Friday, January 7, 2011

52 Weeks of Color- Week 9-Silver


First I want to give a big THANK YOU! to everyone that took the time to read and to comment on the inventory tutorial posts. I never thought that anyone would read them and I was simply floored when the comments came in, it really melted my heart.

Recently have been trying a new Kirstens viewer because of a tutorial I read by Strawberry Singh about depth of field and shadows, sadly because of my Mac computer I am unable to get these features working, so it's looks like I will continue abusing Photosho. I am; however, starting to like the Kirstens viewer and get adjusted to the new interface. Thank you Strawberry for sparking my interest in a new viewer and motivating me to try something new.

When Luna Jubilee announced that Silver was this weeks color on this challenge I knew the perfect shop to visit, L'Abel. Two reasons made L'Abel perfect, there is a huge sale and two I love the clothing. There were so many outfits available in Silver it was hard to pick one, but in the end I choose the Viella dress because The hood and long gloves made it perfect for winter. I also already picked out next week's color challenge, Sienna outfit. I've been working really hard on the look and can't wait to show it to you. It's also from L'Abel ;)

I have to point out some really cute things I acquired recently first off skin, Exodi recently released a new group gift Skin, Sylvan and it's gorgeous. I had the great chance of seeing this skin back in November when Exodi released a preview as a 50L Friday. I relly love the lip shape and the freckles on this skin. Also I picked up hair from Exile, Steph is really cute because of the optional side bow and wavy curls.

Exodi- If you're not a member of Exodi's VIP group you are missing out. It's only 250L to join and the benefits far exceed the cost.Get a copy of the Sylvan skin for Free, current group gift.

Glitterati-A new Group has been opened for those that love Glitterati. It's 500L to join and there is a guarantee that at least 500 worth of merchandise will be released each month. Glitterati is home to awesome pose and props. Exclusive poses will also be released to the group.

L'Abel- 50%-75% off on all Clothing. Sale Ends January 9th.

The Look- Silver's Winter
Hair-Exile-Stephanie-Dark Browns
Skin-Exodi- Sylvan Nuit-2011-Exodi VIP Skin
Blush-Exodi- Makeups-Blush-Primrose
Eyes-Curio-Tragic Eyes-Dark Brown
Dress- L'Abel- Viella Dress

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