Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Years!

So it's here, the day to make resolutions and start over fresh. I've been thinking about what I would like to have as a New Years resolution and so far here is what I've come up with for Second Life. 

1. Send more IMs to friends and start making Second Life more fun again. 
2. More comments and favorites on people's blogs and Flicker streams that I admire and read. 
3. Clear the clutter from the my SL inventory. 
4. Explore to find new Sims and Stores...(This sounds like a star trek resolution, :P)

I know it's only four resolutions and they're really not big ones, but I think that perhaps these might make SL a bit more of a social place again, and open new doors to friendship. Recently I've been feeling a bit left out and isolated in SL. I've decided that the only way this can change is if I make the attempt first and put effort into building relationships again. I might be changing the blog a bit as I start exploring this new part of Second Life, but I will always continue to post my, "mishaps in fashion".  

I hope you have a wonderful New Years. May 2011 be the best year you ever had and bring new possibilities and a brighter future.
Bells Semyorka

Special Sales and Group Gifts Available

Glitterati- one more day for the huge sale, sale ends Jan 1
New Pose used in post will be available after New Years Sale Ends.
!Bang-Group Gift Pose.
L'Abel-50-75% off all items

The Look- New Years Eve 2010/2011
Hair-LeLutka-Pompai hair-Blue Night
Eyes- Curio-Tragic Eyes-Light Grey
Skin-Dutch Touch-SjOrs-Caramel-Snow
Eye Makeup-Cheap Makeup-Bright Lights 7
Neckalce-Paper Couture-Topez Crystal Necklace
Dress-L'Abel Ydi Black Dress
Pose-Glitterati- pose 151

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fruit Of Sin


I'm usually not one that drools over shoes, but when I saw a sneak peek photo of Adam n Eve's New Yorkers shoe I gasped and said, "Must Have". Needless to say I have waiting for these shoes to be released. The New Yorker is available in 16 different colors, The feet and toenail polish are modifiable as well as the bead accents on the back of the stiletto. I really love these heels and had fun putting together a whole look around their sexy tall spiked heel, peep toe front and open lace back.


For my Fruit of Sin look I brought out an oldie but goodie lingerie outfit from Insolence. My Dionne Latex Catsuit was begging to be put on and thankfully it fits like a glove and hugs in all the right places. The hair was a bit trickery, but I remembered Shag's Erotica hair and before I knew it I was in business. See no Evil, Speak no Evil were soon my new mantra.


The Look- Fruit Of Sin
Skin-Dutch Touch- SjOrS-Caramel-Eagle CL2 EBB FR
Eye makeup-L. Fauna-Shadow Edge
Lingerie- Insolence- Dionne Latex Catsuit-Misty Line
Shoes-Adam n Eve-The New Yorkers- Black
Prop- Glitterati- Lockdown

52 Weeks of Color-Week 8-Green

52-Weeks of Color-Green

Were already on to week 8 of Luna's 52 week of Color challenge. Whooooo hoooo!!! I made a promise last week that I would completely commit to the color and I think this week I'm upholding the commitment by wearing Green from top to bottom. Truth be told, Green really wasn't a hard color to come by since it's a festive time of year and it's found in an abundance.  This week I wanted to try to play off the holiday and give a classic look which would work well when dressing for a party. So without further delay here is my holiday outfit.

52-Weeks of Color-Green2

Now lets start with the dress. As I've spoken about in my last couple of posts, HUGE sale at 5th and Oxford, Luxuria because of the entire store closing. All items are only 50L which made this Appletini dress one of the best bargains I've ran across this week.

The shoes were given as a holiday gift from Maitreya as mentioned in my last post they were available in the subscriber kiosk history and open to all.

My necklace is from Caroline's Jewelry and has accents of green which I thought were fancy enough to make my entire outfit sparkle.

The Look- Holiday Green
Skin-Tuli-Claire-Tone 3 skin 03
Eyes-Exodi-Soulful Eyes-Hazel
Neckllace-Caroline's Jewelry- Spring Flowers Set
Dress-5th and Oxford-Summer Cocktails-Appletini
Shoes-Maitreya Group Gift Pumps- Green

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

 I want to send a big warm hug to all my friends. Thank you all for making this year incredible. I wish you all the best for 2011. Buon Natale from Italy!
Bells Semyorka

The Look- Christmas 2010
Hair-Maitreya-Lauren- Natural Blonde-Christmas Gift
Skin-Curio-Moonbeam-Light-Ice Queen and Snowflake Blush-Christmas Gift
Hat- Tee*fy-Anya's Pico Trapper Hat- Limited edition item from One Eleven
Sweater-Artilleri-December Sweater- Red
Pants-Friday-Low Rise Jeans- Midnight
Shoes-Reek-Autumn Boots- Snow
Deer-Cream Shop-Multi pose Deer

I wanted to give a news and freebie update so you wouldn't miss out on all the goodies this Christmas.

5th and Oxford/Luxuria
As promised here is the LM for 5th and Oxford, Luxuria.....Skins will be available soon, All items are marked down to only 50L. Quite the deal..

Christmas Gifts-**freebies***
Maitreya- Lauren Hair and Pumps- Group gift located in the subscriber kisok (open enrollment)

Curio- Skin and Snowflake Tattoo Layer- Available in Group notices (open enrollment)

LAQ- Vilda Skin with exclusive Makeup- Available in subscriber kiosk check history (Open Enrollment)

The Loft- Antler Chandelier and Hurricane Poinsettia- (subscriber group gift)

COCO- Ruffle Ankle Boots-Red- Must be a group member and click on the group gift notices.

Ivalde-Advent gift- The Final #25 is always the best- look under the tree (Open to All)

Woe and Exodi-Final 12 days of Christmas gift, It's a big one. (Open to All) 

Wynx's Main store- Tiny Quad Reindeer- Super cute reindeer avatar- (Look for the box in the middle of the store)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

52 Weeks of Color-Cerise-Week 7


It's on to week 7 already in Luna's 52 Week of Color Blogger Challenge. I think this is the point in other challenges where I tend to get lazy and stop posting, but nope not this time. I'm pushing forward and continuing on with the color challenge. This week's color is Cerise, which I totally had to look up in wiki. I'm really not a huge fan of this shade of pink and I somewhat copped out/compromise on the color.

*holds up her right hand over her heart and makes the vow. "I promise to try better next week and fully commit to the color no matter what."

With that said, Lets get on to today's Outfit....

It all started with this cute skirt from Sn@tch, Ivy Deschanel's Blue light special "Seriously Pink", is completely cute I really enjoy the fringe on the bottom of the skirt and how shiny and sparkly this skirt is. The blue light special is a special treat because it's an entire outfit for only 65L. The complete look entails, a cashmere sweater, hazard knee socks, the sequin mini skirt and wait for it......TWO layers of makeup. Swoon....I'm currently wearing Cerise Makeup 1 which I found was a great compliment to bring the color Cerise into the post. Now, if the whole Pink color is throwing you off don't worry. Ivy is planning on releasing some new colors on Friday(tomorrow) of this outfit, but if you would love to get this limited edition outfit please hurry and TP before the Blue Light Special is gone.

I also want to point out a really cute necklace I recently picked up from Yummy, it's the baking charms set. As a newly married woman I have started to enjoy the life inside the kitchen, so this baking charm is something I completely fell head over feet in love with. It's sweet charms are reminiscent of the cute charm bracelets and is great gift for someone that is either sweets lover or one who happens to love to baking. 

and finally on a sad note, I want to talk about 5th and Oxford and Luxuria. Recently Roslin Petion plurked that both 5th and Oxford and Luxuria clothing is preparing to move to a warehouse for one last sale. I'm sadden by this because I've really become attached her new line of lingerie. I have found that the Caer bra (Shown above) is the perfect peek of femininity and provides the much essential cover up when trying to retain a bit of modesty. I wish Roslin the best of luck on her next endeavors and will be patiently awaiting ant new project she works on.


Sn@tch- Blue light special until Friday! Hurry and get your copy of the limited edition Seriously Pink while the price is only 65L. 

Luxuria and 5th and Oxford- sometime within the next couple of days will be having a huge markdown sale. Please keep your eyes open and I hope you don't miss out. (No LM currently given, but I will post when the warehouse is open)

The Look- Cerise's Girl
Hair-Lamb-Breeze- Powder
Skin-Fashionably Dead-Bird Skin- Slasher6 (Freckles)
Eyes- Exodi-Clear Eyes- Ocean
Sweater-Artilleri-Elspeth cardigan- Pale Pink
Shirt-Sn@tch-Precious Cargo Sweater- White
Bra undershirt- Luxuria-Caer- Bra Rose- 50L friday
Skirt-Sn@tch-Sequin Mini- Blue Light Special- Limited Edition
Stockings-Zaara-Nishar Socks Thigh- Ivory

Makeup Layer- Sn@tch- Cerise Makeup 1
Necklace- Yummy- Baking Charms
Ring-Paper Couture- Golden Wings Rings

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Red Love- Bodice Lingerie


If your a fan of lingerie then you must make a stop at new store Bodice, owned by Rai Blaylock. Rai has managed to make a some goodies which are perfect for Christmas. Her two lingerie sets Santa's Helper and Santa baby doll are both naughty and nice. They are moderately priced under 75L (prices reduced for the holidays) and are so worth it. Santa Baby doll is available in 4 colors while the Santa Helper is available in 6.

Personally I love the Santa's Helper ( shown above) I feel it's more than just a holiday outfit and is perfect anytime of year. The six colors are not only limited to holiday themes of red and green, but have deep colors such as blue, purple, pink and teal. there are two bows along the side of the stockings and one bow on the back to tie the entire look together. I like this lingerie set so much I am planning on doing some shopping in SL wearing just this.

Bodice is available on the SL Marketplacet 

Glitterati- currently having a giant sale until Jan 1st, All items are discounted in some cases over 50% off. I love Glitterati's poses and managed to pick up some cute prop sets, the Barstool was only 100L.

The Look- Red Love
Hair- YunA's Hair- AMI- Brick
Skin-Tuli-Claire-Boost Clevage and Claire tone 3, 06
Eye Accent- L. Fauna- Shadow Shape
Lingerie-Bodice-Rai Blaylock- Santa's Helper- Red
Shoes-Stiletto Moody- Elegant Slingback-Ruby Red

Prop-Glitterati-Barstool- Female

Monday, December 20, 2010

Nothing But Business


Adam and Eve is one of the oldest stores that I know of in SL. I can remember as a young resident first Teleporting into this shop and thinking, "WOW"! I remember when Adam and Eve brought sexy back with a new line of default SL avatars. To me Adam and Eve is legendary, a part of SL history with wonderful sexy designs. Adam and Eve caters to both women and Men. With one stop shopping you can purchase Hair, Skins, formal attire, casual, business, and shoes.

Today I'm going to talk about two new releases from Adam and Eve, NYC Shirt and the San Belt.
The NYC shirt both are saucy and I love them because they make me feel like a business woman with a sense of style. I really enjoy the unbuttoned look, high collar and sleeves. NYC shirt is available in 6 different colors. NYC shirt is also very versatile because not only is it a shirt, but there is also an option to wear as a dress which I must say is so very cute. The San belt,(shown above) is also completely suited for the sexy business woman look and is a perfect compliment to the NYC shirt. The San belt is available in 6 colors.

Some things I really enjoy about Adam and Eve...........

Demos on clothing-  A total treat, No more wondering if an item will look the same as it does on the ads, with the demo you can have the assurance that you are

Shoes- Adam and Eve turned out to be a hidden treasure of shoes. I have several on my wish list already and joined the subscriber so I can find out about the newest release. A little bird told me that the next pair of heels are going to be a must have.

Friendly Staff- As soon as I teleported to Adam and Eve I was given a warm welcome. I love when stores offer customer service and greetings. It makes me want to spend time at a location and I know that if I ever encounter a problem the chances of it getting fixed are fairly high.

The Look- Nothing but Business
Skin-Dutch Touch- SjorS-Carmel- Lucious
Necklace-Deco- Essential Pearl Necklace- Winter Berry- November group gift
Eyes-Exodi-Clear Eyes-Oak
Shirt-Adam and Eve- NYC shirt- Grey
Belt- Adam and Eve- San belt- Charcoal
Pants- Fab Pony-Mezzy Pants- Charcoal

Friday, December 17, 2010

52 Weeks of Color-Yellow/About me.....

52-weeks of Color Challenge-Yellow

 I almost skipped this weeks 52 weeks of color challenge because finding Yellow in my inventory was a little difficult, everything was suited for summer. Finally, I just decided to give in to the summer feel and post this picture. (Style Credits at Bottom).

I'm kinda doing a combo Post today all because of Luna Jubilee, recently she completed a post "About Me" where she answered some questions about herself. This was a response to a note card that had been circulating among some of her SL friends and she brought it to the blogger table. Luna is also the creator of the 52 week color challenge many Bloggers have been participating in.

So here are my answers, just in case you wanted to know more about me..

Bells Semyorka- Palliard, yea I kept my maiden name too

What is your occupation in SL?
Blogger, Owner of Bells Boutique, and klutz

How many items in your inventory?
21,660 and to me it's too much. I'm particular about my inventory and categorize everything into sub folders. Often cleaning notecards LM and other useless clutter out from my inventory.

What are you listening to right now?
Tegan and Sara- Call it off

What was the last thing you ate?
An Apple- I've really been on an apple kick recently.

Can you drive a stick shift?
Yes I can. I had two Ex boyfriends try to teach me. I caused a small fire and burned one of the cars... smoke from under the hood=No Bueno. Finally it took my mother parking me on a steep hill and telling me to DRIVE for me to finally "get it".

If you were a crayon, what color would you be?
Blue- I did some quiz last week and that was my color.

Last person you spoke to on the phone?
My Sister- on a skype call

Do you like the person who sent you this?
Of Course, Who dosent like Luna, She's Awesome! :D

How old are you today?
In RL 28, In SL 4

Favorite drink?

What’s your favorite sport to watch?
Basketball. But don't tell my hubby, He thinks it soccer and that my favorite team is Juventus. 

Have you ever dyed your hair?
Yes, I dye it Black the darkest brightest shade of Black I can find, Stiletto Black. In the past I've had fire engine red streaks in my hair and even a really bad highlighting job where it was semi blonde. For my olive dark completion It looked horrible.

in this country None, but back in America I have my chihuahua, Macho. I miss that little monster. 

Favorite food?

Last movie you watched?
The "New" Nightmare on Elm Street- Scary Movie Lover

Favorite day of year?
New Years Eve- Fireworks, Kissing, Champagne, and new beginnings. What's not to Love?

What do you do to vent your anger?
 Plurk, it helps to say my rant online then delete.

What was your favorite toy as a child?
 Super Nintendo

Whats your favorite season?

Hugs or Kisses?
Hugs Always

Cherry or blueberry?

Do you want your friends to send you this back to you?
I would LOVE to see more people do this. 

Who is most likely to respond?
Not sure?

Who is least likely to respond?
Frankie Palliard, He stopped logging into sl

When was the last time you laughed?
This morning Hubby sent me an email titled," Fruit of Sin".

When was the last time you cried?
Last night, after seeing pictures of my dog. I was so sad and couldn't keep it in. 

What is on the floor of your closet?
Christmas Presents....Shhhh

Who is the friend you have had the longest you are sending this to?
hmmm I'm just going to say.....Frankie Palliard. He's the person I've known the longest in SL

Favorite smells?
Clean Cotton, Sea Breeze

Who inspires you?
Movies, Music, and People

What are you afraid of?
Snakes and Clowns

Plain, cheese or spicy hamburgers?
No Cheese, Must have LOTS LOTS of pickles and Mustard.

Favorite car?
I like smart cars and mini coopers, oh and VW bugs.

Favorite cat breed?
I think you can be a cat person or a dog person.....and I'm a Dog person.

Number of keys on your key ring?

How many years in your current job?
Unemployed- Moved to a country where finding a job is impossible

Where’s The Question?

How many states have you lived in?
Two , Flordia and Texas

Do you think you’re fun?
LOL, You're joking right?

Favorite Tree?
green ones?

Favorite all time music Album/CD
No Doubt

The Look-Weather don't get me down
Hair-Lamb-Wild Nothing-Butterfinger
Skin-Tuli- Claire-03
Eyes-Exodi-Clear Eyes- Ocean
Teeth-PXL-Mouth open
Shirt-Artilleri-Marcy Top- Yellow
Skirt-Artilleri-Carla Circle Skirt-Yellow
Hair Flower-Arilleri-Orchid-Hair Flower
Kitchen and Bar- Artilleri
Pose- Bang!- How's that- pose set

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Winter Charm


Winter has finally made it's way to the Semyorka/Palliard home, which is great because the Christmas season is just around the corner and I'm in the holiday spirit this year. My little parcel has been transformed into a Winter Paradise complete with a cabin, snowbanks that run along each side and even a few animal friends. It's the perfect little cozy spot to curl up and settle in for the chilly nights.

Another great way to combat the cold is to bundle up, and it seems that I've recently found some goodies which make this task easier and help create some Winter Charm. A cute warm knit sweater from WoE and Thick woven scarf from Exodi are the perfect combination; when wearing you'll forget all about the chill and enjoy playing in the snow perhaps even venture into a little reindeer games.

**News Updates**
Exodi has released some new eyes. Two gorgeous sets are available, "Clear Eye Series" and "Soulful Eyes Series". I found these to be my new favorite eyes because they give a luscious shine that will entrance and captivate from far away. 75L per color 300L for packs of 5

Exodi also has some new winter themed Gotcha items, 21 Beautiful scarves and 5 rare colors . At only 25L per try playing the Gotcha machine means you're always a winner.

Has two cozy knot sweaters available the Ginger Sweater and The Graham Sweater. Each sweater is knitted and has a sculpted collar and sleeves. The ginger sweater has a defined bell shape collar while the Graham collar is more of a turtle neck hybrid. Both can be worn without the collar and paired with a scarf of your choice. Each sweater is 200L while fatpacks are 1200

The Look-Winter Charm
Hair-Lamb-Wild Nothing-Snickers
Skin-Dutch Touch-SjorS-Caramel
*Eyes-Exodi-Clear Eye Series-Ocean
*Lashes-Exodi-Makeup extra-Eyelashes Natural
*Sweater-WoE-Ginger Sweater- Clay
Pants- Zarra-Ishaya Velour Slacks-White
*Scarf-Exodi-Winter Scarf- Cream
Ring-Zaara- Kashiti bobble ring
*Blogger Gift

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Diamond Decadence

Diamond Decadence

Bells Boutique has just released a new dress "Diamond Decadence", which is a little retro inspired dress. Diamond Decadence was name by two of my fellow Plurk buddies and is a combination of two names they suggested. This dress was so much fun to create because I tried to venture out from my usual comfort zone and used sculpts for the first time. I also worked with creating my own pattern from scratch for the first time. The Diamond pattern floats along the jacket and skirt layer while the Dress top is one solid vibrant color accented with a transparent peek of skin on the back. The cleavage area is embellished by a sheer ribbon.  Diamond Decadence is all about options and provides you with choices. The Dress is made to be worn alone or paired with the jacket included. The Jacket is also cute enough to to have it's own day in the sun and can be worn alone.  Multiple Layer options are included for your enjoyment. 
All prims are Mod/Copy,  no transfer.

Each dress is 175L

Merry Christmas From Bells

As a special thank you I have released a Christmas version of Diamond Decadence

Bells Semyorka

Thursday, December 9, 2010

La Foule

La Foule

Today's post is titled La Foule because it happened to be the song I was hearing when editing my last photo. Sung by the sultry siren Edith Piaf, this song seemed to completely match the dress and gave a feeling of french beauty. Feel free to listen to the song here.

Recently, I was gifted "Party Nights" from my lovely friend Cleopatra Xiganlia, owner of CLEO Couture. I have seen Cleopatra's designs grow for a number of years from Togas of all various types a new line has emerged couture gowns. I became entranced when I first tried on "Party Nights" because it was so different from her previous line. The skirt and jacket combo are right up my alley when it comes to style. The top of this dress is designed to showcase a sheer teasing look around the decolletage, which I absolutely LOVE.

I want to point out one thing that I didn't like and created a small problem for me. The prims are no modify no copy, which comes in handy for transferable gifts.  I know that Cleopatra works with her customers so if you have a sizing issue she will help correct the problem, just send her an IM. I would have just loved to have been able to do this own my own rather than to make a designer take time from their day.  In all I really do enjoy this dress which I feel is an excellent example of Vintage Couture.

The next items I want to talk about today are eye jewels and hair. Lets start wit the shiny sparkly beautiful jewels that are accenting my eyes. Voshie Paine has been kind enough to drop of a little sneak peak from her store, La Petite Morte, which open on Friday, ( Hey that's tomorrow!) I can tell you La Petite Morte has some great photo sets as well as lovely eye jewels, shoes and other accessories.

I have to admit that I had a bit of trouble setting the eye jewels properly. When wearing them I found them to be a bit too big for my eyes, even after trying to edit my shape and the prims. After much editing I was able to find a position where they sat comfortably on my face, between my eye and lashes, but still not entirely attached to my face. I edited in photo shop slightly the right side because the jewels were hanging off into space. I think these eye jewels would look great during a still photographs, but might be a bit hard to wear during everyday use because of the different curve of each avatar's eye shape. I also thought about perhaps editing each individual prim to fix so it was attached to my face, but I really ended up with a jumbled mess. I suck ad editing prims and thank goodness I made a backup layer first.

Finally it's hair time. Amacci's most recent hair releases over the past month have been designed with hair base usage. I love that Carina Larson has been creating beautiful up dos and poney tails bringing a sleek look incorporating the tattoo layer in her designs. Rina is my favorite out of her newest release because I absolutly love the knotted buns and complicated look. I do wish for one thing regarding Amacci hair, optional bangs. I would love if I could provide a bit of fringetta to the top of my head. My Christmas wish for SL this year.

In all I love today's Look I feel totally prepared for the Holiday and when Christmas party time arrives, I might be wearing this cute little ensemble.

The Look- La Flour
*Hair-Amacci- Carina Larson- Rina hair- Brown Sugar
Skin-Dutch Touch-Sjors- Caramel- CleoPatraSiS *picked today cause of the name and lip color
*Eye Jewerly-La Petite Morte- Voshie Paine-Diva Ametrine
*Dress-CLEO Couture- Party Nights
Shoes-Nardotix-Kurvy Ruby Slippers
*Blogger Item

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

52-Weeks of Color- Sepia- Week 5


When I was a child my grandmother had this big box of photographs. I used to love hearing her stories and looking through all the photos. The style of dress was different, hair styles usually proofed up and all the photos were tinted a touch of Sepia. To me they were beautiful, a glimpse into the past and a treasure of memories that someone wanted to preserve. It's amazing when you stop and think about how much technology has advanced over time. Will we once look at our digital photos in the same manner?

For Today's look I really wanted to attempt to capture a sepia photograph. After I took this photo I edited in photo shop the background giving the touch of sepia. For my outfit I choose to pick out colors that were dark in the brown family to give a bit more of the sepia feel. I didn't want to overwhelm my photo with the beautiful rich color but rather wanted to highlight.

The Look- Sepia
Hair-Clawtooth- The Eye Patch-Hot Chocolate- 50%off sale on all hair until Dec 31
Skin-Dutch Touch-SjOrS-Caramel-Snow
Eyes-Curio-Dark Brown
Sweater-Insanya-Brown-Shirt-FTLO Fall Hunt freebie
Skirt- Surf Co-Summer of Stripes Skirt
Necklace-KessKreations/Maio-Shelly Necklace
Stockings-Zaara- Nishar leggings- Thigh high socks- Nude
Boots- Bax Boots- Brown Leather

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What Season?

So originally I wanted to name this post "It's SL wear what you want", after a Plurk but I changed my mind because it didn't feel right for this post's context.

According to my last post I was holding out on breaking out the "winter wear", but guess what I'm sneaking in another two looks that are not exclusive to the season. The reason for the mash up is I received a cute pack from Evelyn Hartshon, owner and creator of *evie*.

I've been watching Evelyn's clothing designs develop on Plurk for the last couple of months and have become quite impressed with the ideas she comes up with. Her clothing designs are hand drawn which I love. I admire how she is able to match the seams and the detail she gives to smaller items such as the buttons on a sweater or the cross stitching on a seams.

*Evie* dropped off on me two different items, "Vintage Sweater" and "This Love Halterneck".  It's hard for me to pick a favorite out of the two because I actually love the look that was created using both of these two tops. The Vintage sweater is available in Three colors, Gray blue, Gray Green and Grey Pink (Shown Above).  "This Love Halterneck", is available in Three colors as well. Blue, Yellow and Purple. Each top runs for 120L a piece while Fat pacts are 300L.

Some News about *Evie*....
*Evie* is currently in the process of re branding so be on the look out for a new name. Also there is a new main store which is currently in a construction process.

*Evie* is currently involved in several different hunts. There is a board at the front of the store that provides a listing of the hunts as well as invitations to new hunts. Creators if your interested check out the "Fist Pump Hunt".

With the start of the holidays *Evie* has a festive booth out front with holiday goodies available at moderately low prices.

The Look- What Season? 
Hair- Elikatira- Horizon- Red 05
Skin-Fashionably Dead- Bird Skin-Slasher 6-Freckles
Top-*Evie*-Evelyn Hartshon- This Love Halter Yellow
Sweater-Surf Co-Floral Cab Sweater- Tan
Shorts-Surf Co-Cafe Shorts- Khaki
Gloves-Corduroy- Catero's Wrist Warmers- 2007
Stockings-Zaara-Nishar Leggings- Primary Art Print
Rings- Zaara- Kashiti Bobble Ring- Pearl

The Look- I'm Cuddly
Hair-Lamb- The Chills-Butterfinger
Skin-Fashionably Dead- Bird Skin-Slasher 6-Freckles
Ears-Magic Nook-Snow Baby Headband
Top-*Evie*-Evelyn Hartshon-Vintage Sweater- grey and pink
Skirt-W&B- Paige Stripped Skirt- Orchid
Socks-Mocha-Loose Socks- Plain Dirty- Pink
Shoes-Mijnt-Potato's Shoes- White