Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cool Tones


Cooler temperatures have recently made their way to my hometown which means early mornings and late nights are suddenly turning into "sweater weather" to keep comfortable. Not that I'm complaining I'm loving the break from the extremely hot temps. Although I'm going to enjoy the last small bit of summer we have left by trying to squeeze in a beach day or two. Truth be told I'm looking forward to the season change, Fall/ Autumn happens to be my favorite time of year mostly because of Halloween and Fall clothing.

Today, I'm wearing the color Aqua Island and moving on in Luna's 52 Week of Color Challenge, Week # 30. I'm not sure if Luna is aware of this, but her Color challenges really keep me motivated to continue blogging. They provide a different goal and challenge in finding a new color for each post and help create a theme I didn't have before. I have send a big Thank you to Luna for continuing these color challenges for such a long time. Even though I'm behind I will continue posting colors. Next Color Challenge post will be on, "Whales".

The Look- Cool Tones
Hair- Exile- By the Shore- Teak
Skin- PXL Creations- Faith- Sun Kissed
Sweater- Atomic- Vital Top- Ocean
Shorts- Surf Couture- Beach grass Cutoffs
Ring- Zaara- Kashiti bobble ring- Pearl
Pose- Diesel Works- Destiny Female Pose #11

Gotta have Faith

 Gotta have Faith

I'm totally making a "Wham" reference in my blog post title because not only is PXL Creations new skin line called Faith, but It has me singing the song know the part about the sexy body. Faith is in my opinion the best skin that Hart has created so far. I absolutely love the makeup options, brows and freckles. Faith is my new everyday skin so expect to see more blog posts in the future using this skin.

Faith is a gorgeous, sensual soft skin that is available in 8 skin tones. Inside each skin tone color purchase you will find a total of 18 base skins.  These skins include different features such as, cleavage enhancements, eyebrow color and freckles. There is even a full body freckle tattoo, and buzz cut tattoo available. Additional make up options can be purchased in build your own packs or in an entire fat-pack selection. PXL Creations VIPS will receive 10% off their purchase when wearing their PXL group tags. It's definitely a must demo skin.
The Look- Gotta Have Faith
Hair- Exile- Nomi- Naturals
Skin- PXL Creations- Faith Sun kissed
Lingerie- Zaara- Sumana Lingerie in Crimson

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Gangnam Style

Gangnam Style

This week I was introduced to PSY and his song "Gangnam Style".  I have no clue what is being sang in the song (because I don't understand Korean) yet I am finding myself unable to stop playing this song over and over again. Seriously, I have a "Gangnam Style" problem and might need an intervention soon. The main reason I love this song so much is because it's hypnotic beat and extremely catchy chorus. In order to attempt to purge the song from my OCD loop I am stuck in I've decided to make, "Gangnam Style" today's theme. I'm also tying in Week # 29 of Luna's 52 Week of Color challenge, Persian Rose. Next Color Challenge post will be on Aqua Island.

There are currently two version of the Gangnam style song out.
1) Psy Version
2) Psy featuring Hyuna (My favorite Version)

I've even found a mash-up between Sexy I know It and Gangnam Style I am enjoying.

The Look- Gangnam Style
Hair-Exile- Nomi- Frost- (Tinted Pink)
Skin- PXL- Kate-Sunkissed
Closed Lashes- Slink- Mesh Lids and Lashes- (Shadow Tinted)
Eye Tattoo- L. Fauna- Shadow Edge
Shirt- Surf Couture- August One Piece- Raspberry
Skirt- Tee*fy- Skater Skirt Colour Collide- Saffron
Stockings- Doppelganger-Suspender Tights- (no longer available as store has closed)
Shoes- R2 Fashion- Mino- Pink
Pose- Diesel Works- Groove 
Location- Torley Island

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Scenic Summer


With my summer vacation drawing to a close I think it's time to get back into the swing of blogging. I hate when I let things fall to the side. Today's post is about the color Astronaut Blue, It's week number 28 of Luna's 52 weeks of color challenge. Next color challenge will be Persian Rose.

Originally I wanted to pull together a look that was sort of a Barberella type, (you know Sexy Space Vixen look) but when I found out about the new release from Boom I just had to showcase their new Miami Linens because they are utterly fabulous. Available in over 35 color options, Boom has what seems like the entire color spectrum covered. The Miami Linens are 100% mesh and utilize the standard sizing method which means even some Gents might find these trousers to be a perfect fit. As always when selecting a new set of clothes you will want to pick up a demo and stop by your virtual dressing room to make sure you get a good fit. Remember you can always stop by Boom on the SLMarketplace. I think the Miami Linen Trousers from Boom are a perfect transition piece for Summer/Fall.

Boom Marketplace

52 Weeks of Color- Week# 28 Astronaut Blue

I wanted to slip this shot in, which highlights the Astronaut Blue color better. I think it's cute because of the bubble gum. :) Pop

The Look-Scenic Summer
Hair- Epoque Hair- Stabilizer- Earth
Skin-Glam Affair- Leah- Medium Tan
Shirt-The Secret Store- Puffy Blouse- Snow
Undershirt- Artilleri- Nautical Swimsuit Top
Pants-Boom- Miami Linens-Cobolt
Poses- !Bang- Stand 263 / Hows that 1

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Caravan Nights

Caravan Nights

  During the Summer it seems the only relief I can get from the heat is at night when the temperature dips. These cooler temperatures feel like heaven because for a couple of hours everything is in a balance. The night brings a certain stillness, where a quiet whisper can be heard and sleeping is almost impossible at this divine time. Swaying in the moonlight becomes a must and one can't help but dance to song of summer.

*Special Thank you to Rokoloco72 Zapatero, who allowed me the use of his Gypsy Wagon for today's post. Please feel free to visit his store in world or on the marketplace to find other goodies. The Gypsy Caravan is a cozy fully equipped caravan complete with working kitchen, seating, lamps, and bedding. Not only does RKTF create specialty transportation vehicles, but he also creates castles and old style homes. I highly recommend anyone looking for a quality castle, spooky home of specialty vehicle to visit RKTF.

I'm still catching up on Luna's 52 Week of Color challenge, today's color is Cadmium Red from Week 27. Next Color will be Astronaut Blue.

RKTF Marketplace Listing

The Look- Caravan Nights
Hair- !Lamb-In Heaven
Skin- Glam Affair- Leah- Medium Tan
Lashes- SLink- Mesh Lids and Lashes
Dress- Tram- Scallop Dress- Red- (Past 50l item)
Trees- Trompe Loeil- Organic Mesh Trees- Green and Red- (Past Collab 88 Item)
*Gypsy Wagon- RKTF- Gypsy Wagon
Fence-Turnip's- The Flies Fence- Red Tippe- (Past Collabor 88 Ite)
Pose-Glitterati- Standing 18

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Vacation Time


Summer is here which means it's time to pack up your suitcase and head to the beach for some much needed rest and relaxation. For me planning seems to be the hardest part of any vacation. Deciding what to wear, what to bring and where to go. It's so stressful, but I guess that's the price to pay when your taking a week off.

Since we're planning a beach vacation I knew packing a swimsuit or several swimsuits would be necessary. Luckily, Boom has just released "Ellio", a new set of mix and match bikini separates. So I knew I would be packing these cuties in my inventory. "Ellio" is 256 mix and match separate bikini pieces so choosing from the entire set and picking only one bikini was going to be tough. In the end I choose a couple of bikini sets because when I purchased a full set I received a small discount. (Gotta love a bargain.) One thing I'd like to mention is each bikini set has tin-table tan lines included which help show off your glorious time on the beach and all the hard work you did on your tan.

Once we arrived at our beachy destination I got all dolled up ready to relax and play in my little Oasis, but wouldn't you know I had a little accident tripped and fell off my swing. Darn my klutzy nature. I think I'll just spend the rest of my vacation under an umbrella with a drink in my hand. 

Vacation Time 2

*Photo 1, part of Luna's 52 week of color challenge, Week 26: Rust. Next color challenge post is Cadmium Red.

Photo 1
The Look: Vacation Time 1
Hair- Maitreya - Siobhan- Dark Brown
Skin- Glam Affair- Leah- Medium Tan
Beach Coverup- Nylon Outfitters- Crochet Dress- Rust- Past Collabor88 Item
Bikini- Boom- Ellio- Coconut
Sandals- Surf Couture- Freedom Flip Flops- Gold
Pose- LAP-CC-Bringing it-PR4

Photo 2
The Look: Klutzy Beachy Bells
Hair- Elikatira- Sparrow- Browns Pack
Skin-Glam Affair- Leah- Medium Tan
Bikini-Boom- Ellio- Chevron- Doll Pink
Pose- Glitterati- Head shot- 2-7