Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Aztec Princess

Aztec Princess

I was really relectuant to post this picture to my blog, but after some gently nudging from Frankie I decided to post and have fun. After all it's rare that I go through all the effort of snapping and editing a photo to not use for a blog post. 

It all started with Finesmith Designs Xenobia set that was dropped off on me. Xenobia reminded me of an Aztec piece of jewelry because the main gemstone is accented with rays very similar to a Sun's golden shine. It seemed to be a perfect piece for an Aztec princess to wear.

I had to dig real deep into my inventory to find this skin, thankfully it survived inventory cleanup. The skin and loin cloth are from a very old runway show of the 2008 hair fair. The skin is created by Minnu Palen under the MMS name, now Lelutka. To give an extra bit of ummmph I added L. Fauna's shadow edge eye makeup.

The new to me store for this week is HUZ Tattoos, where I purchased the Mystikal tatttoo. I totally love the tribal feel and detail of this tattoo. I usually only sport one tattoo on my hands, but found Huz tattoos to carry a wide range of styles. I'll be making the rounds for more pieces.

I want to point out the big pyramid behind me. I actually took this photo inside some one's shop. The Mayan Pyramid was made by Sloan Nightfire, and is a great build in my opinion.

since this was the scond post in a day I'll spare you all the LOTD detials.


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