Wednesday, November 21, 2007


This will really only make sense if your a Zoolander fan.....or at least a Will Ferrell one.. "Let me show you Derelicte. It is a fashion, a way of life inspired by the very homeless, the vagrants, the crack whores that make this wonderful city so unique."... Mugatu

Obey my dog!

I haven't been exploring SL lately. ( I know bad bells) Instead I've been creating up a storm. I made three new items this week, Jessica sweater, Ashlee sweater and Mugatu. As always these outfits are available at my store Bells Boutique and on slexchange. I do want to get back to exploring SL soon. If you know any cool places to visit send me an IM. I'm kinda in a rut where the only place I am spending time in world is at my home, this is a sign that I need to get out more.

Jessica and Ashlee are two sweaters named after a famous pair of sisters. They include the sweater in jacket form, prim sleeves, and a prim bell collar. These are a must for any winter wardrobe, they will keep you warm during those long nights. These sweaters are only 50l a pop. quite the steel at that price. Stop in and pick up both sweaters today.

The last outfit is Mugatu, for those that have not seen Zoolander the movie let me explain who Mugatu is. Mugatu is the villain from Zoolander. He is an evil fashion designer, who uses male models to assassinate world leaders. Mugatu also created the first piano necktie, and was the keyboardist for Frankie goes to Hollywood. I highly recommend seeing Zoolander if you havent seen it yet, It's funny and usually has me laughing after a bad day. Bells Mugatu includes: Flexi Piano skirt and a black backless turtleneck. Its a tad naughty and a bit of nice. Come pick up this outfit and show the SL world you can Relax. Mugatu is 75l
oh oh
Wee-ell Now!!
Relax don't do it
when you want to go to it.
- Frankie Goes to Hollywood

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Losing A Whole Year

Today is my Rezz day, which means I have spent a whole year playing Second Life. I started SL because my boyfriend was heavily into Warcraft. I never really was the kinda girl that liked quests or whatever else they do in that game. I heard about this thing called Second Life where people made and bought virtual items and talked with other people from all over the world. I was intrigued and became hooked after minutes of rezzing.

I will admit that things was very confusing at first. I spent about two hours at Orientation island trying to read all signs and tutorials that were posted all over. You know I never got that stupid beach ball to move. I wanted to learn as much as I could about Second Life, I attended all the classes that I could attend at NCI. I desperately wanted to shed that newbie skin. I guess thats one of the main reasons why I mentor, So many wonderful people helped me during that newbie phase and I will always be grateful and want to return the kindness to others.

This past year has been one of the roughest I had in RL, I know that I would not have been able handle all the crap life threw my way if it was not for my support system of friends that I made in SL. They were the ones that gave me advice and consoled me. We share our secrets and vent our frustrations to one another. These are the people that keep me laughing and logging into SL everyday. MUHA! love you

I know there is still more to learn about SL, more to explore and there will definitely be more shopping. I only hope that I can loose another year in SL.

Losing a whole year
And if its not the defense then youre on the attack
When you start talking I hear the prozac
Convinced youve found your place
With the pierced queer teens in cyberspace
When you were yourself it tasted sweet
But it sours into a routine deceit
Well this drama is a bore
And I dont want to play no more
Losing a whole year
-Third Eye Blind

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Hem Of Your Garment

I was shocked to realize that It was already Friday (Sat by the time I finish writing this). Wow... the last couple of weeks have just flown by and are now one giant blur. Well I think its time to tell you what I have been doing. :)

First, the club I am part owner in reopened!! LIPS,was a club we had open a couple of months ago, but due to other demands we had to shut it down :( . After The GR closed, Princess, my best friend, saw that I was a sad and down. She suggested that we re open the club :) It feels good to be back in the club scene. I do need help,(dancers, host,dj ) if anyone wants a job or at least a regular place to hang out and listen to some music and talk IM me for more information. Were not in this for the Money, Fame, or Glory... we just want to have FUN! We try to have events from 12-2slt. I wish I could say this happens every day, but you have to remember that I can be a procrastinator and as Frankie called me this week, lazzy ass! I managed to make two new shirts for the club, Loose Lips Sink Ships in pink and blue, both are free at LIPS club stop by and pick up one.

I also spent a couple of days shut away from the world while I worked on new design for Bells Boutique's Holiday Line. Amber, Sapphire and Ruby are all available at the store until January.
They are only 75l a piece. They Include a first at Bells Boutique Fur Wraps. Don't worry I didn't actually hurt any real animals to make these, they are all faux fur :)

I am intrinsically no good
I have a heart thats made of wood
I am only biding time
Only reciting memorized lines
And I'm not fit to touch
The hem of your garment