Sunday, March 15, 2009


It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt . -- George Eliot

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


My Happy Mood..
I might have missed Happy Mood if it hadn't been for the CSR 2008 Winter stamp rally; this is when I first discovered HPMD and fell in love with the ultra cute animals and furniture sold in this shop. Happy Mood is home to the giant bunny as well as smaller less intimidating bunnies that you can hold and carry around. HPMD gives new meaning to the phrase" go to your happy place", because like Disney it seems nothing bad can really ever happen here. Nope the Cuteness will just not allow it. :PSooo What Really Hooked me on HappyMood? (besides the immediate need for a happy place.) This Bubble chair. Yep only available in the Lucky Chair was this bubble chair and let me tell you it seemed like I would never get my grubby hands on this item, but as they say patience is a virtue. Determined to acquire this bubble chair, I visited HMPD over the last two weeks waited until the magical letter appeared, in that time I managed to purchase two bunnies and pick up the freebie tee and hand puppets and take tons of photos. There are some quality photo op locations around HappyMood, if you just take the time to explore.

So what's so special about the bubble chair? well first off it's a bubble that you can sit on. :P HPMD*bubble chair contains 6 different poses and animations so it allows your imagination to come up with all sort of creative uses. From normal chitchat seating to elaborate fantasy photos. This bubble chair will do it all.
Since la Primavera or Spring is quickly approaching it's the perfect time to stop by happy mood and pick up something cute.... like a bunny, and if you have the time wait at their lucky chair and get yourself this delicious bubble chair.. Trust me it's totally worth it.

How'd you get to be
How'd you get to find
Love, real love
Love, love, love
-Happiness- Goldfrapp.