Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sweet Sunday


I love Sundays, it's the day of the week I get to sleep in, take a nap and basically just lounge around without a care in the world. I find it hard to get dressed these days, mostly lounging around in a pair of jeans and tee-shirt, some days I don't even wear one. Today seems to be a prime example of that. My Somina, Untamed Heart bra and panties set is the perfect blend of cotton comfort. Untamed heart hooks from the front not in the back which made it a winning choice, perfect for the ultimate comfort experience. To keep warm I opted to wear my new Ninko big Shirt, which made me feel all snuggly, safe and secure. My fawn Pegged Jeans were sitting on the floor this morning, I had no trouble fitting into them as they slid up my legs and hugged my curves effortlessly. If only every day were as sweet as Sunday.

The Look-Sweet Sunday
Hair-Exile-Ocean-Dark Browns Pack
*Skin-Apple May Designs-Pale-Doll Like-Kelly
*Cleavage Enhancer-Apple May Designs-Pale
*Bra-Somina-Untamed Heart Bra
Button up Shirt-Niniko-Big Shirt-Red-50L item
Jeans-This is Fawn-Pegged Jeans-With Grass Stains-50L item
Home-Reek-Old Attic-50L item
*Blogger Gift

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