Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New Release at Bells Boutique

Hello Everyone, I have some exciting news at Bells Boutique.

We just opened our first ever hair Salon. I am so proud to introduce to you Four new styles Beulah, Gwyneth, Denise and Jennifer.

Beulah Hair

Gwyneth Hair

Denise Hair

Jennifer Hair

Our new hair line is available in Six color series. Blondies, Brownies, Colors, Gingers, Scarlet Fever and Smokey. Each color Pack contains Four color variation.

Since I am releasing Four New Items at once I have decided to select FOUR winners from the subscriber kiosk.

Today's random winners are.....
1) Beulah-Keira Seerose
2) Denise-Wednesday Soon
3) Gwyneth-AmSuMy Resident
4) Jennifer-haruhi Amaterasu

Congratulations to everyone!!!

Store Location
SL Marketplace

Laverne Sweaters- Gacha
 Buy, Sell, Trade.....HAVE FUN!

*Don't forget to come down and play the New Gacha Machine, where you can WIN a random monogrammed sweater from A-Z. these sweaters are transferable so even if you don't get your letter you can trade and gift.

Laverne Sweaters are inspired by Laverne and Shirley

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fashion For Life- Part Two

Fashion For Life Day 2

Can you believe that Fashion for Life has already raised over two million lindens already? I was so excited when I read the group notice yesterday. From the last notice I read it's getting close to three million and to think that there is still a week left for the fair. I decided to put together a darker look from some of the Fashion for Life goodies I've acquired.

Starting off with hair, Amacci has four striking dark styles available. The tips are tinted with hints of lighter blond adding highlights and depth into Amacci's style. I also wearing a wonderful dress from Lee Zu! Eariler this week I worse the Lizz Flexi Dress in gray today I'm showcasing it in black. This beautiful donation item has a plunging neckline and a soft sheer skirt.

I hope you take some time and pick up some terrific items at Fashion for Life, With over 180 vendors available for shopping there is something to suit everyone's style.

The Look-Darkness
Hair- Amacci-Micha-Black Coal Tipped Blond-Donation Item
Skin-The Body Co-Sage-Medium Brow
Tattoo-sYs-Design-New Collection 2011-Gift
Dress-LeeZu!-Lizz Flexi Dress-Black- Donation Item
Necklace-Illusions-Etya Collar-Jewerly Fair 2010 frebie
Gloves-5th and Oxford-Leather Gloves-Black
*Fashion for Life Location

Monday, March 14, 2011

European Blue

Chic Limited-Ivalde-Demi SkyBlue

Earlier today I visited the Chic Limited Event to pick up some goodies. Chic Limited is designed to offer an assortment of wonders from various quality designers from across the grid in one location. This month's theme is "The Elements". I have been doing some major damage to my linden balance recently, because of Fashion For Life so I was a bit hesitant to attend Chic Limited. I can honestly say that I did try to refrain, but eventually my shopping disorder talent came out. Feeding my inner demon I managed to pick up some great items, but I'm not planning on blogging them all today. That would be silly. Instead, I'm going to highlight Ivalde's Demi skyblue dress, because it's spectacular and quite flawless, IMHO.

Once I put on the Demi dress I felt like an European lady; fancy and proper, all dressed in the gorgeous blue hue. The rose print alone would make the Demi an excellent garden party dress, ideal for spring. I also can't get over how dainty and feminine the gloves are. They help provide the touch of woman mystic Ivalde is well know for. The Demi dress is available in both an Earth (Orange) and skyblue hue and are Exclusive to Chic Limited.

Now, I have to let you in on some News going on at Ivalde. Currently the Ivalde sim is undergoing a remodeling process so sadly it's closed, but don't worry there are still several ways to continue shopping. Satellite stores are located across the grid. You can find the store listings under Neferia Abel's profile. Ivalde's webpage is also great for making purchases, so don't forget to visit it as well.

Chic Limited-Ivalde-Demi SkyBlue

The Look-European Blue
Hair-Lamb!-Ghost-Chocolate Bars Pack
Skin-Glam Affair-Natural-The Dressing Room Special
Dress-Ivalde-Demi skyblue-Chic Limited
Necklace-Caroline's Jewelry-Nest and Swing gold.
Location of Photoshoot-Lula
*Chic Limited Store Location

Mrs. Bells and her Cupcake...Week 16 on the 52 weeks of Color-Teal

Mrs. Bells and Her Cupcake-Teal

I know, I'm going to sound like a broken record about trying to catch up on the 52 weeks of color challenge, but I promise I will do it. I kinda made it a personal mission to finish these challenges because I don't want this to become an "I wish I would have finished". Luna also makes these challenges fun, by picking colors that are exotic some weeks. I've already peeked at the next color in the line which is Electric Lime. Oh goodness, it's going to be a tough one.

For today's color I'm trying my take on Teal, and to be a little evil I've decided to tempt you with this cupcake.

The Look-Mrs. Bells and Her Cupcake
Hair-Lamb-Wild Nothing-Otter Pop
Skin-Belleza-Erika-Med-Group Gift
Outfit- KatatOnik-Sweet Tart Corset
Cupcake-Artilleri-For the Love of Hunt gift Item

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Fashion For Life- Day one

Fashion For Life-Day 1 look

So today I made my second Trip to Fashion for life and All I can say is WOW! The sims are amazing quite stunning in black and white. All sims are named after famous black and white photographers and each has it's own theme. In second Life articiture these builds are top notch and worth visiting, lots of great areas for snapping photos too.

Today's look is all about comfort, playing off my usual casual Sunday mode I decided to find pieces that were cozy and cute. Let's start with the sweater. Schoen is offering this Weich sweater in brown, (donation item). Ideally for Men, but I managed to sneak it out of Fra's closet and wear it as my own. (Don't tell him, it's our little secret) I'm enamored with the large collar and sculpted sleeves. Even the soft hue is one that I've been admiring. Next is Riddle's Couduroy Pants In white, (donation item). Available in three colors these chords are really nice and well made. Although you can't see since I have my over sized sweater on, the detail work on the waist and belt loops is part of my favorite part of these pants, not to mention the bottom sculpts. Thankfully the sculpts don't extent too far down to hide my new Elikatira shoes. The Move Pumps, (donation item) is available in two colors Powder and Near Black, both are great essentials for the basic pump.

The Look-Fashion for Life-Day One
Hair-Shag-(RE) use me-**Project Themeory Item
*Skin-Exodi-Sylvan-Lumiere Makeup10
*Pants-Riddle-Corduroy Pants
*Shoes-elikatira-Move Pumps- Near Black
*Store Location for Fashion For Life/ Items Available for sale at Fashion for Life.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Time to Remember....

A Time to Remember

During this time of year there is one person I can't seem to get out of my mind. I think about her often and my heart is filled with a heavy sadness because I miss her. I miss everything she was: a mother, grandmother, wife, strong woman, beauty queen, a friend. I miss her advice, her warmth, the smell of her home and hearing her voice. It's during these days of Second Life's Relay for Life/Fashion for Life event that I can't get my grandmother out of my mind, because she was one of the many that lost her fight with cancer.

I never thought that cancer would affect anyone I personally knew, until the day came when my mother told me were we all going to a an oncologist appointment for my grandmother. My heart pumped fast and tears fell the only words I could manage were "She has cancer?" At the time I was living with my grandmother and would accompany her to various doctor appointments and help her with cleaning and cooking. She and I were dependent on one another, very close and our bond was strong. I watched the cancer take it's toll on her spirit during the following months after her diagnosis. She attended chemotherapy frequently and suffered through tests that were heartbreaking to watch. I can't speak for others but I remember feeling so much anger and resentment. Hearing her cry and knowing she was in pain was the worst feelings because I knew I couldn't do anything to stop it. I felt so helpless. The cancer didn't affect just one person, but everyone in my family felt it, we all suffered along with my grandmother.

One of the things that brought a greater understanding and helped me feel that my family was not alone was the Rely for Life event in Second Life. When I first found out about the event my grandmother had just received her diagnosis. I researched the American Cancer Society and donated as much of my lindens as I could, doing this gave me a sense that I was doing a small part to battle against cancer. It's one of the many reasons why I support Fashion for Life now. I will never forget how it effect families.

Today is the start of Fashion for Life, it will run from March 12-22 in 9 sims. This year's theme is "Beyond Black and White".  I encourage you to visit the fashion for life blog for the most up to date information and LMs. During this week I will be blogging items from the fair, I've already picked up some goodies from the special donation vendors where 100% of the proceeds go to the American Cancer Society. I ask that you take the time to visit the fare and please make a donation if you can to help fund this worthy cause. Together we can accomplish so much. We can help offer support and strength bringing light into the darkness where cancer lies.

The Look- A Time to Remember
Hair-Elikatira-Me-Essential Collection
Skin-Exodi-Sylvan Cachet-Makeup 13
Tattoo-Adam and Eve-Tattoo Sobs
Dress-Lee Zu!- Lizz Flexi Dress-Gray
Location-Fashion for Life Sim
*All Landmarks are for Fashion for Life Store Locations all Items can be found at the fair.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A little Appreciation

A little appreciation

Recently I've been trying to expand my little store which has kept me busy in Second Life and away from blogging. I lost count on which 52 weeks of color I was on and became so wrapped up in creating some newness. This break from blogging made me realize two things..
1) I absolutely love blogging and miss it. 2) Creating is hard, but not impossible.
This has also given me a deeper appreciation of the designers I blog, because they are talented and amazing. I can't even begin to imagine how many hours of work they put into their designs.

I want to start off with Exodi, Ryker Beck has completed Sylvan and it's available March 11, 2011 which is Friday. (Sorry for the teaser) I have been waiting for this skin because I've watched it grow with  each preview since November 2010. I love that Ryker implements feedback from her customers in her design process. The end result of Sylvan is gorgeous. Five beautiful tones, three brow colors, cleavage and freckles options too. Sylvan is my pick for Springs everyday wear because of the fresh makeup options available. Remember anyone who purchases a Sylvan skin within the first 24 hours will be entered in a drawing to win a Fatpack card from Exodi. Exodi VIP will enjoy 25% off fatpacks and 10% off individual skin purchases. Just make sure you're wearing your Exodi Group tag. I also hear Ryker is planning on releasing some additional options for Sylvan during the upcoming month so make sure to keep an eye out or for the best results become a member of the Exodi VIPs.

Next is Hair from Elikatira, Elikapeka Tiramisu is a hair genius imho. Currently I am attempting to make my own hair and have been having trouble, to say the least. I've been studying Elikapeka's hair designs and have begun to admire how she is able to manipulate the prims in each design. Elika's skill is top notch and "Novel" is super cute because it's a modern take on a retro ponytail.

Last, but certainly not least is Ivalde, Neferia Abel has created some really gorgeous outfits the last couple of weeks in Second Life. My new favorite is this yellow dress called Hester, because it's hue is perfect for spring. Nef has a wonderful eye for retro fashion and is able to bring a life to her designs. I admire all her seams and texturing work. It's one of the reasons I've been a loyal fan of her work since 2007. Oh and in case you didn't know Ivalde is on Facebook.

I'll be completing more posts later this week, hopefully I can get back into full blogging mode and catch up of the 52 weeks of color challenge, I think I have about 3-4 weeks to make up for. :D

Hair-Elikatira-Novel-Brown-Essentials Collection
Skin-Exodi-Sylvan-Lumiere-Series 10(DK/F/C)
Dress-Ivalde-Hester Yellow Dress
Pose-Glitterati-Model Pack 19 pose *181