Friday, July 27, 2012

I am a Leo, Hear Me Roar!

I am a Leo, Hear Me Roar!

 My Birthday just recently passed this week and now I'm proud to say I'm 30. In order to celebrate my birthday and Zodiac sign Leo I took a trip to SL's newest sales event, "Zodiac".

Zodiac is a new monthly sales event which is showcasing designers from all across the grid. Each month designers will create according to the Astrological Signs used in the Zodiac. The Leo Astrological sign will be available until August 17th and currently has an assortment of Leo themed goodies.

Zodiac is created by, "Hottie cooterati" for more information please visit the main site.

I'm currently wearing three designs found at the Leo Zodiac. My outfit is from Miamai and is called, "Amari Lion" It incorporates mesh and drawn designs to achieve a Leo-riffic cat print dress. My favorite piece of the outfit are the shoes are from, HANDverk these "Claw Pumps" give my look an animal feel bring out the inner Roar. Finally, Studio Sidhe has released The Lion tribute pose prop. The Lion has three poses within it and each pose can have variations depending on The Lion's position.

Today's post is also my Week 25 of Luna's Color Challenge Post using the Color, "Unmellow Yellow". 

The Look- Lion's Roar
Hair-Exile- Wide Awake
Skin-Glam Affair- Leah- Medium Tan
Dress-Miamai-Amaria Lion
Shoes- HANDverk- Claw Pump- Leo
Pose Prop- Studio Sidhe- The Lion- Leo Tribute
Pose- !Bang-Stand 217
Tree- Trompe Loei- Organic Mesh Tree- Yellow
Beach- Poetica- Beach Bubble
Zodiac Event

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pr!tty Raspberry

Raspberry Glace

Raspberry Glace reminds me of a decadent dessert, something rich with chocolate covered in a dark raspberry sauce. It's a color that is simply beautiful and one I am happy to see in Luna's color challenge.

Today I'm showing hair from Pr!tty, Live Free is a sexy tousled bedroom hair style. These beautiful wavy tresses are available in several colors, I picked up the browns pack and found colors ranging from darker brown, lighter brown and a reddish brown. Pr!tty has this hair available at the Hair Fair which is open until the 29th of July. Still plenty of time to get over and pick up a new sexy wig.

I'm also wearing a very sensual baby doll lingerie set from One Bad Pixel. One Bad Pixel is a relativity new clothing store that showcases mesh designs. Each design at One Bad Pixel is beautifully crafted and is available in several various sizes to match your avatar's unique shape. One Bad Pixel is growing in size so be on the look out for new designs that will emerge.

Next Color post will be Unmellow Yellow, which is such a sunshine fresh color. 

The Look- Pr!tty Raspberry
Hair-Pr!tty- Live Free- Browns
Skin-Glam Affair- Leah-Medium Tan
Lingerie- One Bad Pixel- BabyTux Set- Plum
Shoes- Maitreya -  Shanti- Black
Pose-!Bang- Love My Boots1
Furniture- Barnesworth Anubis- Winter's Edge- Past Collabor88 Item
Home- Trompe Loeil - NYC66 Skyhome

Friday, July 20, 2012

52 weeks of Color- Week 23- Pistachio


My summer vacation has started early and I can't think of a better way to spend the extra free time on my hands than by finally playing catch up on Luna's 52 Week of color challenge. Currently Luna's challenge is on week 29/30 which leaves me roughly 6 posts behind the group. I already have outfits for the upcoming colors and my recent hair fair purchases will make a great addition.

Today's look is all about paying tribute to the color Pistachio. I had almost forgotten about this cute retro dress from Ivalde I had hidden in my inventory. Ivalde no longer is available in world as Neferia Abel is currently taking a break from SL, but purchases can be made on the SL Marketplace. The Maisie dress was available for a limited time as a special item during the Witch Hunt of 2011, so my apologies for showcasing an item that is no longer available for purchase.

One item that is available for purchase is the gorgeous up-do from Miamai. Lika, is a braided classic bun that utilizes a hair base to achieve it's sleek elegant, and stylish look. Miamai has several classy up-dos available at the hair fair. Remember every purchase you make at the hair fair will donate 15% to Wigs for Kids. The Hair fair will be open until July 29th. Still plenty of time to make it and pick up a new wig or two.

The Next color challenge post is Raspberry Glace, I'm sensing a food theme with these colors, mmmm delicious.

*Glam Affair is currently having a summer sale on skins. 50% on all skins.

The Look- Pistachio Green
Hair- Miamai- Lika Brunette
Skin- Glam Affair-Leah- Medium Tan
Dress- Ivalde- Maisie- Moss Green
Necklace- Exodi- Southsea Choker
Shoes-Maitreya- Pumps-Green
Building- - Songo Courtyard Garden- Past Collabor88 item
Pose- !Bang- Back up- #4- Collabor 88 Item- July

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Fancy Hair


If you have been keeping up with any of the blogs on the feeds you then you surely would have noticed a trend emerging. Everyone is talking about Hair, Hair, and Hair. It's this special wonderful time of year where I get all tingly from my head to my toes.... Hair Fair Time. This has to be one of my favorite fairs, following shortly behind is the skin fair and pose fair.

The Hair fair is my favorite because of the charity that is attached, Wigs for Kids. Each SL Wig purchased will donate 15% of the sale to the charity. It's a generous gift from Hair designers of Second Life. The Hair Fair opened it's doors on July 14th and will close on July 29. Wigs for kids is such a wonderful charity, because they help bring hair to children who have lost their hair due to a medical related illness. Last year SL residents helped raise $8,935.96. You can view the official letter here. It's always so touching to see what our community can do when we get together.

There are a few thing I'd like to point out about the Hair Fair and some tips you can do to help ease the lag of the fair.

1) Phantom Buildings- The hair fair has set up with phantom buildings so don't be alarmed if you walk through walls it's ok and made this way to help reduce lag.

2) De-Prim and Wear a Low Lag outfit- DCNY has been generous enough to donate a low lag fashionable out for you to wear during the fair.

3) Photo Spots- Pose ball are setup, courtesy of Adorkable Poses around the sims which are perfect for photos.

4) Can't get in the fair because it's too full?? Use the Hair Fair Demo Group to help you get your shopping in order. You can click the in world kiosk located here, or type this: secondlife:///app/group/2e30d166-f3e5-e2de-ff72-b3da2d06ded2/about directly into the SL chat and click to join the FREE group.

5) Purchased and Item and didn't get it? Don't worry, The Hair fair has provide redelivery kiosks so your hair can be redelivered with ease.

There is a complete list of tips and ideas located on the official Hair Fair page.

Hair Fair Sims
Garden Sim
Sand Sim
Flower Sim
Water Sim

*This post is also my 52 weeks of Color challenge photo, Week 22- Cobalt, Next Color Challenge Post will be on Pistachio Green.

The Look- Fancy Hair
Hair- Gotzsche Hair- Josefa- Chocolate
Skin-Dutch Touch- Esmee- Dark Olive
Shirt- Artilleri- Carlita Top- Blue
Pose- Glitterati- Purse 2

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

52 Weeks Of Color- Week 21- Lemon Chiffon

52 Weeks Of Color- Week 21-Lemon Chiffon

This color challenge was a very hard because lemon chiffon is a color that I don't have in abundance. I really looked hard within my inventory...sorting..and sorting. I even tried to go shopping for Lemon Chiffon, but it wasn't entirely easy. I almost skipped this color all together and went on to the next color block, Cobalt. Thankfully, I found this cute bathing suit hiding deep in my inventory and It was a very close match to this posts color challenge. Luna you are a tricky devil when picking these colors.

Today's look was actually brought together by the Wooden Sand Castle earrings from Intrigue Co. These earrings are totally cute, totally mesh and sizable to fit your ear and head shape. Intrigue Co. has released these cuties as part of this month's Collab88, which is Bleached Themed. If you're on the fence on purchasing the Sandcastle earrings I suggest you try a demo pair to see if they are for you. Oh and if you're wanting a complete set to go with the earrings. Intrigue also has a matching necklace for sale to compliment the beachy look.

The Look- Sand Castle Dreams
Hair-Exile- Daniela-Marone
Skin-Dutch Touch- eSmEE-  Dark Olive
Swimsuit-The Closet- Embroidery Bikini - Sorry no longer for sale.
*Earrings-  Intrigue Co.- Sandcastle earrings- Collabor88
Sun glasses- Yummy-Karina Glasses - White
Ring-Whippet & Buck- Enough of That Ring- Cream
Beach-Poetica- Beach Bubble
Pose- Glitterati- 231