Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Stars Fell on Alabamba

I had the great pleasure of meeting Mira Questi. This German native is the full package deal beautiful and proficient in several languages and a functioning contributing member of SL. Mira is a new builder and has recently begun selling her items on Xstreet. During my time with Mira we talked about SL Love, Pets and interesting places to visit. She also gave me a tour of her home which ended at her wonderful sky box "Stars". I was immediately impressed with her sky box for two reasons, one it was only three prims (she is an efficient builder) and two the particles, (I do like things that have a little sparkle to them). I asked Mira what her inspiration was behind creating her skybox. her response "when I build I don't have a plan.. I start and I'm always surprised by myself, what at the end I did." I think it's quite wonderful that she has a stream of consciousness approach to her building and it works in her design.

I will warn you there is no door on the skybox so it might be advisable to invest in a teleporter. Mira provides wonderful customer service so if you need any assistance with setting up a teleporter or have any questions about her creations she is more than happy to help by going above and beyond to make her customers happy.

"Stars" skybox contains three backgrounds of skies, a dark blue evening sky with a full moon that looks beautiful against the particles. (shown in the picture above and my personal favorite out of the three) A deep orange background with hints of crimson showcasing a crescent moon that shines above and finally a lighter orange sunset that is reminiscent of a tropical dream. "Stars" has all the ambiance you need for a romantic evening with your sweetie. it's a perfect way to escape the busy jazz clubs and squeeze in that"quality" time that can be so rare to capture. Mira's "Stars" skybox is available on Xstreet and is only 100l it's transferable as well, so it can be purchased as a gift. Perfect for the holiday season that is quickly approaching.

We lived our little drama
We kissed in a field of white
And stars fell on Alabama
Last night

I can't forget the glamor
Your eyes held a tender light
While (And) stars fell on Alabama (fractured 'Bama)
Last night

I never planned in my imagination
A situation - so heavenly
A fairy land where no one else could enter
And in the center - just you and me

My heart beat (just) like a hammer
(My) Arms wound around you tight
And (While) stars fell on Alabama
Last night
- Ella Fitzgerald and Louie Armstrong

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Keeps Getting Better

So Today is my SL Birthday or Rez day as we call in in world. Yes Folks, I have been in this Virtual World for two years now and I still love it! (Insert rainbows and kittens :P)

I decided to show some pictures from my very early days in SL. These photos have been sitting in my inventory as snapshots, I didn't know photos could be saved to a hard drive until I was about 4 months into SL. (I know, soo sad right.) So here is Bells first 3 months... go ahead and laugh. you know you want to...
My first "real" purchases were ND hair. I used to think that as long as I was wearing "good" hair no one would notice the freebie hooker shoes on my feet. My eyes used to switch between Grey/brown and I had Pink /Blonde/Brunette hair, depending on my mood. (that phone booth photo was my first profile picture and I didn't change it until about 6 months ago.) so while there has been some changes to Bells some things have remained the same..there is still a love for glasses, Artilleri, and those "noob" star tattoos on my hands ;) so I guess there is still a bit of noob left in me.

A quick Thank you to the friends that have stuck around for the last two years. Hugs and Kisses for putting up with my moods ;)

Some days I'm a super bitch
Up to my old tricks
But it won't last forever
Next day I'm your super girl
Out to save the world
And it keeps gettin' better-
Keeps Getting Better- Christina Aguilera

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Angry Mob

Today while exploring SL I ran across a gentleman that was a RL journalist in the Netherlands. This journalist was only three days old and was already "hunting for a story" interviewing people about their reasons for joining SL and asking questions such as " How much time do you play?" Do you feel you need a face to face communication to form friendships?" and so on. I asked this journalist a question? How much time do you plan on exploring SL for yourself before you begin to write about your experiences? his response, one month. I found this to be rather appalling I don't believe that a non objective view about SL can be formulated with only one month of time in world. It's become too common for media personnel to log into SL looking for a story, spend a limited amount of time in world, run across a particular crowd of people and then assume that everyone in SL falls into that category. When I told this journalist that I didn't believe he was able to give a non objective view, and that he already had preconceived ideas about SL and was looking for a ways to prove them he called me cynical. Perhaps I am cynical, but I believe that the best way to gain knowledge is to experience it for yourself, so that you can have a personal understanding of the emotions or lack of emotions invoked by playing this "video game". I feel that if this journalist decided to invest in additional time exploring SL, he would be able to answer these questions on his own. While I do realize that everyone is entitled to their own opinions on SL, I feel that someone reporting facts to readers should have a personal understanding of the "virtual world". They should become an active member of the community or attempt to read resources that other members contribute to. I'm just a little tired of the media pushing it's stereotypical views on what a Second Life resident is. There is more than Sex in SL.. more than making money... more than the so called "crazies" or odd story. It's just such a shame that the media chooses to write on these kinds of topics, rather than the stories about raising revenue for charitable causes, educating individuals, or establishing contacts that transcend into real life friendships, but hey those kinds of stories don't sell papers, so who would want to read them? After all we have to appease the angry mob.

I can prove anything
I'll make you admit again and again
I can prove anything
The way that it's read again and again

And its only cos you came here with your brothers too
If you came here on your own you'd be dead
Its only cos you follow what the others do
Its no excuse to say your easily lead

You can choose anything
You choose to lose again and again
You could do anything
Why should you do anything again

And its only cos you came here with your brothers too
If you came here on your own you'd be dead
Winding yourself up until your turning blue
Repeating everything that you've read

And here we go with the letter
Well can you fix it for me
Cos we need entertainment
To keep us all off the streets

We are the angry mob
We read the papers everyday day
We like who like
We hate who we hate
But we're also easily swayed
- The Angry Mob- Kaiser Cheifs