Monday, September 5, 2016

Need to Destroy


waiting....till I can feel again.....Need, Desire...Lust.
wake me up

The Look-Need To Destroy
Hair- Clawtooth: Giselle - Brunette- Collab88
Earrings- Zaara : Sarika feather earrings
Panties- TETRA - Stretch-silk Thong (Nude)
Nipple Rings- S&P OF piercing 

Band of the moment: THC
Album: Adagio

Saturday, September 3, 2016



It's time to make good on my promise and talk a little about mesh heads. The mesh head adaptation isn't one that has been easy for me. I'm kinda am going back on my word by even stumbling into mesh head territory, but I realized that if I didn't try...I would be left behind. I always feared that getting a mesh head would mean that I would lose my individually and the little things that made me unique in SL would fall to the side. I did try a few things to give myself some unique aspects..I'll mention them below.

It seems more and more designers have geared their new release skins to work exclusively for mesh heads. This made shopping events I loved to visit a little frustrating because I couldn't purchase the newest skin. I did however do the following for months before getting my mesh head. I collected every freebie or low cost applier that I could get my hand on. Even though I had no intention at the time to actually get a mesh head I wanted to be prepared in the event I did.

I had several talks with my SL friends about mesh heads so I had a lot of opinions and thoughts to take into consideration when choosing one. Above all, I took my time, I test drove several heads and skin appliers before making the final purchase. Mesh heads are not cheap, I think mine cost about 6k in Lindens. Quite a hefty price to pay. So if you are thinking about making the transition to a mesh head I strongly encourage you to take your time in order to avoid buyer's remorse. (which might happen)

Which head and skin combo did I pick? Well,  let me tell you. I stuck with my old faithful and trusted skin designer, Glam Affair. Glam Affair imho, makes the best skins in SL. Everything is pretty much flawlessly desinged. Glam Affair skins also are 100 percent compatible with my mesh body from Maitreya. For me, Catwa seemed like the only choice when it came to picking a base mesh head, here's why. Catwa seemed to be the most popular, meaning LOTS of skin designers and appliers had been made for this skin. Also, there are Animation Huds that are included in your purchase which allow some emotion to be shown. I've been having fun playing with them so far.

So what are some things that I did to make my SL face slightly more unique?  I used appliers. Two key things that I feel are a trademark on my SL face are freckles and eyeliner. I wanted to keep these things when making the transition to mesh, but was worried I was going to lose them since Glam Affair didn't have an applier for these two options. What I did was ask around. My friend Daallee was able to steer me into the right direction and provided me with a link to Izzie's appliers and I found both freckles and eyeliner. These appliers can be totally removed and added via a HUD and I feel help make me a little more unique. You can also choose different SL mesh eyes and lashes to enhance your SL Face.

The bottom line when it comes to purchasing a mesh head is DON'T rush into it. Take your time and try many different skins, mesh heads and appliers. There is a way to get your unique style through. You just have to work a little to uncover it.

The Look- Secrets
Hair-Oleander ~ Madison. Essential Tones- (Collab 88, August Round)
Head- CATWA HEAD Alice
Skin-Glam Affair - Gio Applier- (Uber September Round) 
Dress- David Heather-Alejandra Dress- Rose

Musical Inspirational: Secret, Mary Lambert