Monday, March 5, 2012

Once Upon a Time...Week #8 Dark Rasberry

52 Weeks of Color
"I will destroy your happiness if its the last thing I do."- Evil Queen

I've been watching a lot of, "Once Upon a Time" and I sort of fell in love with the Wicked Queen. I love her fairy tale style which is dark and striking just a bit over the top and dramatic. I'm trying my best in today's post to capture her signature look. Thankfully, I had some fantastic pieces in my inventory so making this look was not extremely difficult and was quite fun. This look also doubles as Week Number 8 in Luna's 52 Week of Color, Dark Raspberry.

I'm wearing some semi-new pieces in this photo and highlighting something I now have on my SL wish list.

First let's get to newness we're showing today; Ivalde has recently released some 1930's inspired gowns, The Gina Collection. The Gina Gowns are long, float when you walk and have an open back with a bow tie. This gown highlights sexiness, demureness and is made to show off your gorgeous curves. Neferia Abel has done a fantastic job in creating this dress the detials are beautiful and the textured fabric of the top is crinkly velvet. It's an ultimate dessert piece of clothing. Soo yummy and rasberrylicious. This dress is available in seven different colors and is worth having in your inventory. Especially, if you are a retro lover or wanting something special to wear on a formal occasion.

Next, let's move on to the ring. Yummy! has released a new ring, Relativity Ring made special for the Epoch Event, on the Art of Escher Sim.  It's a sculpted masterpiece in my humble opinion. This ring is very unique and is one that you won't find duplicated in SL. It's very much worth a close up look to see if this ring is something that strikes your fancy.

Finally on the newness scale is the Tattoo Layer along my eyes is from La Malvada Mujer and is also from Epoch Event, on the Art of Escher Sim. It's part of a set called Mechanical and Reasoned. I'm only wearing one portion of this set. The entire set includes a back plug, nipple covers, chest implants, lip and eye tattoos.

And as for the wish list item it's the new to me homes from LAQ. While browsing for skins I ran across a LM for LAQ Decor. I became intrigued and took the ride to visit the this new spot. What I found was an assortment of homes that I can only describe as fantastic. They are highly detailed and luxurious in every aspect. I have added these homes to my wish list until I have enough L to purchase one of my own. If you are in the market for a new home and want something decadent, I suggest heading on to LAQ Decor and taking a peak at the elegant homes that have been created.

The next color challenge post is Dandelion followed by Avocado. Let's home I can catch up soon. 

The Look- Evil Queen
Hair- Exile- Lady Versailles- Roots Pecan
Skin- Pink Fuel- Elly-Honey- Tiara- dark brown and freckles
Eyes- Exodi- Zbija v2.0- Deep Magenta
Eye Tattoo- La Malvada Mujer- Mechanical and Reasoned- Art of Escher Sim
Lips Tattoo- Pink Fuel- Glam Lipstick- Noir
Dress- Ivalde- Gina Collection-
Ring- Yummy!- Relativity Ring- Epoch-Art of Escher Sim
Location- LAQ Decor- Spanish Castle Villa