Monday, January 10, 2011

Too Sexy


One of my New Years resolutions was to explore and branch out into new stores and designs in SL, I ran across Kennedy Gearz owner of Kennedy's Urban Wear while on this search. Kennedy was gracious enough to share with me her favorite outfit, "Too Sexy". Originally I was a bit scared by the design, NOT because it wasn't a good design but because at times I'm shy in th SL clothing department. Not that I'm an SL prude or anything, I just felt a little exposed in this dress. I decided to showcase two looks 1. (Above) the entire outfit in full with no modifications and 2. (Below) a look with a bit more of my style. I want to emphasize that Kennedy's is versatile and with a few changes will even fit a picky style, such as mine.

So looking at "Too Sexy" from top to bottom you will notice that it includes a complete outfit. Scarf, Belt, Dress, Shoes and Leggings. I personally love that Kennedy took the time to incorporate all the details. Some problems I did have were, sizing the belt and nipple coverage. To eliminate these problems I simply added a tattoo layer of duct tape and removed the belt, after that the look was ready for photo snapping and catwalk turns.


To complete my second look it took a bit more effort. I thought that the "Too sexy" dress made an excellent shirt and I added a sexy bra for extra coverage and a pair of leggings for a blue accent. I felt 100% comfortable and cute in this look. I was ready to hit the club and shake my little tush, Now bring on the music.

Now I'm gonna admit something kinda fun I did here to set a mood. While I was snapping these photos I actually was playing "Too Sexy", by that's right said Fred.  It made me giggle as I used Glitterati's Sci-fi-Hallway

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The Look- Too Sexy 
Photo 1
Skin-Dutch Touch-SjOrs-Carmel-RoundNRound
Nail-Dutch Touch- Blue polish-Group Gift
Mouth-PXL-Mouth Open
Tattoo-Nipple Cover-League Duct Tape Top
Dress, Shoes, Scarf, Stockings- Kennedy's Urban Wear- Too Sexy

Photo 2
Hair-KatatOnik-Blue-Gatcha Jamz Hair
Skin-Dutch Touch-SjOrs-Carmel-RoundNRound
Mouth-PXL-Mouth Open
Tattoo=!Bang-Life is Beautiful
Shirt-Kennedy's Urban Wear-Too Sexy
Undershirt-5th and Oxford-The Tease-Sapphire
Leggings-Zaara-Nishar Leggings-Primary Art Print

Pose/Prop-Glitterati-Scifi Hallway

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