Thursday, February 17, 2011

52 Weeks of Color- Week 15-Red


I'm going to get this post in before I forget and fall behind. This week's color Challenge is RED. Red happens to be one of my favorite colors. I don't know why. but it is. I'm drawn to clothing that's red and am a total sucker for a pair of red heels. Recently I picked up many Red themed goodies to add to my inventory. Could this be because of the Valentines? hmmm yea, I think so.

So here are a bit of the recent Red goodies I've run across. The Dressing room had two great items. Hair from Plume and skin from Glam Affair. I had been dying to create a look using a combination of these two, they just seems so perfectly suited for one another. I had never visited Plume before so this little discounted hair at the dressing room was enough to get me into the store and visit. I have a couple of styles on my wish list. The style of hair is really great for fancy up dos and couture runway hair. so exotic.

Also a couple of weekends ago Lee Zu had a new release of clothing. I picked up two outfits and had been holding the BDSM Naughty Bird for a Red post. I also found a jewelry set from MOOD in my inventory. I can't believe I didn't blog it sooner. The earrings are a gorgeous cluster of pearls and the necklace has a silver leaf latch to tie the pearls together. It's a set fit for a Madame Royale.

Next Week's color is Teal.....Stay tuned to Luna's Blog for future colors.

The Look- Red Madame
Hair-Plume-Amor-Brick-The Dressing Room
Skin-Glam Affair-Nina-Vday 01-The Dressing Room
Dress-LeeZu!- BDSM Naughty Bird-Red
Jewelry Set-Mood-Madame Royale Ensemble

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Exodi Luv


It's been so exciting to see Exodi's new skin line Sylvan take shape. I've been following along with every release Ryker has shared since Nov 2010. In each preview you can see the subtle changes Sylvan has undergone until it's transformed into it's beautiful final product.

I'm in love with Sylvan's eyebrows, because they are perfect sculpted and have the right amount of arch to them. Sylvan's taught tummy is an area of the skin that I'm drooling over. Finally I won't fail to mention the oh so kissable lips Ryker has given Sylvan. I can't wait till Ryker releases the full line. The Candy Kiss skin is still available for sale at only 50L. I'm not sure how long Ryker will keep this skin available. Last I read from a group notice it was going to be removed on Feb 13th. so Hurry while you can.

Exodi also released a new line of Reflective eyes and they are seriously gorgeous. I'm a bit picky when talking about eyes. Currently I'm loyal to two brands and Exodi is my favorite because no one can give shine and personality to your peepers like Ryker can. The Reflective eyes set all achieve a spectacular shine by adding subtle pink accents to the corners, which bring new brightness to Exodi's eyes.

The Look-Exodi Luv
Hair-LAMB!-Mess-Chocolate Bars Pack
Skin-Exodi-Sylvan-Soleil- Candy Kisses
Eyes-Exodi-Reflective eyes-Storm
Lingerie-Ooh LALA-Funky Hearts-Lula valentines purchase

52 Weeks of Color- Week 14-Black


It seems like I'm a week behind the color challenges now and to think, I was doing so well before.  sigh. Moving forward here is my version of Week 14's Color Challenge brought to you by Luna Jubilee.

Truth be told I wasn't really in the Valentine spirit in SL. Since my SL partner and I are now husband and wife in RL, it just seemed a bit silly to get a bit excited in the virtual world. After all, I get to cuddle him in RL now. So this is my Anti-Valentine day picture, although it's a bit anti-climactic since the day has already passed.

Let's take a peek at the look. First off I'm loving this chair from Diesel Works. 23 incredibly sexy and stunning poses are included within the chair. Diesel Works' modeling chair is great for photo shoots and brings such diversity in on it's poses that almost any look can be captured at it's best.

I pulled out some of my favorite goodies to complete my Anti- Valentine, Luxuria's Belinda in Black is still a favorite out of my inventory. Sadly Luxuria is in the process of closing. If you're wanting some last minute goodies please visit. All items are only 50L, such a deal.

This week's color is Red. I have a ton of it in my Inventory. Let's hope I can squeeze it in and catch up. 

The Look-My Anti-Valentine
Hair-Exile-Shannon-Dark Brown-Modified Black in PS
Skin-Glam Affair-Jadis-Natural-Dama
Shoes-Maitreya-Gold-Shanti Black
Prop-Diesel Works-The Modeling Chair

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bells Boutique-New Release- Sweet Luna

Hello Everyone! I have a new release and it's called "Sweet Luna", and it's very special because it's my first gown. Sweet Luna includes both a long and short skirt option allowing you to have a bit of diversity in styling. 6 different color variations are available. Sweet Luna's polka dot top has an accented sparkling bust line and a cute sculpted bow ties the entire look together. Multiple Layer options are included for your enjoyment.  All prims are Mod/Copy,  no transfer.

Sweet Luna-Lime
Sweet Luna-Lime

Sweet Luna-Teal
Sweet Luna- Teal

Sweet Luna-Purple
Sweet Luna-Purple

Sweet Luna-Blue
Sweet Luna-Blue

Sweet Luna-Ruby
Sweet Luna-Ruby

Sweet Luna-Nero
Sweet Luna-Nero

Market Place:

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Miao Sweetheart

MIAO Sweetheart

When I first tried on Miao's Ruby Lourdes top and Nichole Onyx I felt like such a lady. The color combination is perfect for the upcoming valentine holiday and gives a sweetheart vibe. If you're trying to steer clear of Valentines don't worry. A different color of this outfit is available at Miao for only 69L as part of the hump day special. (Hurry before Kess notices it's Thursday) Miao not only offers wonderful clothing, but an assortment of jewelry too. Earlier this week I used a pair of rose earrings to give my look a boost. Just one of the many reasons why I enjoy this shop, you never know what hidden treasures you will find.

The Look-Miao Sweetheart
Skin-The Body Co.- Sage-03
Necklace-Artilleri-Corazon necklace
Top-Miao-Ruby Lourdes
Skirt-Miao-Nichole Onyx
Shoes-Nardotix-Kurvy Ruby Slipper

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Lusciously Red in The Body Co.

The Body Co

There's a new player in the SL skin department called, The Body Co. I first found out about this skin after creator Emma Gilmour announced in her plurk that the skin would be coming soon. I knew this skin was one I was going to purchase, the vendor ads looked phenomenal; and my anticipation grew into until it became a giddy school girl giggle in front of my computer.

I'm not the type of person that's in the habit of spending lindens carelessly and usually I wait for special events or purchase only one or two skins from a selected pack, but with The Body Co. I felt something a bit different and committed to purchasing the skin line. I knew from trying on the demo that some minor adjustments would need to be made to my shape, mainly my lips would need to be adjusted, but that was such a small price to pay to have this terrific skin grace my body.


So Here's the Breakdown...
Sage is available in three tones. The base skin package includes a nude skin with 5 different brow options. Black, Dark, Medium, Light and Ginger. Three different Cleavage tattoo layers are also included as well as a modifiable sage shape. Base package is 1600L

Currently three different cosmetic options are sold, Bombshell, Pink Pucker and Starlet. Each cosmetics includes four tattoo layers marked Day, Flirt, Night and Party. Each Cosmetic set is 1000L while a package inclusive with all three is discounted to 2500L

Mineral Shadows and Lip Glazes
To further enhance The Body Co. skin line, Emma has created four Mineral Shadows and three Lip Glaze packages. Lip packages are 500L and include 5 different colors ranging in series such as Neturals Tropics and Pinks. Mineral Shadows are bundled into sets of three and contain two versions of each shadow.


In all I purchased Sage in the 03 tone and all the cosmetics, the total was 4100L and I roughly have 12 different options for wearing. I refrained from buying the Mineral Shadows and Lipglazes for now, because I want to experiment with other tattoo layers first and 500L for each set was a bit too pricy for me.

Things I'd love to see
I realize that in creating you can't always make everyone happy and the vast amount of hard work a personal self a designer gives when making for our community.  I'm in no way complaining about the quality of the skin but only listing some additional things I would love to see in The Body Co's skin line. It's just my humble two cents or wish list.

Beauty Marks- I'd love to see the option to have freckles, moles and other skin markings. The're is beauty in imperfection at times.

Brow Options and Hair Bases- It would be a dream to see some different brow options come into play on this skin. Customizable brow shapes to fit your unique shape and enhance dramatic looks. Hair Base designs with different lengths and types of fringe and whisps added for extra effect.

Individual Lip and Eye colors- While I appreciate the bundling of the Mineral Shadows and Lip Glazes packs the main thing that held me back from buying was price. I wanted to purchase part of each set or only one shadow out of the bunch so buying a complete pack would have been a bit of a waste for me. 

The Look-Lusciously Red
Skin-The Body Co-Sage-03-Dark Brow
Makeup-The Body Co-Bombshell-Party
Shoes-Stiletto Moody-Elegant Slingback-Ruby Red
Smile-PXL-Mouth Open Addon

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ivalde's Newness


This past weekend Ivalde released some major newness in the sweet retro style that only Nef can create. Honestly, I don't know how Nef manages to get so many stunning outfits released, but I am ever so grateful and happy that she does. Today's looks are all inspired by my perception of the retro housewife. It was so much fun putting these looks together and creating little scenes. Hope you enjoy.

Good Housewife-
She's a dream come true in the kitchen. A culinary expert that can master baker that's always ready to provide that second helping of Meatloaf. Her look is flawless, not a hair nor eyelash out of place. Her clothing is perfect and Ivalde's the only designer she would consider. With her Meike skirt in red and Zella baby blue top she's the Sweetheart of the kitchen.

Zella top available in six colors, Meike skirt available in six colors.

Ivalde-Mad HouseWife

The Mad Housewife-
There comes a point when every good housewife becomes a Mad housewife from all the cleaning. Perhaps it's a side effect of the fumes from the oven cleaner. The dishes can go to hell and what's that burning smell coming from the kitchen? When it gets this bad the only cure is a nice glass of wine and a smoke. Comfort is ideal here and Ivalde's Millicent Yellow Rose top and Radella cardigan will not only keep her warm, but also looking chic in case any unexpected company arrives.

Millicent Rose is available in 4 colors, Radella Cardigan is available in 8 colors. 

Ivalde-Handy Housewife

The Handy Housewife-
What to do? Your husbands is at work and there are some repairs that needs to be done, oh my! Handy Housewife waits for no man and has a can do attitude. She's ready to, "Dare to Repair", any household appliance and is even prepared to tackle the automobile if necessary. No man required. She does; however, manage to keep her alluring feminine mystique as she works by wearing the latest from Ivalde. Her Gertha antik top in red and Jeanny high wasted modified carpenter pants from Ivalde are ideal for managing all household maitance.

Gertha antik is available in 4 colors, Jeanny is available in 4 colors

All pieces shown from Ivalde are available as separates.

The Look-Housewife Style
Hair Photo 1-Clawtooth-Somebody's Lady-Captivating Brunette
Hair Photo 2-Artilleri-Sabina-Browns
Hair Photo 3- Aden-AutumnII- no longer for sale
Skin-The Body Co.-Sage T03**Full skin review soon**
The Body Co.-Makeup-Pink Pucker-Flirt
Smile-PXL-Mouth Add on 
Shoes- TokiD-Le Ballerine shines-Yello
Pants photo 2-This is a Fawn-Pegged Jeans-50L friday
Earrings-Miao-former Kess Kreations- Rose Earring
Broach-W&B-Rae Bird Brooch-Special Red
Props and Kitchen Appliances- Artilleri Home

Monday, February 7, 2011

Storin/Dutch Touch- Sale

StoRin/Dutch Touch Sale

I have to let you all know that two great stores are currently having a sale, StoRin and Dutch Touch.

StoRin has a great selection of poses, and clothing. Currently full outfits are only 50L while, poseballs are marked at 100L if purchased on the marketplace.

Dutch Touch is also having a sale on Cleo, Sjors, Gwen, Josje and Keira, all set are 250 L for each makeup option.

I found these two sales to be perfect bonuses to adding some great goodies to my inventory. Just made the day a little bit brighter

Hair-Shag-Erotica-Dark Shades
Skin-Dutch Touch-Cleo-Olive-Coral
Shirt-StoRin-Alessandra-Halter Top-Purple
Pants-StoRin-Berry High Waist Jeans-Snow
Pose-StoRin-P 21

52 Weeks of Color- Week 13- Emerald

52 Weeks-Emerald

I had been pretty good about staying on track with Luna's 52 Weeks of color challenge, but sadly I'm a bit behind now. With Real Life getting a bit hectic I didn't have much time for blogging. I am happy to catch up and continue on with the challenge. Last Week's color was Emerald, which I thought would be an easy match but didn't turn out quite as I had hoped. Turns out, I don't own as much of the green hue as I thought. So this post turned into a great excuse for a shopping spree at The Sea Hole. The Sea Hole has been a shop I like to visit to find quirky cute dresses. Once I had purchased the Thriftscore dress I moved on to finding a suitable location. I was a bit tired of snow and cold and decided to take a jump on early spring and head to a field of flowers for this shot.

The next color coming up is Black and I already have my outfit ready to blog. I can't wait.

The Look-Emerald in Spring
Hair-Exile-Oceane-Dark Brown set
Skin-Dutch Touch- MegAn
Dress-The Sea Hole-Thriftscore Dress

Cleo Designs by, B Semyorka Productions.

I've been exploring with the idea of creating videos in Second Life for sometime now, but it wasn't until a friend of mine pushed me a bit further and encouraged me to pursue this as a new SL business venture that I started to seriously consider it as a business. I'd like to thank her for always offering support and providing me with the courage to give this part of Second Life a try.

With that said, I'd like to introduce you to B. Semyorka Productions, customized video services in Second Life. We want noting more than to bring you quality video for all your second life products. We specialize in showcasing your Second Life products in a mini video set to music. Our services can fit any product or event within Second Life. We want to help your store be more visual to customers by providing them with a unique video to help brand your designs. For information on rates please visit, B.Semyorka Productions. Please send a note card to Bells Semyorka with any questions and if you are interested.

Last week I took some time and made a video for Cleo Couture. Cleo, who is a long time friend of mine had been making SL clothing for a couple of years. I've watched her designs flourish into something quite wonderful and I was honored when she asked me to make her video for her store.
I hope you take the time to watch and enjoy Cleo Couture 2011

Cleo Couture
Cleo Couture Blog