Sunday, April 30, 2017


I want to...
chase the white rabbit again and fall into your wonderland.
hold up 1000 speakers so I can be heard.
be the red queen; "Off with their heads"!

Today's post all started from something I watched from the ladies of Buzz feed, who decided to recreate famous playboy covers. This got me thinking..."If I were to recreate a Playboy Cover which one would it be?" A quick google search lead me to a Russian issue of Playboy that really resonated with me. Since my surname happens to be Russian in it's origin I thought it was perfect.

Of course I had to change up the cover a little, just to be a little unique. I tried my best to recreate with the limitation of my skills. I don't think it's too far off.

The Look-Alice
Hair-Clawtooth: Hand in Glove - Chocolate Cake
Earring-(Yummy) Spring Bouquet Earring - Pearl
Fur- CURELESS [+] Red Queen's Realm / Cheshire's Shawl / RED
Rabbit-The Secret Store - Little Rabbit - Snow
Pose- oOo belle_two

Musical Inspiration: