Sunday, June 28, 2015

Impossible Sunday

Impossible Sunday

Usually, on Sunday Mornings I find myself sitting in a robe wishing and thinking of impossible things. It's the day I like to play soft music and reflect on the previous week's events.  It's peaceful, tranquil and allows me to indulge into that introverted aspect of myself.

Today, I'm showcasing a store that has slowly become one of my favorite and go to places to shop; Valentina.  Style over substance is never a compromise I have to make with Valentina. I get the best of both worlds. Each design, I've purchased has yet to be disappointment and has worked perfectly with the Maritreya mesh body. Wearing Valentina is never wishing for the impossible because I never question the quality or price tag on the goodies I purchase. If you haven't taken the time to visit Valentina I strongly suggest that you do. You won't be disappointed. 

Now if only other things in life were this easy, perhaps then I wouldn't be dreaming of the impossible. 

The Look- Impossible Sunday
Hair-Wasabi Pills-Roberta Mesh Hair
Skin- Glam Affair - Rose - Jamaica
Robe-Valentina.E- Sunday Undies & Robe Set Rose

Musical Inspiration: To wish Impossible Things, The Cure

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Orange you happy I didn't say banana?

Orange you happy I didn't say banana?

I know.... a bad knock knock joke, but I can't help it. I totally found The Secret Store's Midkini too cute not to feature in today's post and wouldn't you know it has bananas all over it, so I hope you can pardon the silly post title.  

The main reason why I am posting today is because I was contacted by Jessica Marville of Razmataz Art, poses and Animations about an upcoming photo contest; and let me tell you it's kinda cool. Razmataz, is a pose store that has cute poses and animations. I took some time yesterday to explore the store and what I found was great poses and animations for couples, singles and even silly animations like guitar smashing, putting on lipstick and even talking on a cell phone. It seems that whatever situation you might find yourself wanting to express in SL, Razmataz has you covered. It's worth a TP just to visit and look around. Now let's talk about the photo contest.

Whether you are a novice photographer or an experienced one you will want to try your hand at Razmataz's photo contest. In order to enter you would need to take the TP and visit Razmataz to pick up July's photo contest poses. These poses are pretty inexpensive. (I think I paid 15L per pose) The prize for the July Photo contest is the following: A pose package, custom made pose and a free portrait by Natzuka Miliandrovic. Now I took the liberty of checking out Natzuka's photo stream and it's really nice. I enjoyed looking over her photos. If you would like to look go ahead and take a peak here. The winning photo will be placed in the store and on the marketplace. so this is a great opportunity to showcase your photo skills, learn some new one and just have fun.

To find out more information on Razmaraz's photo contest and to enter please follow the links above to visit the store. Happy Shopping!

The Look- Orange you happy I didn't say banana?
Hair-Chemistry Hair - Vines - Browns
Skin--Glam Affair - Sia Europa
Swimsuit-The Secret Store - Carmen Midkini - Banana
Pose- Razmataz-part of the July photo contest pose set

Sunday, June 21, 2015



I ran into a long time friend of mine recently, Mira Questi and she had me reminiscing about that time we met in Italy and had lunch and Gelatto. Goodness, how time flown and how so many things have changed since then.

One of the things I miss most about living in Italy is taking moonlight drives through the Cinque Terra which usually lead to stopping into a little bar and having a drink. Limoncino, of course was a drink of choice. I actually adore all thing Lemon flavored something about the citrus that just makes my mouth pucker, but in a good way. I loved the sea and seeing the spider cables across the mountains as each twist and turn on the road unfolded. It made the whole experience so enchanting and added an element of danger which will never be forgotten. 

Today, I'm sporting some delicious lemon treats from Tres Blah. Tres Blah has a series of cute Summer themed shirts out for sale at Collab88. I even pick up this a pair of shorts from Nylon Outfitters to wear to compliment the top. It's a perfect casual summer look for where ever you might find yourself. 

Photo Location: Chic de Chic, a beautiful sim perfect for photos and filled with lots of scenic wonders.

The Look- Limoncino
Hair- Truth- Vivi
Skin- Glam Affair - Luna skin - Jamaica Tone
Top- Tres blah- Arlet Tee - Lemon
Shorts- Nylon Outfitters- Dark Denim Shorts
Ice Cream-Imeka-Italian Ice Cream with Cherry
Location- Chic de Chic

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Summer Love

Summer Love

Summer time always seems like the perfect time of year to throw caution to the wind and have an adventure. The days are longer nights seem filled with activities and it's that time of year when people find that oh so popular Summer Love. For me, summer love hit me like a ton of brick and it's all because of Foxes and Teefy.

For today's look I took a little trip back to Collab88 for some summer treats. Everything I'm wearing in today's post is from this month's Collab88. I had been looking for a mesh bikini that works with the Mariteya mesh body and Foxes, Summer Love bikini top and jacket fit the bill perfectly. Teefy, another favorite store of mine has a pair of shorts in this month's Colab88 which also matches the Mariteya body well. I couldn't be more pleased with how this whole look came together.  I hope you take some time to head over to Collab88 and take a peek at all the goodies available. This month's theme is filled with vibrant, fun hues which are perfect for capturing the feel of Summer. Truth be told the color scheme it reminds me of Ottor Pops, (they are Popsicle for those who don't know) which are perfect for hot nights that you find nestled within summer.

Don't forget to pack up and head to the beach so you can work on your tan, crank up the tunes on your stereo and relax. Perhaps even find a little summer love of your own.

The Look- Summer Love
Hair-Olive. the Melody Hair Glitter Crazy
Skin-Glam Affair - Luna skin - Jamaica Tone
Bikini Top and Jacket-Foxes -Summer Love -Watermelon
Shorts-Tee*fy Anja Shorts - Lime

Musical Inspiration: Summer Love, Justin Timerlake

Wednesday, June 17, 2015



 This whole post was inspired by something I read called, "You know you went to high school in the late 90s when.." I've included the link above for anyone who might be interested in reading it over. I have to admit I became a little reminiscent of the "glory days" after reading it over. There are so many in that list that I checked off.

Today's look is all about what I wore during the awkward teen years. It is the teen version of my style. When I think about the style I had during my teens this outfit pretty much sums it up, down to the boots. so let's take a moment to go over what I'm wearing from top to bottom.

Collab88 had some fantastic treats that were the perfect accompaniment to highlighting 90s style. a majority of the items I am wearing today are from this month's Collab88's round. Starting off with Elikatira's hair Lena. Now, I purchased a fat pack of Lena which included every hair color in this style, which is very unusual for me. I tend to stick with browns only; however Elikatira has done such a great job with the funky colors I couldn't resist and purchased the entire lot rather than trying to make up my mind on just one color.

Another great item I picked up at Collab88 is this Uber cute Skater Dress from Nylon Outfitters. It seems that no girl's wardrobe was complete without a spaghetti strap dress and of course a plain white t-shirt underneath. Nylon's design perfectly captures the skater girl dress trend, down to the flower print that was oh so popular. Dare I say that it is an iconic dress.

Finally, lets get down to the shoes. I used to have a pair of black combat style boots, and I think i might have tried to pair them with everything. My family used to refer to them as Frankenstein shoes. They had a platforms of course. (I'm a short in RL) but i digress, I loved those shoes and wore them until the plastic sole cracked...and even a little after. Friday's Juliette Boot was as close to the design that i could find within my inventory.

Musical Inspiration: No Doubt, Sixteen. I had this CD on repeat.

The Look-Sixteen
Hair- Elikatira- Lena
Skin-Glam Affair- Luna skin- Jamaica
Dress- Nylon outfitters- 90s Floral- Small Roses
Necklace- MIAO Angie Single Bead Necklace
Shoes- Friday- Juliette Boots- Coal

Friday, June 12, 2015

Red Flags and Long Nights

Red Flags and Long Nights
"Cuz I need red flags and long nights and she can tell"- She wants revenge

For today's post I needed to channel darker side so I could properly feature Salt and Pepper's outfit, Dylan. Dylan is definitely on the naughty side, but in a good way. During Romp's Monthly, Dylan is on sale. Romp's Monthly will run from June 12-15th, So this weekend is the perfect time to head over to Salt and Pepper and pick up this naughty number.

Romp, for those of you that don't know, is a group that dedicates itself in promoting the upper class of sensual SL. It features the naughty, kinky but well made goodies to enhance your deviant side. You can find out more information about Romp by visiting Romp's site here.

Designers in Romp's Monthly
Bounce This
FemmeFatale by Malena Von Dash
Forever Famous
Salt & Pepper

The Look- Red Flag and Long Nights
Hair- Clawtooth- La Bella Donna (with flowers) - Bodacious Blondes- From the Arcade
Skin--Glam Affair - Sia Europa
Outfit- Salt and Pepper- Dylan

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Two by Two


Two by two they all paired off. Each couple making their way to their own little piece of the camp ground; leaving her to stand alone. She knew at that moment how the unicorn felt when the animals lined up two by two.

The Look- Two by Two
Hair-TRUTH HAIR-Lucrecia- New Release
Skin-Glam Affair - Luna skin - Jamaica Tone
Roomper-Tee*fy Giselle Romper -Peach

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Purple Haze

Purple Haze

It seems everyone right now has Arcade gacha fever, which means you can totally hit up Uber and pick up some goodies with lag free shopping. I made the trek to Uber yesterday and picked up some cute items to add to my overflowing inventory. Today's look is inspired by Uber's theme this month which is, "Spice"....No, not Spice girls, but think more along the lines of spicy, hot and totally tempting. I decided to play up the purple and gold hues I found in Nylon Outfitters Tunic, Elephant. The main reason I picked this tunic is because of the color, what can I say I'm a sucker for pink/lavender hues. Nylon's Tunic feels soft and flowy. It highlights an asymmetric cut along the bottom of the dress which is perfect in living into the, "Spice" theme. I paired this spicy tunic with a pair of gold gladiator sandals from Pure shoes, a little treasure in my inventory. I hope you take the time to head over to Uber and pick up some spicy items of your own.

The Look- Purple Haze
Hair- TRUTH HAIR Katara
Dress- (NO)Tunic Dress - Elephant- Uber
Shoes-Pure Poison -  Gold Goddess Sandals