Saturday, January 3, 2009

Make Up Bag

I've seen this blogger challenge: What's in your bag? around the Blogs and Flicker streams recently. Iris Steale from the Shopping Cart Disco created this challenge. I would have done this blog sooner but my camera was lost in the move and I didn't find it until today. So here is the contents of my bag, all random and chaotic, oh and the floor of my new apartment. :P

1. my bag- Multi Colored Dooney one of my favorites
2. Keys- Random Keys- most are non functional meaning they don't work or have any use.. yet I keep the keys.
3. Glasses- My reading Glasses and Sunglasses, I'm supposed to use the glasses for driving at night, but I don't. and the sunglasses are my "movie star glasses" as my family calls them.
4. hair ties- things to tame my unruly and messy hair.
5.Mints- they have my name on them and were a gift from my mom.
6. Mini Rosary- I keep these to remind me of my grannie, she gave them to me.
7. Emergency Tampons- you never know when someone will ask for one, and I like to be prepared.
8. Cell Phone- my precious
9.Hand Sanitizer and Lotion-
10.I pod touch and earphones
11. Usb Drives- 2 external USB drives total of 3G. random art projects are kept here.
12. Jade Pig- a gift from my mom, it's suppose to bring good luck.
13. Silver Cases for Cards- I carry my bank cards or dollars bills in the bigger silver case, and business cards in the smaller Breakfast at Tiffany's one.
14. My Ciggys and lighter- I smoke, I'm trying to quit..
15. pencils highlighter and sharpener- for random drawings or note taking
16.Lip Obsession:Loreal- golden splash gloss, Mary Kay- color unknown, but it's nice and pink, Mary Kay- Satin Lips, Beauti Control- Lip apeel
17. Clinique- Perfectly Real Compact makeup
18.Microdermabrasion Lotion
19. mini scissors- useful for cutting things
20. change purse from BOA- I used to work there not bank there.
21. eyeliner brush from Origins- I have probably replaced this brush at least 8 times, it's the best little eyeliner bush ever! soo soft.
22. Mascara- Black to make my lashes pretty
23. Maybelline water proof liquid eyeliner- For the smoky eyes ;)
24.MAC Black Tied Velvet eyeshadow- I use this as eyeliner
25.EMANI crushed minerals in Brazilian Bronze- i love the way it sparkles
26. Mary Kay Beauty Blotters- to help control the shine.

goodness I feel like a pack rat now.

Every girl gotta a makeup bag
their own secret world
bet ya didn't know that.
- Make Up Bag- The Lab rats Featuring Emma Rhodes
from The Monster In Law Soundtrack

Thursday, January 1, 2009

The New Year

YAY! the New Year has arrived and now it's 2009. Goodness it's still a little surreal that 2008 is really over. In previous years I never made any kind of resolution because well, I didn't believe that any would be kept. so I'm turning over a new leaf and giving in to the cliche and actually making a new years resolution. It's summed up in two words Time Management. Currently I easily lose track of time and my lazy procrastination slides until it's at the point where I don't achieve any work at all. (I am a total Lazy Ass)..So this year I'm making a commitment to blog once a week, and create a new design at least once a month. (As if anyone actually visit the shop or reads the blog). Hopefully I can archive this and if not then I can always say it was only a new Year's resolution, and who keeps those anyways :P..

So this is the new year.
And i don't feel any different.
The clanking of crystal
Explosions off in the distance (in the distance).
-Death Cab for Cutie