Sunday, August 7, 2011

52 Weeks of Color Challenge Catchup 36,37,38- Part two

Pushing a bit further I am compiling another multiple color post for Luna's 52 Weeks of Color Challenge. The colors included in this post are Celadon, Lemon and Patriarch. I'm going to try really hard to complete the next set of challenges on time so I won't get caught behind again.

Celadon- Week 33
52 Weeks of Color -Week 36-Celadon

I'd like to point out that my outfit and shoes are all created by Katey Coppola. Katey who is known for her unique poses from her successful pose store Glitterati proves that her talent is not only restricted to one area. Katey has recently opened two new stores, "The Kid Company" (Clothing for children) and "Petticoat Lane", (Clothing for Women). Both new labels are so full of potential because these are her first wave of releases and they are made extremely well and provide options for customization. I think she is only going to improve as time continues and her skills grows. My dress is made up from two garments in Petticoat Lane. "Basic Tank" and "T-Shirt Dress" Shoes are from The Kid Company, and are so cute that they received their own post on "On Your Toes".

Lemon- Week 37
52 Weeks Of Color- Lemon- Week 37

Patriarch- Week 38
52 Weeks of Color- Patriarch- Week 38

While scouting for colors on Luna's blog, I stumbled on a post titled, Happy Things: Before and After Flickr Group. Luna's post encourages to showcase side by side comparisons of before editing and after editing of a photo. After taking a look at the Flickr group I decided to try my hand at this showing my process. The corset and hair on the left side are photo shopped because the pose created a broken line along my waist and my hair cascaded into my shoulder and creating a messy look. You can check out a Side by Side Comparison on my Flickr stream. I'm far from a photo guru, but I try my best. If you have any suggestions or tips on how to improve please let me know.

The next colors I'm working on getting together is Melon and Apricot, after that I'm all caught up. That is until the new week starts. :D

Week 36, Celadon
Hair- Boon-IUN307-Brown
Skin-LAQ-Olivia Nougat
Shirt- Petticoat Lane- Basic Tank- Mint
Skirt-Petticoat Lane-T-Shirts Dress- Green
Shoes-The Kid Company-Kitty flats- Cream
Earrings- BRB accessories- Watermelon Earrings-Poupee Hunt 2011

Week 37, Lemon
Hair- Friday-Rashelle-Browns
Skin-Dutch Touch- XaYa- Olive- Moon
Dress-Vive9- Dakota Wrap Dress-Gold
Shoes-Bax- Prestige Boots-Brown Leather
Necklace- TokiD- Droopy red Necklace- Group Gift

Week 38, Patriarch
Hair-Exile-Ocean-Dark Browns
Eye Tattoo- Chelle- Eye pop- Grape
Lingerie-Phoenix Rising-Tainted-Rose
Necklace-Lazuri-Spring Pearl Necklace
Pose and Background- Behavior Body- Photo Room- Free Gift

Monday, August 1, 2011

52 Weeks of Color Challenge Catchup 33,34,35,- Part 1

Eeeeep! I fell behind again on the color challenge after all that promising to myself that I would keep on track. I'm roughly 7 weeks behind which is forcing me to combine multiple weeks into one post. I got the idea from , friend and blogger, who was also slightly behind. Thank you for the idea and motivation to get back on track with Luna's 52 Weeks of Color challenge.

I've also been on a bit on a blogging vacation during the month of July. I didn't originally plan on it, but there were so many RL Summer activities that blogging became really hard to fit in. Many apologies if you dropped something on me and I didn't get a chance to blog it. I'm slowly sorting through my inventory and will manage to include many items in upcoming posts. 

Mahogany- Week 33
52 Weeks- Week 33, Mahogany

Mauve- Week 34
52 Weeks-Mauve

Electric Blue- Week 35

52 Weeks-Electric Blue

Week 33, Mahogany
Hair Scarf-LeLutka-GRACE scarf
Skin- LAQ- Olivia-Nougat
Top-MichaMi- Nina Crop Top- Bronze (jacket)
Pants-Elephant Outfitters- Journey Tweed Slacks - Creme Tea

Week 34, Mauve
Hair-Raw House- Emily-Dark Browns
Dress-LeeZu!-Virage Flexi Dress

Week 35, Electric Blue
Skin-LAQ-Olivia- Nougat
Shoes-Paper Couture- Pastel Blue Butterfly
Hair Flower-Indy&Co-Aierdale Floral Barrette-Blue Cuacao-Hair Fair 2011 gift