Sunday, April 29, 2012

52 Weeks of Color Week #14- Royal Purple

52 weeks of Color Week #14- Royal Purple
 “I have always loved the beach. The smell of the salty water, the wind in my face, the gentle roar of the waves all combine to create a sense of peace and calm.” - Unknown

I have to thank Luna Jubilee for helping me find my new sky dome from Poetica. I had been searching for a private beach area that was similar to Turnip's Sky dome but was completely lost on where to find something similar. Thankfully, Luna provided a wonderful solution to the problem...Poetica.

Today's color post is about Royal Purple. I have to admit to not having an abundance of purple within my inventory. It's not a color I enjoy wearing all that much, but I did have a few cute goodies I thought would be ideal for sharing in today's post.

Next Color challenge post is Seashell Peach. :D ....only 4 more till I'm caught up.
News- Sn@tch is currently having a 50%-75% on almost ALL items within the main store. Items are currently as low as 10L, 25L, and 50L.

The Look- Beach Bum
Hair-Lamb-Mono- Chocolate Bars Pack
Hair Accessory- Artilleri- Orchid Hair Flower
Skin-PXL- Kate-freckles with nude lip gloss
Vest-Sn@tch-The Gem Suede Vest- Purple
Swimsuit bottom- W&B- Frilly Little Set- Morning Haze
Necklace- Mon Tissu- Take Flight Necklace
Pose- Glitterati-238
Skydome- Poetica- Beach Bubble

Monday, April 23, 2012

52 weeks of Color Week #13- Tea Green

52 weeks of color-Tea Green

"It's been 84 years, and I can still smell the fresh paint. The china had never been used. The sheets had never been slept in. Titanic was called the Ship of Dreams, and it was. It really was."- Rose-Titanic, The Movie

We recently passed 100 years since the sinking of the Titanic and I decided to pay a little homage in my own way by completing today's color challenge post in an Edwardian Theme, which was the Grande Style of the time period during the Titanic's voyage.

This post's color challenge is Tea Green. I have to admit finding something suitable for this color was a bit of a challenge. Luna managed to pick a tricky one. Tea Green is a delicate shade of green, soft and subtle and a wonderful color for spring.

Ivalde released a collection of Edwardian Designed dresses to mark the 100 years of the Titanic. I am currently only showing one dress today, but there are a total of four dress styles available in the new release. Miss Alberta which I'm wearing happens to be my favorite out of all four because if the collared neckline and high waisted skirt. Wearing Miss Alberta makes me feel like such a lady.


Another cute item I would like to point out today is this decorative hair accessory from Eclectica. The Vintage Barrette in Silver is the perfect compliment to an vintage style. I'm using it like a hair comb in my photo today. What I like most about this barrette is the iridescent jewel located in the middle and the pearls that accentuate the outer portion of the design.

Next Color Challenge post is Royal Purple, which I'm thinking might be tricky to find within my inventory and I might have to start making special purchases for. :D Just what I need another excuse to shop. LOL

The Look- Remembering the Titanic
Hair-Lamb- Witch- Snickers
Skin-Dutch Touch- Eefie- Caramel
Dress-Ivalde-Miss Alberta- Mint
Necklace-Yummy-Miss Havisham's broken Heart
Hair Accessory-Eclectica- Vintage Barette- Silver

Sunday, April 22, 2012

52 weeks of Color Week #12- St Patrick's Day Blue

52 Weeks of Color Challenge - St Patricks Blue
...And when it rains on your parade, look up rather than down. Without the rain, there would be no rainbow. - Gilbert K Chesteron

It feels like it's been raining for the entire month of April here in Italy, so today's post is in honor of the April showers the will hopefully bring in the May flowers.

I'm back on the 52 weeks of Color challenge train and today's color is all about St. Patrick's day blue! This deep but yet vibrant blue is one I really enjoyed using when putting my look together. I tried to find a couple of shades of blue to compliment this color. I managed top pick up some new goodies and just have to share them with you. Let's discuss the outfit first. It's from Ur Favorite One and was picked up during Collab 88, which if you hurry is still open for the remainder of this month. If you wait until the 8th of May it will be gone and a new collection will roll in. This month's theme is french inspired. I love UFO's Choux skirt set. It's a wonderful take on the school girl outfit.

On to the poses, Olive Juice has made this spectacular puddles prop set which I picked up during the pose fair. My one mission for the pose fair is to find cute photo props. Thankfully, Olive Juice was able to fill the gap and provide this cute set.

Speaking of poses, the Number One item I cannot live without in Second Life blogging is the Tillie's Pose stand. This pose stand is such a useful tool to organize and keep your poses. I've been using Tillie's stand for the last three years and it was well worth the initial investment. I mainly use the Standalone HUD because it provides the use of my poses ANYWHERE! I'm never restricted when I am presented with a photo opt opportunity. I currently have over 900 poses within my Tillie pose HUD and I am adding more as my journey through the pose fair continues.

My favorite new features so far are:
The New interface on the stand alone hud
The name and number of each pose listed as it is utilized within the pose HUD
Pose Timer, to automatically run through poses quickly

Tillie's pose stand is the whole kitten caboodle, it includes everything you would ever need as a photographer, blogger, or model. The new version 4.01 includes so many more options than previous versions. Included in the 4.01 version are 22 poses from Diesel Works and 20 poses from Glitterati. This is an extra bonus and a generous gift from these pose designers. For a full photography studio Tillie's pose stand has you covered with several textures for backdrops, lights, and posing stands which can be used during photo shoots. IMHO it's one of the best photo tools on the market.

Next posts color challenge is on Tea Green

The Look- Rain Rain Go Away!
Hair- Lamb- Oleander- Twix
Skin- Pink Fuel- Elly-Honey- Pearl
Outfit-U.F.O.-Choux- Pastry Heart- Navy-(Collab88)
Shoes-Molto Bene!-Alpha Boot Layer
Pose Prop- Olive Juice- Puddle Jumpers
Umbrella-Lisp Bazaar-Rainy Days Umbrella- Hold- (Collab 88)
Tree-Trompe Loeil-Organic Mesh Tree Blue- (Past Collab 88 Purchase)
Gazebo-Barnesworth Anubis-Gatsby Gazebo- (Past Collab 88 Purchase)

Friday, April 13, 2012

52 Weeks of Color Week #11- Aquamarine

What Light through Yonder Window Breaks
"But soft, what light through yonder window breaks? It is the east, and Juliet is the sun."-Romeo and Juliet- Scene 2, William Shakespeare

I couldn't help using this quote for today's post. I was inspired by Glitterati's Balcony pose set which provided the perfect backdrop to creating a Romeo and Juliet scene. All I'm missing is my Romeo.

Today's post is a color challenge. Aquamarine, is a beautiful gemstone and has an iridescent hue which wavers between blue and green. I discovered some hidden gems within my inventory and had to share.

First off, this gorgeous dress from Sn@tch. Ivy Deschanel had a photo of the Junior Prom dress at the Wear Gray Event. Her vendor sign was so well done I couldn't resist stopping into her main store and picking up a copy to add to my very own collection. The Junior Prom Dress is available in Six colors: lavender, lime, pink, powder blue, seafoam, silver. I happen to think it's perfect to wear on any spring day. I've listed the remaining goodies below in the credits, so take a peek and perhaps visit a store or two.

Next Color Challenge post is St. Patrick's Blue

The Look- What Light through Yonder Window Breaks
Hair- Tiny Bird- Nates- Mixed Browns- store closed
Skin- Pink Fuel- Elly-Honey- Pure/Angelic
Jewelry Set, Earrings and Necklace- League-Antique Lace Jewellery Set
Ring- Zaara- Kashiti bobble Ring- Pearl
Dress-Sn@tch-Junior Prom- Seafoam
Pose Prop Set-Glitterati - Balcony

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

52 weeks of Color Week #10 Avocado

52 weeks of Color Week #10 avocado

Moving on to Week 10 of Luna's 52 week of Color challenge we have hit Avocado Green. Today I'm opting for a more military look by sporting my Armidi Military Crop Jacket and This is a Fawn, Grass Stained Jeans. None of the items in my post today are new, but rather they have been sitting within my inventory collecting a bit of dust. I decided that today's post would be the perfect excuse to bring them out.

Next color challenge post is Aquamarine I'm searching both high and low in my inventory and in Second Life to find the perfect look.

The Look- Military Avocado
Hair- Truth-Tahlia 2- Dark Browns
Skin- PXL Skin- Kate- Sun kissed tone
Jacket- Armidi-Military Crop Jacket- Army Green
Pants-This is a Fawn-Stained Grass Jeans- Store Closed
Shoes-Pixel Mode- Luna- Leopard Jeans- Group Gift Exclusive
Location- Airport Blake Sea
Pose- PDA-Ballade

Sunday, April 8, 2012

52 Weeks of Color- Week #9- Dandelion

52 weeks of Color Week#9- Dandelion
“I was a dandelion puff...Some saw the beauty in me and stopped quietly to admire my innocence. Others saw the potential of what I could do for them, so they uprooted me, seeking to shape me around their needs. They blew at my head, scattering my hair from the roots, changing me to suit them. Yet still others saw me as something that was unworthy and needed to be erased.”  -Nicole Baily-Williams

I fell off the blogging radar last month and developed a bad case of the "I'll do it later syndrome" which eventually lead to full on stopping of my blog. (A casualty of my classes ending and final exams taking a first priority.) I can only apologize for not getting back on track sooner. I really hate when I get behind and feel as if I am letting not only myself down, but the designers who have been so generous by including me in their blogger release. So, once again my apologies. Let's get back to this business we call blogging.

Week #9 of Luna's 52 week of color challenge is Dandelion. This color is a beautiful spring tone and is one that should be celebrated and worn during the season change from winter to spring. Today I'm wearing "Megan", from Ivalde. Megan is an extremely cute retro designed dress. It's something I can see coming strait out of Mad Men which makes me love this design even more. Megan falls right at the knees which makes it modest, but still very sexy. Short sleeves and an embroidery design along the collar, sleeves, and skirt trim are an bonus for bringing the 1960s into the present day. 

Collab88 theme this month is french inspired, Paris. I picked up a new sky home from Barnesworth Anubis, Paris penthouse. It's a beauty and well worth purchase for anyone in the market for a new home. I'm sure Miss Zou Bisou Bisou would love it.

Next color challenge post is Week 10, Avocado.

52 weeks of Color Week#9.2- Dandelion
(Oh and I couldn't decide on which photo to use so you get two in today's post. )

The Look- Mad Megan
Hair-Armidi Hair- Symphony Twist- Brunette Collection
Skin-PXL-Kate-Sunkissed-with freckles
Eyes-Exodi- Tetra Eyes-(sadly not available any longer)
Tattoos- Chelle- Cat Eyeliner, Exodi-Eyelashes-Dramatic, PXL-Cherry Lips
Dress-Ivalde-Megan- Yellow
Earrings-Artilleri-Glitter love- Fire
Ring-Paper Couture- Diamond Bee Ring
Building-Barnesworth Anubis- Paris Penthouse
Pose-!Bang-Cuz it Rhymes

Friday, April 6, 2012

Wear Gray for a day is now Open!

Wear Gray for a day is now open! 

Wear Gray for a day is a charity based event designed to help raise awareness and funds for brain cancer research. Several people involved within this event have been personally affected by having family member who were afflicted with this condition. It's a disease that does not affect just one group of people, but can touch both young and old, women and men and children. Finding a cure is only going to be possible with us helping anyway we can. It's important that we all collaborate together during events like this to help show the strength of our community and the power of Second Life.

The Wear Gray Event will run from April 6th until April 23rd. There are a total of over 70 different stores and over 300 exclusive items. Each designer involved in this event was asked to create exclusive items for wear gray. You can view some of these items by browsing the Wear gray for a day flickr page.

For more information about ABTA, donate directly and the Wear Gray sponsors please visit the official homepage of Wear Gray. You will also find information about the special live events which will take place during the two weeks that Wear Gray is open.

Finally, I'm extremely proud to say that I am a merchant in this event. I have three exclusive items for Wear Gray for a day, shown below.

Little Renaissance Villa- Wear Gray Exclusive

The Little Renaissance Villa- Casa Dell' Amore Homes
While designing clothing is my main focus in Second Life creation, I've been experimenting with making homes as well, Casa Dell' Amore Homes are the result of this newest creative venture.

The Little Renaissance Villa s a small Italian Renaissance style building. Made for small areas of land this building can be used as a small home or decorative building for photos. TLRV is 46 prims and has a footprint of 14x20. Two doors are available on the first floor a front and back door. there is a second story with sliding doors which take you to a balcony area so you can view the scenery from up high.

BB-NeverForget Travel Bag-Wear Gray Exclusive

The Never Forget Travel Bag
An Elephant never forgets and neither should you.....

Never Forget Travel Bag is an all leather handbag perfect for both long and short trips. It is embellished with an photo of an Elephant so you never forget to have fun on your travels. This Bag is exclusive for the Wear Gray event and has a secondary meaning behind the gray elephant. It's a reminder not to forget the support of Brain Cancer Research and those who have lost their battle along the way.

Never Forget is mesh so in order to view it properly you need to be using the most recent viewer of Second Life. It is 45 prims when rezzed on the ground and contains one animation for holding.

Black Keys Dress - Wear Gray Exclusive

The Black Keys Dress
This Dress is exclusive to Wear Gray and is part of the hunt. It can be found somewhere within my store at the wear gray event. (No hints, sorry :D)

The Black Keys is a retro key print dress. It falls right below the knee making it ideal for modesty. There is a lace embellish across the decolletage and a Belted skirt. The skirt is Modifiable so you can adjust to create a perfect fit. 

I hope you take the time to visit Wear Gray and pick up some of the goodies found at this event.