Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Indy & Co. at the Accessory Fair

There is still a couple of shopping days left at The Accessory fair 2011 which will end on Sunday June 26. If you haven't visited yet please make sure you stop on in and tour the two sims which are dedicated to offering you some of the best Accessories in SL.

I'm actually sneaking in one last post because I found out Indy & Co. had a late start at the Accessory fair and I didn't want to miss the opportunity to show you the two exclusive items Indyra has created. The Farouk earrings and Farouk necklace are a beautiful Egyptian themed necklace and earring combination. The Farouk set has traces of deep red and teal which are accented by the shiny beautiful gold encasing each piece of jewelry.

Both sets are donation items for Relay for Life and the proceeds will benefit this worthy cause.

The Look-Sitting pretty in Farouk
Hair-Shag-He Loves me Knot
Skin- PXL Creations-GAIA-Nude Eyes
Tattoo- Kyoot Makeup-Autumn Feline Makeup
Jewerly Set-Indy and Co.- Farouk Necklace and earrings-RFL item

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Newness at ISPACHI

Audrey has made her debut at ISPACHI yesterday and I'm super excited to give my review of the skin today.  There has been a buzz floating around the feeds all week about this skin, I did my fair share of teasing by using the Audrey skin in all my posts this week.

I first discovered ISPACHI during the skin fair and was quite impressed with the quality of work the ISPACHI team presented. Take a trip to their main store location and you will find not only skins, but clothing, footwear, jewelry and hair for both male and female residents of Second Life.

Audrey is filled with character; little beauty marks grace the skin leaving angel kisses on the decolletage, tummy and back. Audrey has some key areas that I particularly like, behind the knees and under the arms are drawn quite well. I also love the softness on the shoulder blades and roundness to the tummy and cute button navel. I'm also loving the roundness of the booty; and other special delicate lady bits are well done. I do have one area of the skin I wish were slightly different: it's the area on the sides that show the ribs. I feel it's a bit too much and would love to see more softness in Audrey, more of a fleshy feeling to encompass women with fuller figures. This of course is a personal taste issue and not a complete deal breaker.

Audrey is available in seven skin tones ranging from light to dark. ISPACHI specialized in removing the orange hue from darker tones and creating natural skin tones. Twelve makeup options are available, each makeup provides a versatile effect allowing you to capture and create any desired look. Two options are available for cleavage as well as the option to wear the skin with a hairbase or without.

ISPACHI is definitely a store worth checking out filled with many wonderful designs; there is no telling what might suit your personality and taste. Audrey imho is a beautifully done skin that you should give the opportunity to entice your senses by trying on a demo.

The Look-White Mocha
Hair- Lamb-Witch- Chocolate Pack
Skin-ISPACHI Skin-Audrey-Mocha-Hairbase-Wine
Dress- Paper Couture- Crossroads Gown
Jewelry Set- Lazuri-Spring Collection-Accessory Fair Item

Friday, June 17, 2011

a Bit of Sparkle

I'm having one of those days when I need a bit of sparkle in my life, thankfully I have the Tresor set created by Jewelry By Jake to add the extra glimmer into my world. I've been wearing this set all day because it makes me feel glamorous and every time I look at it I find myself falling into a little trance. The Tresor set is hypnotic and has a unique luminescent glow, that can be seen when zooming into the jewels. It's hard to describe exactly what is happening with the gems, but I'll try my best to explain. The Gem Stomes have movement inside of them giving them a unique sparkle effect. Switching between bright and dim hues the movement starts in the center of each gem and radiates out creating a swirl effect. It's really quite beautiful and if you are looking for a piece of jewelry that is slightly different and unique Jewelry By Jake is a store you should greatly consider.

The Look- A Bit of Sparkle
Skin-ISPACHI-Audrey-Mocha-with hair base-Femme
Dress-Ivalde-Corrinne-Gold Dress
Jewelry set-Jewelry By Jake-The Tresor Collection- Green and Yellow Gem

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Oui to Eiffel

 Eiffel Dress

Hello Sweethearts!

Bells Boutique is proud to announce our newest dress, "Eiffel". Named after the bold Eiffel Tower print that encompasses the dress, Eiffel is designed for the lady in you. Falling just past the knee, the length of the dress is ideal for showing off your beautiful calves and womanly curves. Wearing Eiffel will have everyone saying Oui Oui Oui to you.

Eiffel is available in four colors : Amethyst (Purple), Olive (Green), Sapphire (Blue), and Ruby (Red).

Remember I'm still selecting winners to receive my newest release.

The qualifications for entry into each contests is really simple. Just click my subscriber kiosk at the front of Bells Boutique. As a member you are automatically entered into the contest. I choose at random so everyone has a fair chance.

The Winner of the New Release is Byanca Blaisdale and Eileen Coleslaw. If you happen to see them around SL make sure you send them a congrats. They will be sporting a skittles pack which contains all four colors of Eiffel.

Store Location
SL Market Place

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Accessory Fair 2011- Part 2

I've been having so much fun creating looks with goodies from the Accessory Fair that it's become a bit hard to limit the amount of photos I showcase. I'm not going to bombard you with everything that I've fallen in love with instead I'll only highlight three photos.

One quick thing I'd like to point out before we talk about the Accessory Fair items is the beautiful skin I'm wearing from ISPACHI, Audrey is shown in all photos. I apologize for teasing you a bit by showing Audrey prior to her release, but it's so well done I couldn't resist using Audrey for these photos. I will be completing a full review of the skin later this week where I'll provide more details on Audrey. Audrey will be released on Saturday June 18th.

In Photo 1: I am showcasing Croire's Boho beaded accessories which includes a beaded broach, beaded earrings set and headband. This lovely lavendar set was the perfect compliment to dress up any casual look and adding an extra bit of flair.

In Photo 2: Split Pea and Kunglers became the perfect combination for a bit of Old Hollywood. Ivalde's newest release Elvira in Orangered is a 1930's glamorous flowing floor length gown. Split Pea's headpiece,"Say haven't you noticed? I ate the lotus" is costume couture done right. Just the right amount of beauty giving you a bit of "je ne sais quoi".

AF11-Part 2

Finally, photo 3 is my accessory fair pick, I absolutely became enamored with the AIR's Treso Cage and Favole's Guardian wings. The Tresor cage is meant to store your precious items and has a total of six sensual poses. Favole's Guardian helped transform me into a beautiful golden winged creature.

I'm still finding goodies for the accessory fair I'd like to blog so please bare with me as I continue to post more of my findings. 

Photo 1: The Look: The Girl Next Door
Skin-ISPACHI Skin-Audrey Mocha-Petal
Outfit-L'Abel-Country Chic- Designers showcase-June
Jewerly Set- Croire- Boho beaded Acessories

Photo 2: The Look: Organza Orange
Hair-Boon-IUN307-Brown Pack
Skin-ISPACHI Skin-Audrey Mocha-Kewpie
Dress-Ivalde-Elvira Orangered Gown-new release
Ring-Kunglers-Lotus ring
Headpiece- Split Pea-Say haven't you noticed? I ate the lotus

Photo 3: The Look: Golden Winged Beauty
Skin-ISPACHI Skin-Audrey Mocha- Wine
Wings-Favole-Guardian wings

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Egyptian Dream at the Accessory Fair 2011- Part 1

 AF11-1 (Part 1)

The Accessory fair of 2011 is now underway, and it's an Egyptian dream. I completed my first round at the fair on Saturday and found some delightful goodies. The accessory fair is organized by GLANCE international agency and will benefit Relay for Life. GLANCE runway for life has raised over 235,000L and this amount is growing each day. Currently two sims containing a total of 43 different stores all catering to showcasing beautiful accessories. These sims are beautifully decorated in and egyptian theme and are perfect for taking photos. All photos in this post were shot on The Dig sim, which is sponsored by Mood and GOS. To view more photos of the accessory fair and it's items please click here.

AF11-2 (Part 1)

My favorite thing I've grabbed from the fair so far is this beautiful Scarab set from je suis. 100% of it's proceeds will be donated to Relay for Life. With so many stores and items I'm finding it hard to narrow down my choices for posts so I'm working on a second entry for the accessory fair, just keep an eye out for it soon.

The accessory fair will run from June 11-June 26, 201.

The Look- Egyptian Dream
Photo 1
Hair- 69-Diva-Chestnut Colection
Skin-Dutch Touch-AmBeR- V2 Dark
Outfit-Casa Del Shai-Sisheela Belly Dance Silk Gold
Head dress-*SoliDea Little FoliEs*Gold IV

Photo 2
Hair- Exile-Alyssa- Raven
Skin-Dutch Touch-AmBeR- V2 Dark
Dress-Casa Del Shai- Eternal Nefertari Gold
Jewelery- ::je suis::scarab::set::RFL exclusive

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Little Relaxation

A little Relaxation

After a hard day of work I often find the need to relax a bit, by kicking off my shoes and sitting in the most comfortable chair in my home. For me the most relaxing chair is Diesel Works new Bean bags. I find it's the perfect spot to sit, and think about KittyCats, and other lovely sentiments such as the exciting news that I want to share with you. I am now one of new bloggers for "On Your Toes, The SL Shoe Blog", which was created by Anessa Stine. Don't worry I'll still be posting on my site frequently, but now I actually have a big reason to spurge and buy some of the fancy shoes I have been coveting since the shoe fair. I completed my debut post today and am showcasing the TokiD gladiator sandals. (shown in the photo) Feel free to take a peek at the post.

Now, excuse me while I go back to my comfy chair and relax a bit and dream of the perfect traited kitty and a great pair of shoes to match.

The Look-A Little Relaxation
Hair-Magika-Jess-Brown Packs
Skin-L. Fauna-Lea-T3
Top-Kyoot-Sunday Girl-Pear Tree
Pants-This is a Fawn-Pegged Jeans
Shoes-TokiD-Gladiator Sandals- Brown
Beanbag-Diesel Works-Beanbag

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

52 Weeks of Color- Week 31- Denim

52 Weeks of Color-Denim-Week 31

This week's Color Challenge color is Denim. Thankfully I had a bit of this color already lined up in my inventory so matching was a bit of a breeze this week. Since it's been raining where I live I felt the need to tie in with the weather. Actually, I think I was just looking for an excuse to wear my Wellies because they are just so darn cute.

I want to take this time to point out the beautiful new skin from L. Fauna, Lea. This skin is gorgeous and flawless. It was love at first sight with Lea because it made me melt a bit when I first tried it on. Lea is fully healthy and provides a stunning body image creating a realistic and natural look. You can really see all the hard work Launa placed into Lea all over the body: The cleavage, stomach and tushie area in particular are my favorites. A total of nine skin tones are available and Launa makes Darks and Tans fantastic. The thing that really makes this skin unique is that Lea has two new options which I haven't seen other skin makers offer.

1) Customized Cleavage Cups Sizes
Four versions of cup sizes are available for customized beauty. Just like real life, all SL boobies are not made equally. Launa has helped create a voice to cater to boosoms of all sizes from A-D. Each size changes in contouring and shading providing the perfect amount of bust for each shape.

2) The option to have tattoo makeup added on to the skin.
L. Fauna is providing an excellent service for those that do not want makeup on tattoo layers. For 250L Plus the cost of uploading fees (10L) per Item she will combine her skin and makeup into one. You must already own the makeup and the skin you wish to combine into one. There are small limitations such as: not being able to modify the body or face of the skin. This offer only applies to newer skins Lola and Lapine are not customizable.

Launa is a wonderful artist and is currently attending art school. Watching her skin growth over the years is really exciting because it shows her wonderful artistic growth and her dedication to her skin line. Thank you Launa for always giving us your best. 

The Look-Denim Rain
Skin-L.Fauna-Lea Tan 3 + Snakebite makeup
Shirt-5th&Oxford-Seaside Sweetie Striped Halter
Jacket-Fri.dayhttp://slurl.com/secondlife/Friday/154/127/32-Military Jacket-Original Denim
Skirt-Phoenix Rising-Britney Jean Miniskirt-White
Shoes-Molto Bene-Panda Rainboots
Necklace-TokiD-Big spheres necklace-Meta

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Home Sweet Home

My Home

I'm totally loving the new home from Coeur, Bethany Heart has created such a warm and friendly space I can't wait to spend my time here. Sitting pretty at 234 prims, The Maison S.S. Momo, is a spacious single story four room Nautical themed dream. I have a bit of a weakness for nautical items. Today I'm going to show you my three most decorated rooms of the house. The fourth one is filled with kitties. It's in no condition for anyone to see.

To start off the Nautical goodness begins right at the front entrance with a doormat that welcomes you with " Anchors Away". On the left side of the entrance there is also a quaint sign stating "Wish upon a starfish".

Living Room

Once you enter the home the main hallway opens to four rooms. The first room on the left is one I designated as a living room. A roaring fireplace, double sale ship and wheel helm are the extra touches that bring the nautical theme forward. I love the stripped wallpaper of this room because it's such a nice neutral color pallet which makes creating your own individual space very easy. 


The next room on the left is a bedroom. The bedroom has a cute wall poem " Let's go to sleep in Paris, and wake up in Tokyo.  Have a dream in New Orleans fall in love in Chicago." I think this poem is so romantic and fantastic and is perfect to tie in to traveling. The Maison S.S. Momo has a closet that I'm finding totally irresistible, the curtain has three positions: open, half- Opened and closed.


The final room I'm going to showcase today is the kitchen. It feels so completely natural to use this space to create a cozy culinary cove. This room has an open unrestricted doorway, and three windows that allow light to enter. For some reason having a kitchen in my SL home is a must for me recently, which is odd because in RL I can't stand the kitchen. Perhaps this is because I am able to have such a perfect place free from mess. If only keeping up with my RL kitchen were this easy.

The Look- Home Sweet Home
Hair- Lamb-Isolation- Kit Kat
Skin-L. Fauna Skins-Lea-Tan 2- freckles B cup cleavage
Outfit-Whippet & Buck-Resort Set- fifty Linden Friday
Necklace-Yummy- Nautical Charm Necklace
Home-Coeur- Maison S.S. Momo