-Exodi- Southsea Choker
Pose- GEEZ-Set 3-012

Come on, vogue
Let your body move to the music, hey, hey, hey
Come on, vogue
Let your body go with the flow, you know you can do it
- Vogue- Madonna