Friday, April 29, 2011

52 Weeks Of Color- Week 24 Eggplant

52 Weeks Of Color-Eggplant

Today's post is a color challenge, which brings me just one step closer to catching up to everyone who's on track. Because today was the Royal wedding I figured it would be a great day to present the deep regal purple Eggplant color. Earlier this morning I watched the Royal Wedding, along with my fellow plurk friends and millions all over the world. It was spectacular, Kate was stunning and she looked flawless in her dress. I'll admit the ceremony had me teary eyed. I'm just a romantic, what can I say. The sense of community and love made me happy making today a fond memory. I wish the best for Kate and William, It's nice to see Real Life fairy tales.

I'm not going to go over my entire look in detail today, I'll spare you from that, But instead I'll show you a picture of my favorite kitty, Bobos. One more color to catch up on..Next color post is Periwinkle.

The Look- Regal Eggplant
Hair- Magika Hair-Star Wild Purple (50L friday from Nov 2009)
Skin- Dutch Touch-CleO-V2 Caramel-Flamenco EB 2 CL2 FR
Tattoo-Chelle-Eyeliner- EyePop- Grape
Eyes- Adam and Eve-Lavendardell (Group Gift)
Shirt- Sn@tch-Precious Cargo Sweater-Eggplant
Bra- BlackLace-Silent Night Purple Satin and Lace Bra
Skirt- LeLutka-Penelope a part time Pirate Dress (Group Gift Fall 09)
Shoes-Perse-Ascot Boot-Amethyst Smoke
Necklace-La Forgia Jewels-Arwen Choker-Purple 
Kitty-KittyCats-Bobos-Siamese-Purple Grape Eyes

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mi Sento Bonita (I feel Pretty)

A little explanation on the title, As I'm learning Italian I often find myself muddling languages together. Half Italian/Spanish " Mi Sento Bonita" is a hybrid of the two. Mi Sento means "I feel" in Italian. "Bonita" means pretty in Spanish.

I've been using my thrifty nature to find freebies and low priced items from The Seasons Hunt, The Dressing Room and Group Gifts. Partly because I'm frugal but also because my darn KittyCats are making me poor, but I really enjoy them so I'm not complaining. So let's talk about the goodies.

First off Dutch Touch, all I can say is Wow on this one. I usually stick to tan skin-tones, but AmBeR was a well welcomed change from my normal skin routine. AmBer is a group gift available to VIPs only. Adam and Eve also released a pretty set of eyes as a group gift. These Lavendardell eyes remind me of my Siamese kitty eyes so much. (I'll post photos of her soon)

The Seasons Hunt was so much fun and I managed to find some "new to me stores". I've even created a wish list of items  that I'll go back for in a couple of days. I have to remember to have patience and not buy everything at once. LaGyo is on of the stores that is "new to me" and now a store I have on the wish list, here's why. Jewelry. I am completely enamored by the collection it has a Yummy/Paper Couture feel it just makes me feel pretty.

Finally I stumbled into The Dressing Room and picked up this dress from Emery. I always manage to find something cute at The Dressing Room which is why it's become a quick stop when doing some shopping therapy.

In all my look today made me feel pretty and lifted my spirits, which I needed. Thank you to the designers that worked hard on their creations and provided them as group gifts and lower priced items. Your hard work is appreciated.

The Look- Mi Sento Bonita
Hair-LeLutka-Rush Hair-Coal mine-(Group gift Aug 2010)
Skin-Dutch Touch- AmBeR-V2-Dark- Peachy Lips (Group Gift for VIPs)
Eyes-Adam n Eve-Lavendadell(Group Gift)
Earrings-Turnstyle-SandDollar Earrings- (No Store Location Found)
Necklace-LaGyo-Bulbs choker (The Seasons Hunt)
Dress-Emery-Dress Feather (The Dressing Room)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

52 Weeks Of Color-Week-23-Asparagus

52Weeks Asparagus-Adam and Eve

I'm pulling double duty again rolling together a color challenge and spilling about Adam and Eve's Newest skin Paige. First off, grumble grumble......Asparagus is such a hard color. I thought about skipping this post all together, but finally was able to find this cute top at SySy's spring sale, which made me lucky. Double lucky because SySy's of the magic word SALE. After finding the perfect top the rest of my spring Asparagus outfit almost came together on it's own. Which made me Happy...but you want to know what the whipped cream and cherry on my fashion ice cream was....Skin.

Paige is the newest sweet faced skin Adam and Eve has released and it's a fresh radiant and youthful. I love the subtle innocence Paige exudes which is a great compliment to the warmer spring weather that's slowly encroached upon us. Paige is available in four skin tones and includes a large amount of bonus tattoo options. A hair base, six lipsticks, 4 eye shadows, Mani and Pedi and even busty cleavage enchanters. Rrrarw. With all these available goodies Paige is well worth it's price.

So now I've completed 23 out of 52.... Only two more to catch up on. Next color Challenge is eggplant...and I'm ready.

The Look- Asparagus is Green
Hair- Clawtooth-Easy Breezy-Enchanting Brunettes
Skin-Adam and Eve-Paige Natural
Eyes-Exodi-Clear Eyes-Evergreen
Shirt-SySy's- Baroque Top-Green
Skirt-Sn@tch-Traumatic Skirt-Green
Necklace-Addict-Treasured Peacock Necklace

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Perfect Perse

It's not often that I take the time to post about shoes, but I have to share with you how excited I am about the newest release from Perse. Aphrodite Outlander, (or Aph as better known on Plurk) is the owner of Perse and has created some fantastic looking boots. The Ascot boot collection is charming, beautifully done and original. While I'm only showcasing one set (Winter Hazel) in my posts today you can bet that more colors will be shown in future posts.

Aph was kind enough to share updates of her progress of The Ascot boot during it's design on Plurk. It was amazing to see the transformation unfold as she worked in Blender. She asked for advice from fellow Plurkies during her texturing and naming process. It was so heartwarming to see the responses flow during her creative process. Plurkies provided encouragement and feedback as she posted each new update. In the end Aph complete a total of Ten colors. Five in Natural tones and Five in Spring pastel colors. The Ascot boot is simply amazing and is something I enjoy wearing in SL. Truth be told I haven't taken them off in the last three days. It feels just so Perfect to wear Perse.

Aprophidite is a talented artist in both RL and Second Life. She has shared her art that she has created using her Ipad on Plurk for us to admire. One of my favorite things I have seen her draw is a ballet slipper, which had excellent shading and realism. I only hope that she one day makes a pair in SL that we can enjoy as well. Perse is her Second Life store and currently offers Shoes, Dresses, Shirts, Jewelry, Lashes, and Poses. All are quality items, priced afford-ably for your shopping convince. Perse also has a Second Life market place you can visit here.

Perfect Perse 

The Look-Perfect Perse
Skin-Dutch Touch-Cleo-V2 Caramel-Flamenco EB2 CL1 FR
Shirt-Tres blah-Blooming Ross Blouse
Pants-Last Call-Jumper Contrast Jodhpurs- Store no longer a part of Second Life
Boots-Perse-Ascot Boots-Winter Hazel

Thursday, April 21, 2011

52 Weeks of Color-Week 22- Banana Mania

52 WeeksofColor-Banana Mania

So I have a bit of a confession here. I had this photo completed since Tuesday, but only found the time to complete a blog post tonight. Today's color challenge post is Banana Mania, after some careful consideration and searching within my inventory I was able to find a suitable shade of Yellow from Zaara. Personally this is one of my favorite dresses from Zaara, because it's so completely suited for spring/summer. The next color challenge I am working on is Asparagus. Currently I'm on the hunt for this color. I can't seem to find a suitable look, but just give me time and I'll be caught up soon. Only Two more posts to complete, perhaps three if I slack a bit. I need motivation to get caught up.

The Look-Banana Mania Sunset
Hair-Truth-Kelsey Streaked-Browns Pack
Skin-LAQ-Linnea-Nougat-Glow Skin

Monday, April 18, 2011

52 Weeks of Color-Week 21-White

52 Weeks of Color#21-White

Yay! I'm moving on to number 21 in Luna's 52 Week of color Challenge. In catching up it seems that all I have been posting has been color challenges. I promise, I have a good reason for not blogging as much. I've been working on learning sculpts in Maya and creating new dresses. I hope to have some new releases soon. In completing this post's color challenge I knew I wanted to use this dress from Mimikri. I've had this dress in my inventory for sometime and never had an occasion to wear it. I absolutely LOVE the flowery design of the skirt and translucent jacket caressing my shoulders. I found a great spot in Tempura to snap this picture. I'm eagerly looking for some Banana to wear on my next color post. Oh and this means I only have three more posts to catch up on. :D It's getting closer until I can finally be on the same page with everyone else.

The Look-White Lily
Tattoo-cHeLLe-EyePop Grape
Necklace- LaGyo-Padlock Necklace
Skirt-Pig-Ambrosia Bodysuit Full Coverage U Eggshell
Shirt- Mimikri Hot Couture-K.I.T-Gabrielle Skirt-White
Jacket-Mimikri Hot Couture-K.I.T-Gabrielle Jacket White
Shoes-E-Move Pumps-Powder
(No LM given, short on time)

52 Weeks of Color-Week 20-SkyBlue-New Release

52 weeksofcolor-Skyblue

I waited to complete this color challenge because I wanted to use my own design. (So, please excuse the double duty on this post.) :D I'm proud to say that Bells Boutique is taking part in The Little Big Shop fair as an authorized vendor. As a vendor I have donated 100% of the profits of the Cherry Blossom Girl outfit to fair's benefactor, The Water Project. Our Goal is to donate 500 (usd) to the charity at the end of the event. As of Saturday TLBS had raised $146.96 (usd). YAY!  Lots of great designers and Artists have come together for this event. Big stores and Little stores have collaborated together making some terrific items. All designs are relating to water or are in a shade of blue. If you haven't checked it out it's worth a visit.

I created a total of three designs to release to exclusive to the fair

Cherry Blossom Girl
Cherry Blossom Girl (100% to charity)

Whale Song Vendor Sign
Whale Song (Exclusive Event Item)

Lisa Hair Sign LSBS
Lisa Hair (exclusive Event Item)

All items are moderately priced for this special event.

The Next Color Challenge I'm working on is White. Which I'm pretty happy to be working on and Yes, it seems that I have 4 more to catch up on.

The Look-Cherry Blossom Girl
Skin-Dutch Touch-Cleo-V2 Caramel-Flamenco
Outfit-Bells Boutique-Cherry Blossom Girl-TLBS exclusive

Monday, April 11, 2011

52 Weeks of Color- Week 19-Umber

52Weeks of Color-Week 19-Umber 

I'm still catching up on the 52 Weeks of Color challenge. I'm on to week 19 which means I have four more to catch up on after this post. I'm trying to stick to the mantra, "I can do this" while scouring my inventory for each color post.  I managed to find these goodies, which I think are a pretty good representation of the Umber color. Next color post will be Sky Blue. Let's see what I can do.

The Look-Umber
Skin-Dutch Touch-CleO-Carmel-Flamenco
Shirt-Artilleri-Othelie blouse-Brown-FLF
Skirt-The Secret Store-Chiffon-Safari
Shoes-A-Bomb-Levea Shoes-Suede-Pumpkin

Sunday, April 10, 2011

I love Ivalde

It as to be said that Ivalde's new build is gorgeous. Tucked away in a mountain landscape the Ivalde's landscape includes rolling hills, water falls, a seaport which hides a sea serpent and beautiful Norwegian buildings. It's a great sim to explore and use as a scenic background for photos. One of the things I found most charming about Ivalde can be found located inside the main store. On each room Nef has created plaques that give a bit of information and history of the style of each era of fashion. Making Ivalde not only is the sim worth looking at but also a place to further a bit of knowledge in fashion. Just in-case you haven't seen Ivalde has recently released some very cute designs.


In this post I am showing just a few of my favorites from the latest big release. (So please excuse the multiple pictures) I mostly kept to Pink, for this post because I felt it most represented spring, not to mention I really enjoy this color. Ivalde always provides several color options so finding your favorite hue is never an issue.


All photos shown are taken on the Ivalde sim with the exception of the workout set. Full credits are listed below along with Landmarks. 

The Looks
Photo 1-Sea Serpent Secret
Hair-ETD-Marisela II-Fire-Retired
Skin-FD-Bird Skin-Slasher 6
Dress-Ivalde-Constance-White Dress

Photo2- Spring has Sprung
Hair-Elikatira- Me-Brown 08
Skin-Glam Affair-Jadis-Natural B
Dress-Ivalde-Harriett Pink Dress
Shoes-Elikatira- Move Pumps-Powder-FFL Exclusive

Photo 3-Vanity
Hair-Elikatira-Hye-Brown-FFL collection
Skin-L. Fauna-Lea-Prototype Skin-FLF
Dress-Ivalde-Tanja Pink Dress

Photo 4-Workout Gear
Hair-Shag-He Loves me Knot-Fever
Skin-L. Fauna-Lea-Prototype Skin-FLF
Outfit-Ivalde-Jane Pink Leotard

Friday, April 8, 2011

52 Weeks of Color- Week 18-Ecru

52 Weeks Of Color-Week 18

So as promised I'm quickly getting through the 52 weeks of Color backlog and catching up to the current Week. This posts color is Ecru which is a gold/brown color. Lucky once I saw Luna's Color pallet on her post I knew I had some Ecru in my inventory. Thank Goodness. (Only four more to catch up on.) I'm wearing some older items from Armidi. I believe the Armidi sim is still around, but I'm not 100% sure on the dress or heels. Either way these items are SL vintage because they have been around since 2008 era; however, I still think they have stood up to the SL test of time. The next Color challenge is Umber. I am going to try and find a cute look for this post. Oh and Don't worry I'm done Spamming you today with color challenge posts. I'll wait till tomorrow before I post another one ;)

The Look-Golden Ecru
Hair-Elikatira-Me-Blonde-Essential Collection
Skin-Glam Affair-Jadis-Natural B-The Dressing Room 24
Dress-Gisaci-Sequin Bodice Dress-Gold
Shoes-Armidi Giasci-Rio Beleza-Wedge-Faux Pony Gold
*No LM given, sorry

52 Weeks Of Color- Week 17 Electric Lime


I have A LOT of catching up to do so please excuse me while I spam you for the next couple of days until I catch up on The 52 weeks of color. I struggled with this one for a bit because finding Electric Lime was seriously hard work. Now I know this color is not truly Electric Lime, but I had to compromise to fill this week in. I tried to get as close to Lime as I could. The next color is Ecru, and I have "What the Hell is Ecru" sifting in my brain. Luna has really made this next couple of upcoming color posts hard. I'm rolling up my sleeves and digging deep in my inventory for the next couple of challenges.

I'm planning on showcasing some new outfits on an upcoming post from Ivalde. Nef, has created some really beautiful dresses, corsets, and workout gear. The entire Ivalde sim has been redesigned and looks fantastic. I just thought this dress was too cute not to wear for the Lime color challenge, so take it as a sneak peak.

The Look-52 Weeks of Color-Electric Lime
Skin-Adam and Eve-Laurel Natural-Cupcake Tea Party Gift Pack
Tattoo Eye Makeup-Cheap Makeup-Bright Lights 5
Dress-Ivalde-Katinka-Green Dress