Saturday, March 30, 2013

Here's Looking at You.

Here's looking at You....

The Pose fair of 2013 is now officially open and I am so excited to share with you some of the goodies I picked up. To me, the pose fair is such an important event because it highlights the wonderful creators who give us the gift of movement. Their creations help us express the full range of emotion.

The Pose fair of 2013 will be open until April 14, 2013. There are so many designers at the fair I found myself head over feet in awe looking at every store. In today's post I am highlighting a pose from Grafica, a store I discovered at the pose fair. Grafica brings fashionable male and female poses to your Second Life.

Scylla, is one of Grafica's newest pose set available for the pose fair. (each designer of the pose fair has new items available for this special event.) The entire Scylla pose set contains ten different poses all with the inclusion of mirrored sets. I picked the Scylla set for today's post because it provides the flexibility to explore different points of views.

The Posefair Official Website

The Look- Here's looking at you
Hair- Exile- Nomi- Sunset
Skin- Izzie'sVIP Group Gift Feb 2013- Harlow Skin- Pale Ginger
Lace Mask- Belleza- Lace Mask
Flower- LaGyo- Lily Head Pin
Pearl Set- Yummy- Michelle Pearl Set
Dress- Indrya Originals Mesh- Daisha Gown- Lush Petal- Shimmer! - Global Domination Prize 
Pose- Grafica Pose- Scylla- Pose 3 - Pose Fair 2013

Friday, March 22, 2013

MaRam Aries

MaRam Aries

I'm having a bit of fun with today's look MaRam Aries. I visited the Zodiac Event and picked up some really cute items for today's post.

First off, The cute Sheepies from Adore and Abhor are my absolute favorite out of the collection. The Sheepies are available as a Gacha, each play will cost 50L but they are totally worth it.

Next, I stalked over to Boom's area and picked up a set of "I am Aries" ram horns. I decided upon Gold, however, there are many several color options for you to choose from. The, "I am Aries" set a unisex design and is available with three options, 1) horns alone 2) mask 3) horns and mask.

Sitting pretty right next to Boom's sale kiosk is !Bang poses. I picked up the overcome pose series for today's post. There are two pose sets available optimistic and overcome for your buying pleasure.

I'm definitely not  finished with my Zodiac shopping, but I had to put together this look and showcase these cute items first.

Not to make fun of myself or anything, but while working on this blog post I had a bit of a flash back to the Power Rangers. I think my look resembles the Villain, Rita. ha ha ha ha

Items are available at The Zodiac

The Look -MaRam Aries
Hair-Curio Obscura- Stack-able Hairstyle Elegance
Sheep Avatar-Double Paradox Yum Yum- Shy Sheep-2009 Choice Prize
Dress- Paper Couture- Sequin Finch
Golden Horns-Boom-I am Aries- Golden
Sheep-Adore and Abhor- Sheepies- Cotton Candy, Strawberry and Mint
Pose- !Bang- Overcome Pose Set

*LM in Credits are to Main Store Locations
to get the items in today's post please Visit The Zodiac

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Orange you Happy for Spring?

Orange you Happy for Spring?

“And like flowers in the fields, that make wonderful views, when we stand side-by-side in our wonderful hues.."- unknown

We had one of our first spring days of the year in Italy. To celebrate I decided to dress up in Orange from head to toe. Sadly, dipping into my inventory meant some of the items I am wearing are no longer available. Either because they are older discontinued items, or the shop is no longer available in world. Nevertheless, I am still a fan of these designers and feel that their creations needed a day in the sun.

The Look- Orange you Happy for Spring?
Hair- Shag- Pretty Please- Vodka
Skin- Exodi- Sylvan- Cachet- (Store location no longer in SL)
Dress- Ingenue- Enid- Puff - (Modified Orange)
Glasses-Paper Couture- Carved Flower Cat Eye Glasses- Older collection
Necklace- Yummy- Secret Garden Locket

Tuesday, March 19, 2013



"What do you get when you cross poison ivy with a four-leaf clover? A rash of good luck." 
~Author Unknown

St. Patrick's day may have come and gone, but you still might be in need of a little luck. If this is the case you should stop on by Pididdle and pick up the Southern Comfort Headpiece while it's available (It will only be available until the 21st). For only 40L this mesh headpiece can be yours.

 The Southern Comfort Headpiece is copy/ Mod and of course No Transfer

The Look- Lucky
Hair- Tram-A816 hair- Cork
Eyes-Shakeup- Paris Eyes
Skin- PXL- Faith- Sunkissed
Green Shadow- LuJu- Eyeshadow- Mint
Moles- Okkbye- Moles- Fashion Week -3/2013
Headpiece- Pididdle- Southern Comfort- Headpiece
Dress- Ivalde- Gina Emerald Velvet Dress 1930
Pose-!Bang-Simple Series

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Bird Song

Bird Songs

"A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song." - Lou Holtz

The Skin Fair and The Boutique hit my pocket book at once yesterday making it almost impossible to determine my first must have purchases from these events. Finally, after teleporting from sim to sim and trying on demo after demo I chose today's look "Bird Song".

Casa Del Shai has been a label that I have worn since I first rezzed into SL. I loved the style, colors and that all items were hand painted. Casa Del Shai was not only a favorite of mine, but my better half, Frankie Palliard also loved this label. We used to spend hours shopping together trying to coordinate our outfit and Casa Dl Shai was one of the first stores that allowed us to do this effortlessly because the quality was beautiful for not only women, but men too. Often Casa de Shai made male and female outfits which complimented one another. I really can't begin to tell you how excited I became when I saw Shai's announcement on plurk that she was releasing a new skin for The Skin Fair. I knew this would be a skin that I would have to try out.

Song is one of Shai's new skins and is available at The Skin Fair. You can find Shai Skins on sim 1 at The Skin Fair. Song has ten different makeup options. Each skin contains four brow options, sculpted lashes (not worn in the photo) a bare skin and a makeup version with two cleavage options. I personally think Shai has done a great job on this skin line. Song brings together fantasy, fashion and flair into one skin.

To be fair, I am going to mention that I have altered the original skin by adding a lipstick stick tattoo, mole tattoo and mesh teeth to moderately enhance and achieve a unique personal style. I hope these small changes do not deter you from trying a demo of Song.

The Look- Bird Song
Hair-Exile- Daniela- Naturals- Sunset
Skin- Shai Skins- Song- Bird- The Skin Fair
Mole Tattoo- Okkbye- Moles-Fashion Week 3/2013
Lip Tattoo-L. Fauna Lipstick- Red 2
Teeth- Okkbye-Mesh Teeth- Fashion Week 3/12
Earrings-Je suis tente- Fire Earring
Dress-Baiastice- Rie- Dress Orange Red- The Boutique
Stockings-erratic- patterned stockings- skulls- white- FLF
Shoes-Gos Boutique- Grace Sandals- Red Glitter
Pose- !Bang- Carefree- pose 1- The Boutique
Location- Botanical Landscaping- Water Lily

*All LM marked as "The Skin Fair" are for Sim 1, which I found to have the lowest lag each time I visited. 

Additional information for !Bang

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Spring Baroque

The Arcade Photography Contest...Bells Semyorka

It's time for another round at the Arcade. This month (March) has a vast assortment of stores participating which means Gacha overload. In today's post I'm highlighting some of my favorite items from The Arcade.

First off, Holy Goodness HAIR! Curio Obscura has released Stackable Hairs. These hair styles are in 1700s fashion and are all over the top wigs which give an antique feel. I managed to get this  rare hair style on my first try. I picked up a couple of others wigs as well because never know when you might want to add a bit of fun to SL. The Ballroom hair style I am wearing is completely customizable, Starting with the Plume, flowers, fabric and hair color can be selected different colors to match your wardrobe. The one thing I haven't mentioned yet, is the figures inside the hair. There are tiny dancers with movement inside this wig and if that's not enough to get you excited you have to get a close up look inside the wig. You can customize the dancers, ballroom ceiling and floor. This wig is truly a work of art.

Next, I want to draw your attention to the skin from Insufferable Dastard (I.D). When I saw the Arcade shopping guide, I became drawn to this skin line, because of it's unique beauty.  I.D. is a new skin store to me, so I was very excited to receive "Innocent" on a first attempt. Innocent has a nude face which makes it easier to add tattoo layers for extra enhancement.

Shakeup released a set of Beautiful fans this round at The Arcade. I have been trying my hardest to get the entire line of this collection. I'm only missing Hibiscus, so if you know anyone who would be interested in trading please send them my way.

Teefy has a "help yourself party set" which is absolutely to die for. I've added a few pieces to my kitchen which is now starting to resemble a nice bakery from all the goodies.

Ladies who Lunch has a collection of mechanical bugs. These bugs remind me of steam punk style. The two LWL Bugs shown above are Luna Moth, Rare and Lavender Butterfly.

I do hope you stop by the arcade and pick up some wonderful goodies. In the event you run across the Shakeup Fan in Hibiscus, feel free to pass it my way ;)

The Look- Spring Baroque
*Hair- Obscura - Stackable Hairstyle Ballroom RARE
*Skin- .ID. Elena / Arcade / Innocent / Light
Dress- Paper Couture- Peach Sorbet (Older Collection)
* Fan- Shakeup - Arcade Fan [HYDRANGEA]
*Bugs: [LWL] Lavender Butterfly , [LWL] Luna Moth RARE
Background Goodies (from Left to right)
*Tee*fy Outdoor Party Set
Squirrel- HPMD* stuffed squirrel
*Tee*fy Soft Ice Cream Cloudy Set
-tb- Pastry Mania - Raspberry Heart (previous arcade goodie)
{what next} Plate o' Cupcakes (decorative only)
*Tee*fy Cotton Candy Set
tb- Pastry Mania - Raspberry Cake (Previous Arcade Goodie)
* Tee*fy Candy Cake Pops Set
* Tee*fy Beverage Dispenser Fruit Punch
* -tb- Tea Time - Stacked Cups
Pose: LAP- DQ- Helping Hand

 * The Arcade Items/ all Landmarks are to the Arcade only.