Tuesday, May 31, 2011

52 Weeks Of Color-Week 30- Ruby


I can't believe I finally caught up to everyone on Luna's 52 Week of Color Challenge. I'm really excited to be at this point. When starting this challenge I made a commitment to myself that I would complete all 52 weeks and slowly I am. Now if I can only stay on track with the remainder 22 posts I'll be all set.

For this Color Challenge I decided to use a deep shade of red to capture the Ruby color. Ruby is my favorite gemstone because it happens to be my RL gemstone, gotta love the month of July. Today's look is compromised of items I already own, so I didn't need to make any special purchases for this post. It did give me a great excuse to sort and use things I had stored away.

The Next Color Challenge post is going to be Denim. I have almost a whole week to find my outfit, I am totally on the hunt for it. *crosses fingers*,  I hope I am able to find something cute to wear, after all I love dressing up.

The Look- Ruby
Hair-Lamb-Sick Muse- Christmas Special Hair
Skin-Exodi-Sylvan Cachet- Makeup #14
Tattoo Lips- Amacci- Katie Lips- Tattoo- 03
Necklace-League-Fly Me Away Home
Ring- Zaara- Kashiti bobble ring- Pearl
Dress-Truth-Martini Dress- Holly-Group Gift December 09
Background Texture- Distressed Textures- 190 Designer Walls

52 Weeks of Color- Week 29-Neon Carrot

Sunny Side Up

At first when I read that this week's Color Challenge was Neon Carrot I became a bit nervous. I thought I used all of the bright orange hue that I owned in my Tangerine post, but thankfully I found a surprise in my inventory from Evelyn Hartshon owner of PomPomPom. This gorgeous bathing suit was given as a gift for subscribed members to celebrate over 1000 PomPomPomers. Evie did such a great job on this bikini. I am in awe of the finished look of it all, it's just a small sample of the beautiful handcrafted designs you can find at PomPomPom.

I have one more color challenge post to complete, Ruby. After that I will be completely caught up! I'm so looking forward to it. Let's hope I can find some Ruby soon.

The Look- Sunny Side Up
Hair-Clawtooth-Could I Resist?- Orange you glad
Skin- Apple May Designs- Teegan- Peachy- Naturals 1
Bikini- PomPomPom-Orange Toggle Bikini
Necklace- Nylon Outfitters- Glass Beads
Earrings- Artilleri- Glitter Love- Orange
Flower in Hair- Artilleri- Orchid hair Flower-Spotted Orange
Location- Isle of Brands

Monday, May 30, 2011

52 Weeks of Color- Week 28- Pink

52 Weeks Of Color-Pink

Pink Pink Pink. It's actually one of my favorite colors to wear in SL, because it's the ultimate girl color. Soft and Romantic Pink is a hue that I think brings to mind utter femininity. Normally I would use this color as an excuse to wear something frilly but today I decided to break out and bring a bit of edge to this color by sporting a Roller Girl look.

52 Weeks Of Color-Pink

I picked up a total cute pose box set from Olive Juice, Sexy Sexin'. This set was a part of the 50L Friday and includes six poses. It's modifiable which means you can tint the color to your preferred choice. Oh and Olive Juice is hosting a photo contest as well. A total of four winners will be selected to have their pictures grace the walls of the Olive juice store. Your entry title should be clearly stated it's intentions to enter and sent to the Olive Juice Flicker page. Winners will be announced on Monday June 19, 2011.

The next color challenge post color is Neon Carrot, Fun Summer color with perhaps a bit of Vitamin A.

The Look- Pinky Roller
Hair-Lamb!-Whoop Dee Doo-Chewed Bubble Gum
Skin-Dutch Touch-Megan-Cream
Tattoo-Chelle- In Bloom-Cosmos
Outfit-Nyte'N'Day- Slice Pink
Socks-Kyoot-Lacey White Knee Socks
Shoes-Pixel Mode-Roxy Roller

Friday, May 27, 2011

Country Chic in Italy

Tomorrow is the big day L'Abel is releasing their new summer collection, Country Chic. I have to say the new line is so much fun to wear because of it's romantic whimsical upscale apperance. It's perfect for mixing and matching and is 100% comfortable for summer. Nef has done such an amazing job with the textures, incorporating the sculpts and creating key versatile pieces which can be mixed and matched effortlessly. With so many options available wearing L'Abel so much fun.

I am showcasing three photos in my post today all using L'Abel pieces. I choose to stick with a white/pink color range, because they are my two favorite colors. There are other colors available in the new line. All are soft elegant shades which resemble light airy breathable textiles. Saying I love the new L'Abel is not enough. My admiration for Nef has seriously grown by 10X what it was before.

I want to point out the location where these photos were taken, La Perla II-Old Italy. I want to provide credit to Strawberry Singh for first blogging this location. We had kinda a serendipity moment where she posted right as I was taking pictures. I was a bit reluctant to complete this post using these photos, I didn't want to be a copycat.  Strawberry does such a wonderful job highlighting the sim, better than I did. Her post, titled "So Social" provides wonderful information for content creators and for others on your online presence . She's a true teacher of SL. Thank you for always providing us with so much, several tutorials and news and insight on Second Life.

The Looks- Country Chic
Photo 1
Hair-Exile- Lida-Naturals Pack
Skin-PXL Creations-Gaia-Natural Nude Eye Base
Sweater-L'Abel-Tinde Cardigan-Pink
Skirt-L'Abel- Jessica White Lace Set

Photo 2
Hair- Exile-Alyssa- Naturals Pack
Skin-PXL Creations-Gaia-Natural Nude Eye Base
Shirt-L'Abel-Cyri Black Shirt
Shorts-L'Abel-Jessica White Lace Set
Shoes- Surf Couture- Shoelace Sandals-White

Photo 3
Hair-69- Bell- 02- Mocha Collection
Skin-PXL Creations-Gaia-Natural Nude Eye Base
Shawl-L'Abel- Hardanger Pink Cardigan
Dress-L'Abel-Enna White Set
Shoes- Elikatira- Move Pumps-Powder-Fashion for Life Exclusive

Location-La Perla II-Old Italy

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Shaggable? Yes I think so...

I am Shaggable

It's not often that I enter a photo contest, but when Shag announced their, "Are you Shaggable? "contest I couldn't resist and decided to enter. I'm a big fan of Shag hair, in fact some days it's all I want to wear because it's just so pretty. I've discovered some styles work perfectly with my bloom doll and others are great for breaking out the sultry side of Bells. Shag hair is always a win. I know the chances of me actually winning the contest are slim with so many amazing photographers in SL. but it's fun entering anyway. After all, It gave me an excuse to blog in my undies.

Let me provide you with a bit more details about the contest. The rules are as follows
1. All entries must contain Shag hair
2. Max number of entries is 2
3. Please post photos to the flicker pool and title them your name "I am Shaggable"
4. Be Shameless

The contest will run until June 19, 2011 when winners will be selected.
Two Winners one Male and Female will win and become Shag hair models for the 2011 Hair Fair plus Hair releases for a year. (The hair for a year makes me all giddy)

Shaggable? Yes I think so

The Look- I am Shaggable
Hair-Shag-Naked As We Come- Dark Shades
Skin-PXL-GAIA-Natural-Nude Eye base and Grey Eyes Tattoo
Lingerie-Apple May Designs-Tess
Shoes- Maitreya Gold-Shanti Black
Necklace Pose Set- Glitterati and SiSSi- Pearls

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

52 Weeks Of Color-Week 27 Olive

52 Weeks of Color- Olive-

Ciao A tutti!
Oggi parliamo di Cucina. Oggi faccio un dolce alla fragola. la fragola e' la mia frutta preferita perche e' di colore rosso e gusto dolce e aspro.

"Hi Everyone!
Today we will talk about cooking. Today I'm making a dessert of strawberries. Strawberries are my favorite fruit because of the red color and sweet and tart taste."

As you can tell I've been practicing Italian and I have to admit I had a bit of help from Frankie on a couple of the words, but I think I'm slowly improving. Today I actually did make a strawberry dessert so I had a bit of fun in my RL kitchen and decided to extend it into SL as well. (so silly I know)

I decided to use my lovely bloom doll again and dress her up as a Italian Casalinga. (Although frankie says she's too elegant for the kitchen.) Today's post is on Olive. I had this outfit picked out since last week, but because I was a bit wrapped up in RL I had to postpone this post until today. Ivalde's Cyntia dress in Olive is perfect for my look today because it has a nice European flair. I love the embroidery on the chest and the frilly sleeves and dress bottom. Wearing this makes me feel fancy, perhaps a bit too fancy for just a normal housewife. Darn this makes frankie right...Well let's just keep this between us.

Oh and the next color challenge is Pink. I have oodles of this color already in my inventory. I can't wait to try and put together a look. I promise no bloom doll.

The Look- Italian Casalinga
Hair-Lamb!-Lovelier Girl- Butterfinger
Skin and Shape-Surf Couture- Bloom Doll- Boo Bloom
Dress-Ivalde-Cyntia Olive Dress
Necklace-Yummy-Baking Charms
Shoes- Surf Couture- Nantucket Spectators
Kitchen Appliances-Artilleri Home
Home-Adobe- The Bayly Home
Location-My Home

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cupcake and News from Bells Boutique

Bells Bloom loves Cupcakes

Hello Sweethearts!
I've been working pretty hard on a new store and new dress. I am so excited that I finally get to show the newness to you.

First off Lets discuss the New Store. Due to space limitations I had to move my store to a bigger location. (No more Pink Hostess Snowball.) Bells Boutique has a brand new build and has three separate areas of the store. Our hair shop has its own wing and is now called Mane Attraction. Our clothing line is still Bells Boutique. I've moved older items to the SL Marketplace and left newer ones inside our shop. I am also working on new clothing, so keep an eye out. Finally, I'm selling boxed kittens at my store. I currently have a big love for KittyCats and  thought I would share the cuteness with others.

Bells Boutique Store photo

On to the dress. The Cupcake Dress is my first experimentation with Maya sculpts. The Cupcake dress is available in Six colors: Sugar (White), Grape Ice(Purple), Lime(Green), Cornflower(Blue), Coconut (Light Blue) and Berry (Pink). The Cupcake Dress resembles the sweet dessert in it's poofy balloon style bottom. The Cupcake dress has a  polka dot  pattern and is accent by a flower waist. Each color is named after a frosting flavor and is perfect for anyone that has a sweet tooth. The Cupcake dress is only 150L for each color and is available at my store location as well as the SLMarketplace.

BB/Cupcake Dress/Berry

BB/Cupcake Dress/Coconut


BB/Cupcake/Grape Ice


BB/Cupcake Dress/Sugar

Oh and I'm still selecting one person to Win the latest release. The qualifications for  entry into each contests is really simple. Just click my subscriber kiosk at the front of Bells Boutique. As a member you are automatically entered into the contest. I choose at random so everyone has a fair chance.

Today's Winner is Golden Cloudring!!

Congrats! you get a copy of each dress in what I like to call the Skittles Pack.  Enjoy and don't forget to tell your friends about Bells Boutique.

The Look- Bells Bloom Loves Cupcakes
Hair- Shag- The Girl Next Door- Toffee- Limited Edition for Culture Shock
Shape and Skin- Surf Couture- Bloom Dolls- Boo Bloom
Dress- Bells Boutique-Cupcake Dress- Berry
Socks-Zaara-Nishar Socks- Olain Pink
Shoes-Cherry-Classic Pumps-Pink
Location-Bells Boutique

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

52 Weeks of Color- Week 26 Tangerine

Sweet Tangerine

I did a bit of a check today. I'm only three behind on the Color Challenge, two after I complete Tangerine. I really had a lot of fun on this color because Tangerine is such a vibrant and fun hue. I thought my Bloom Doll would be best suited to represent Tangerine because of her fun larger than life appearance. I tried my best to represent Tangerine within my photo by choosing hair that resembled the delicious sweet fruit. I should note that this is the halfway point on the 52 Weeks of Color Challenge, which means I've kept up with Six months of posts. :D

I want to send a big THANK YOU to Luna Jubilee for organizing this Color Challenge and providing so much support to everyone who has participated. Oh and Today is her Birthday. If you see her in World send a Happy Birthday wish her way.

Happy Birthday Miss Jubilee, I hope today is a good one for you.

The Look- Sweet Tangerine
Hair-Pididdle-Balloon Hair-Orange- Gift from 08
Skin and Shape-Surf Couture- Bloom Doll- Boo Bloom
Dress-Vanitas Vesture- Kay Minidress-Coral
Undershirt-5th&Oxford- Little Miss- Tangerine Bra
Stockings- 5th&Oxford- Little Miss Tangerine knickers Garter and Stockings
Shoes-A-Bomb- Lavea Shoes- Suede- Pumpkin
Necklace-Dark Mouse- Midsummer Amusements Necklace
Location- Tableau

Monday, May 16, 2011

52 Weeks of Color- Week 25 Periwinkle

Is this what Periwinkle looks like?

It's time to play catch up with Luna's 52 weeks of Color Challenge. I don't really know what the current week is and how car behind I actually am in the weekly posting. I think the next color post is Tangerine, but I'm not 100% sure. All I know is I'm behind and need to catch up. When I was putting together this look I became a bit confused about what Periwinkle actually is. I finally decided on a purple, gray hue with a slight blue tint. (I know so vague.) I tried my best to match and this is the look I came up with. I'm going to give a quick break down of my outfit because there is some newness that has to be mentioned.

First off I'm going to give a bit of pose love to Diesel Works for the Daisy Works pose set. I absolutely love the poses in this set. Diesel Works makes beautiful striking pose that are sexy, yet at the same time do not go over the top.

Next I have to draw your attention to the skin I'm wearing. As I was preparing for my picture I received a note card about a group gift from Glam Affair. Since the eye make up was a light blue/ purple hue I knew it was a must have for my skin post. Friendly note you must be a member of the Modavia group to get this skin and it is only available at the Modavia satellite location.

The Look- Is this what Periwinkle Looks Like? 
Hair- Lamb!- Soma-Milk
Skin-Glam Affair-Monica Light Skin- Modavia Gift- Must be a group member
Dress-Zaara-Acira MiniDress-Nude- Purchased at Skin Fair
Shoes- Aleida-Kampala Stilletto
Pose- Diesel Works- Daisy Works Pose Set
Prop- Glitterati- Sci-fi Hallway

Gaia at PXL Creations....My Skin Fair Pick

Gaia at PXL Creations....My Skin Fair Pic

I blogged earlier this week about how I was torn between skins from The Skin and Shape Expo. Making a decision on the final Skin was something I put a lot of thought into. One of the skins I had in mind and was mulling over was PXL Creations. I'm a pretty frugal person which means I'm always looking for a good deal in Second Life; often price is a major deal breaker for me. The final cost to my pocket book for the quality I received made PXL Creations My Skin and Shape Expo pick. Hart Larsson has made purchasing skins a customized extravaganza. With only a couple of clicks to the skin kiosk you can create your very own Fat Pack, complete with all the options YOU want.

There are Three levels in skin purchases. 1) Picking your Eye and Skin preference. Gaia is available in three eye selections Nude eyes, Cat eyes and Smoke eyes. There is a total of six skin tones available ranging from light to dark. Inside each skin base you will find three eyebrow options and three cleavage bases as well as a freckle options. Three bonus tattoo options are included; 1)buzz cut hair base 2)natural hair base 3)full body freckles. Once you have selected your skin base it's time to move on to Lips and Eyes.

The Second Level is a combination of both Skin and Eye makeup selection.
2) Pick your color. There are a total of 11 lipsticks available. The system will let you choose as many tattoo layers as you would like. After you have chosen your lipstick choices you can move on to Eye makeup. There is a total of 27 tattoo options available for eye makeup. The process is the same Select, Add, Continue. Once you have all the desired tattoo layers you can move on to the Check out process.

3) Checkout Time! This is when it pays off to be a member of PXL skin group because Heart provides an additional 20% off the total price of your purchase when completing a Fat Pack transaction. Individual sales using your PXL skin VIP group tag will allow you a 10% savings.

In the end I love this skin because of the great options that are available, The price and the ability to customize my Fat Pack into something I wanted. I know that with these options I will always be satisfied and happy with the skin I purchased.

I'm wanting to make a quick note about Glitterati, Katey has released a new Supercar! which is a cute prop for summer. Supercar is available in five colors Pink, Black, Red, Silver and Yellow. Each car has 20 poses, 10 female and 10 male poses. It even has working headlights. I am using the car prop in my photo, but I added an extra detail, the Unicorn to make it extra girly. It's not my drawing to be fair. I want to note I kinda cheated and did a search for Unicorn and used an image from the net.

The Look- My Skin Fair Pick
Hair-69- Jessica 01-Chestnut Collection
Skin-PXL Creations- GAIA Natural Medium eyebrows Clevage 2 with Freckles
Tatttoo- PXL Creations- Bubblegum Eyes
Swimsuit-Whippet and Buck- Frilly Little Set Stripped Morning Haze
Shorts- Apple May Designs-Daffodil Denim
Prop- Glitterati-Super Car-Girl (pink)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

In Bloom

Pretty Princess

I awoke this morning to a frenzy of plurks about the New Bloom Dolls at Surf Co. I was all excited and happy because ever since Emma released the teaser pics earlier this week I have wanted to get my hands all over the Bloom Dolls. These dolls are super cute and Customizable. Eye color, Lids and Lashes are all color changing. A total of Six Dolls are available: Clark Bloom (The Boy), Boo Bloom, Strawberry Bloom, Spooky Bloom, Toonip Bloom, Mocha Bloom. Each doll varies slightly in appearance making it easier for your personality to shine through.

You will need to make adjustment to any hair you would like to use, but it's really not that difficult from any normal adjustment you might already make for hair.  I was torn between the Strawberry Bloom and Boo Bloom doll, in the end I decided to purchase the Boo Bloom Doll because of the freckles.

Pretty Princess

I did a series of photos today using my Bloom Doll, these two that I am posting are only a few. Please feel free to visit my stream for the Complete Set.

The Look- Pretty Princess
Hair- Shag-The Girl Next Door- Toffee
Doll Skin, Shape- Surf Couture- Bloom Doll- Boo Bloom
Dress-Epoque- Debut Gown Preview Package
Shoes- Paper Couture- Pastel Blue Butterfly
Carriage-Glitterati- Princess Carriage

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Not Quite a Pokemon Nurse

Nurse Joy, I mean Nurse Bells..

I always liked Pokemon, more specifically I always enjoyed when the Pokemon would get injured in a battle and be sent to the Pokemon Center to get well. (Not that I approve Pokemon Violence) Something about the whole Pokemon medical process intrigued me. Today I'm portraying an SL version of Nurse Joy healing my injured Piggy and making sure it receives lots of Love and Attention.  Allright, enough of the sillyness, lets get serious and talk about skin.

I'm still taking the time to blog goodies from the Skin and Shape Expo 2011. I was so thrilled to find Amacci's newest skin Katie. Now I have been a fan of Amacci and Carina Larson (Creator) and I think the new skin is to die for. Katie is released specially for the Skin and Shape Expo and is available in two skin tones at the moment, Fair and Nutmeg. More skin tones will be released at a later date. One of the best things about the new skin line Katie, is the options. I was amazed by all that Carina has match up with this skin. The Extra accompaniment to Katie includes Twelve tattoo lip sticks, which can be purchased separately. As well as sixteen different makeup skin options available for purchase in packs of four. Amacci even is showcasing a special edition skin where 50% of the proceeds are going to Direct Relief International.

I hate to admit it but finding a good location for taking a photo can sometimes be challenging. It's an essential part of any blog post, just as any skin or article of clothing. I often forget to provide proper credit of where I snapped a photo, but today I'm going to make up for it by providing not only the SLURL, but also some information regarding what I found to be one of the best hospitals in SL. Rock A Bye Medical Center and Hospital is a full service facility with a friendly and knowledgeable staff. I was quite impressed with the medical process and equipment they had on hand. I highly recommend that if you are interested in Medical Role play you take the time to visit this location. They will fix any medical disaster you might have.

The Look- Nurse Joy, I man Nurse Bells
Hair-Shag- The Girl Next Door- Fever-Culture Shock
Skin- Amacci-Katie
Outfit-KatatOnik-Happy Nurse-Dress- Pink- FLF item
Piggy-Pink Fuel- Piggy
Location- Rock a Bye Medical Center and Hospital 
*I would have completed this post sooner, but unfortunately blogger was down for a period of time.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Skin and Shape Expo 2011

Essences-Alma skin

The Skin and Shape Expo of 2011 is now OPEN! I have been saving my lindens and awaiting this fair for sometime now. As a blogger for the Skin and Shape Expo of 2011 I was granted access to the fair one day in advance. I didn't make any purchases at this time, but rather visited each booth and picked up demos. I'm still trying to narrow down my purchase for the skin fair. As of right now It's a toss up between two skins. More than likely I'm going to cave and buy them both. (I know I'm not a strong willed person when dealing with skins).

The Skin and Shape Expo of 2011 will run from May 10, 2011 until May 20, 2011. Which means there are only ten full days of skin shopping fun. The benefactor of the Skin and Shape Expo is Direct Relieve International. 50% of special designated vendors will be donated to this worthy cause.

I also want to mention that the Skin and Shape Expo is also hosting a photo contest. The deadline for entries is May 18th 2011.

In the photo above I am showcasing Essences' Alma Skin. Arwen Fay owner of Essences was kind enough to drop off this skin to me. I'm really enjoying the beautiful eye and Lip options available in the skin pack. Alma is available in Five skin tones and each skin tone has Eight makeup options. I can't wait to use the luscious red lipped skin in an upcoming post.

Hair- Tiny Bird-Magic Trick-Deep Brown- (Store Closed)
Skin-Essences-Alma Nougat- Skin 04
Jacket-LeLutka-Nastasia Jacket-Valentine
Pants-Fab Pony-Mezzy Pants- Charcoal
Earrings-Bandit-Pasha-Fashion Earrings