Saturday, June 23, 2012

Dark Tails of Dragons

Dark Tails of Dragons

“Fairy tales are more than true; not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.” G.K. Chesterton

Today's post is a bit of Fantasy. The whole look was prompted by two things, The Evita Headpiece from Glam Affair and a photo of Angelia Jolie as Maleficent I found on the web.

For those that haven't seen Disney's Sleeping Beauty you are missing out on a childhood classic movie. It's one of the original Disney films back when everything was hand drawn. Maleficent is the Villain in Sleeping Beauty. She's pretty wicked cool too because she has the ability to transform into a dragon.

I want to point out some newness in today's post. First The Evita Headpiece from Glam Affair, this headpiece is available at the Dressing Room. Once I saw it I knew I would create a look centered around the darkness. It's 100 percent Mesh and a great addition to an Avant-garde or Couture look. 

Next, is a skirt from House of Fox, Also purchased at the Dressing Room. Unfortunately, this skirt is no longer available at the Dressing Room, But House of Fox has other unique outfits available in their main store. What I enjoy most about this skirt is the cross pattern and mesh quality. House of Fox has done a great job on this skirt.

Finally, I want to point out the skin from PXL Creations. This skin was a bit of serendipity, because I was in the market for a pale gothic looking skin. Luckily PXL Creations released a Vampire version of Kate for their group members. It's still available for free to the paid VIP Group. If you are a member be sure to pick it up and if you are not and would like to join it's only 250 Lindens. PXL Creations does deliver group gifts from time to time plus you can receive discounts on Fat Pack skin purchases. I've found it to be worth the entry fee in lindens.

***After I finished working on this photo I saw a gorgeous shot of Maleficent done by Grazia Horwitz, I hope she dosen't mind me sharing her flicker page. It's really beautiful. Soft lighting, Wonderful areas of light. Grazia really shows her artistic flare in this photo. 

The Look- Maleficent Dark Dragon Tail
Hair-Elikatira- Again- White 05
Skin- PXL Creations- Kate PA- Vampire
Headpiece- Glam Affair- The Evita Headpiece
Horns, Legs and Tail-Sn@tch-Demonic Influence
Top-Luxuria- Belinda- Black
Skirt- Color Me. House of Fox- My Cross Skirt- Mesh
Necklace-Deco- Black Pearl Double Strand Necklace
Pose-Glitterati- 156

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mad Pink- 52 Weeks of Color-Week 20- Deep Pink

Mad Pink- Week 20-Deep Pink

Every week I wait patiently for Mad Men to show. It's been a show I watch regularly since it first aired. I first became attracted to the show because it was in my favorite time period,  The 1960's. My love of retro fashion initially got me hooked, but now it's the characters and story lines that have continued to pull me in. A current favorite location featured on Mad Men is the Draper home. Ever since Megan sang the, "Zou Bisou Bisou" song I have wanted to step into that same scene. 

Fortunately, Trompe Loeil has made my Mad Men dreams come true with the NYC66 Skybox. The NYC66 is a replica of the Draper penthouse apartment. It's mesh and comes furnished with chairs, bar stools, dining room table, kitchen, couch and lights. The floor plan is exact to the Draper home and includes: An Entry Way, Living Room, Kitchen, Dining Room, Terrace, Master Bedroom and Hallway. For extra personalization to give the NYC66 your special touch nine photo frames are scripted to allow your own photos. All furniture within the home are also scripted to allow you sit just by just clicking on each piece of furniture. The NYC66 is available at this month's Collabor88.

I also picked up a cute dress from Nylon Outfitters, Swinging Fringe Dress from Collabor88. This dress is fun to wear because it gives you beautiful movement as you shimmy and shake. I've been having a hard time changing my outfit since I tried on this dress. Which is quite unusual for me, because I usually change my outfit several times a week. It was also the perfect color to wear for Luna's 52 week of color challenge- Deep Pink. Next Color Challenge post is Lemon Chiffon.

The Look- Mad Pink
Hair- Clawtooth- Kinda Sky-Brunette
Skin-Belleza-Lilly V2
Lashes-Slink- Mesh Eyelashes
Dress-Nylon Outfitters- Swinging Fringe Dress
Shoes-Hucci-Choose Love Pump- Electric Sugar
Microphone-!Bang-Sing your heart out
Pose-!Bang-Hairbrush Microphone 4
Home-Trompe Loiel- NYC66-Collabor88
Band-Linden Drums-Marketplace

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Alley Cat is the Cat's Meow

Meow! Alley Cat on the Prowl

"Cats know how to obtain food without labor, shelter without confinement, and love without penalties." - W.L. George

Today's look is all about releasing your inner kitty. Intrigue Co. released their first Mesh Dress, Cat's Meow. The Cat's Meow is available in Five colors, Mint (shown above), Berry, Cherry, Lemon and Melon. It's available as part of Collabor88, June Event and will be available until July 7th. It's sizing is using the Standard Sizing model of SL, so it's available in sizes XS-L.

I have to admit this is the first Mesh clothing I have tried. I know I'm a bit late to the Mesh party. I was reluctant to try mesh because I knew some small editing would take place to my shape; however, with the Cat's Meow dress there was no editing required. Intrigue Co. included an alpha layer that covered the entire mesh which made finding the right size was almost effortless. I'm really looking forward to see what other mesh goodies Intrigue Co. has in store for us. The creativity and cuteness never ceases to amaze me.

The Look- Alley Cat on the Prowl
Hair-Lamb-Lover-Chocolate Bars Pack
Tattoo- Cheap Makeup-Cat Power
Ears-Roobix-Kai Feline Ears- Black
Dress-Intrigue Company-Cat's Meow- Mint- Collabor88
Tights- Mon Tissu-Favorite Wool Tights-Heathered Mint
Pose Props:
Dark Alley-Lost Angels- The Garage Door
Phone and Newspapers- Void-Subway Junk
Pose- !Bang-This Shit is Bananas
Bird in mouth-Gritty Kitty- Tastey Bird

Monday, June 11, 2012

Dinomite! Week 19- Pueblo

Dinomite- Week# 19 Pueblo

This weekend I spent some time on the Tableau sim exploring the dinosaur park. Tableau is one of the sims I really enjoy visiting because there is so much to see and it changes quite often. I can't count the number of hours I have spent exploring this Sim over the years, but I can tell you, it's a lot. The Dinosaur park reminds me of the scene of Peewee Herman's Big Adventure when he ventures into the dinosaurs. The main reason why I choose Tableau for today's post is because of Luna's Color Challenge, I'm on week 19 which is Pueblo which made Tableau the perfect backdrop location.

I'm also wearing as much of Pueblo as I could find within my inventory. There are two key pieces I would like to point out today, because they are new to me and deserve a blog shout out.

First off, Eclectica has recently released a pair of eye glasses called 50's glasses. The set I'm wearing today are Rhinestones, but there is also another set available which are Scrolls and Pearls. These glasses are customizable and allow almost every small detail to change according to your style. Frames, decorative detail and lenses are all scripted and have various textures and colors you can change. I hardly wear glasses, but Elecetica's 50's glasses are beautiful and were a great addition to have in my wardrobe. If you owned a previous version of the Eclectica's glasses you can contact the creator and ask for an upgrade. They are not only great for ladies, but work quite well for fashionable gentleman. ;)

The next thing I want to point out my hair from Clawtooth. I picked up this hair during the last Collaborate 88 event and just can't get enough of it. (mostly because it reminds me of my RL hair style and length.) Clawtooth has two new hairstyles out for Collaborate 88 which I am seriously debating on picking both of them up. Clawtooth is currently having a sale on Hair packs, This includes: new hair, fat packs, discounted wall and accessories. The sale runs from June 2nd-June16. So there is still time to TP in and grab a new style.

Next Color Challenge Post will be Deep Pink. :) I know I have loads in my inventory of that color.

The Look- Dinomite!
Hair-Clawtooth- Glamazon- Brunettes
Skin-Dutch Touch-Esmee- Dark Olive
Eyeglasses-Eclectica- 50's Glasses- Rhinestones
Shirt- Essences- Sugar Free Jacket -arcoiris
Pants-Sn@tch- Community College Capris- Rust
Necklace-Yummy!-Heart Window Necklace
Pose-Striking Poses -Katy Perry Pose