Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Giving A Peek


Just a quick post....

Over the weekend I completed 50L Friday and the Season's hunt and managed to snag this hair, from Lamb and shoes, from AddiCt. Ivalde released a new pack of sweaters, the "Laida Collection". This collection is completely cute and incorporates sculpts. The Laida Cardigan is not a granny sweater, but is one that is posh and completely cultured. The top two buttons are undone which leave a peek of an undershirt or for ladies that are a bit more brazed a bit of the decolorate. Laida cardigan is available in 4 bold, but not overbearing colors. A Win in my book. On to the Skin, Belleza today has released a new group gift skin. Erika is beautiful and a perfect compliment to look I pieced together.

Ivalde is currently in the process of remodeling the main store which means savings for you. The discount store of Ivalde has been relocated inside the main store and all outfits have been reduced to 99L and under. Now is the chance to snag some cute merchandise at a discounted prices. :D

The Look- Giving a Peek
Hair-Lamb-Soma-Milk-50L friday
Skin-Belleaz-Erika-Pale-Group Gift
Sweater-Ivalde-Laida-Green Cardigan
Pants-Zaara-Ishaya velour Slacks White
Shoes-AddiCt-Sora Boots-Seasons Hunt Edition
Necklace-W&B-Little Bit of Prety Necklace-Black Pearl/ Peach

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Unknown said...

you look fab in the cardi - loving the white hair on you