Monday, March 18, 2019

Vacation: Star-date: 9680842

Star-date: 9680842

Day three of my vacation here at Risia. I’ve picked up that stupid statue that LT. Jones kept going on and on about. Its this small wooden totem called a Horogn. I’m not an art critic but I really don’t understand why she needs another one to add to her collection. Her quarters are littered with them.  Shrugs, who knows. LT. Jones is a strange one.

So far everyone seems really nice on this planet. I just can't seem to understand why all the men (and even some of the ladies) keep asking for bacon or Jamon...or perhaps it was jamaharon.....or jam. (thinks) I don’t know. My Spanish translation book isn’t really working well with the native language. Must be some kind of fancy breakfast they have in the mornings. Must make sure to look into the breakfast bar.

In all I’m having a swell time on my vacation. A whole new swim suit from a few local stores I visited...and the sun and sand. Right now, life is pretty peachy some might even say perfect.

Bells' Notes on Location spot in SL:
Shagwong Cove Resort is a wonderful little sim if you are looking for a vacation spot in SL. This resort type location specializes in creating an atmosphere that appeals to the luxurious pleasure of relaxation. Home to a collective number of sims for you to explore and enjoy at your own leisure, Shagwong may be exactly what you might be looking for in SL. Please don't take my word on it, but take the time to explore on your own and see the beauty and wonder of these Sims. Landmark Below.

The Look:Vacation

Musical Inspiration: Vacation

SL Location: Shagwong Cove Resort
Hair-[e] Kiki
Shirt: Blueberry - Luxe Box - Leign Bustier - Maitreya
Shorts: .BF. Emily Pastel Pink Short Maitreya
Jacket :ISON - plastic bomber jacket -maitreya- (holographic)
Sunglasses: Doe: Vacation Sunglasses
Earrings:CURELESS[+] Silver Boyfriend Earrings / Albert
Necklace: (Yummy) Unicorn Nameplate - Silver
Pose: Lovely Sweet

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Addicted to Bass

Addicted to Bass
Have you ever sat in a room full of strangers trying to keep a strait face while you have something buzzing in your ears and reverberating through out your whole body? Yea, well....that’s what it’s like today.

I can’t help it as my hips sway and move to the beat. My face erupts into a smile and sigh of relief. I am totally addicted to bass. Now, You're probably thinking BELLS!!! TMI! but let me tell you a little more....

Second Chance Sale has some goodies that I couldn't keep to myself and I had to share. In fact I was so inspired by this sale that I had to create a little video to showcase all the goodies I found.

Here is the 411 on Second Chance Sale. The Event runs from the 12th until the 28th Each month. so you still have plenty of time to head on over to this event and pick up something that sparks your attention and catches your eye.

This is a MONTHLY event so if you're someone like myself who shops at monthly events this is one to add to your calendar. The unique aspect of The Second Chance Sale event is the price point. Everything in this event is reduced in cost. Meaning you can save and stretch your lindens further. Can you say Sale Swoon. *heartbeats

Thank you Second Chance Sale for bringing these reduced sale items for us to enjoy. I can't wait to see what will emerge next month.

Please take some time to view the video I made to highlight some goodies from the event. Credits are listed at the end for your convenience.

The Look- Addicted to Bass

Musical Inspiration: Addicted to Bass, Pure Tone

Hair- LAMB, Fox, Dark Brown
*Dress-TO.KISKI - Isabella mini dress-Salmon

other goodies found at Second Chance Sale (featured in video)
Designer, Fushia
*Unicorn Coffee Cup
*Bella Desk 

Locations in Blog Recap:
*Second Chance Sale

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Silence is Golden

Silence is Golden.......Shhhhhh
If I raise my voice will someone get hurt
And if I can't feel then I won't get touched
If no truths are spoken then no lies can hide
-Silence is Golden, Garbage-

Want me to lean on really close whisper in your ear and make all the hairs on the back stand up and tell you a secret?

Now come on closer and listen...

Tess Falworth of Lovely Sweet has recently released a new set of eyes, appropriately named as Lovelle. They are sparkling and shining like stars that illuminate the night sky. Here’s the information on the eyes. They are created specifically for the Omega eye system, which work perfectly with most mesh heads. Currently my mesh head is from Catwa and I’m using the Omega eye system in combination with Lovely Sweet’s  Lovelle eyes. Lovely Sweet’s Lovelle eyes are 50L on the marketplace which quite a deal considering how beautiful they are. The hud comes complete with 4 color variations. 

Lovely Sweet, is a new store for me and I am quite happy to be working along with this designer as a blogger. So be prepared to see some posts with designs in my blog.

I’ve taken a peek at her online store and there are some cute items listed in her collection. I’m including a landmark for her main store but most of her recent items can be found at the marketplace.  It’s worth visiting if you are in the market for newness in Second Life. Lovely Sweet’s designs encompass the whole wide of fashion spectrum for you ladies. Animations, shapes, Appliers and apparel, OH MY!!!!!

Keep your peepers open for more posting soon from Lovely Sweets designs.

The Look- Silence is golden

Musical inspiration: Silence is Golden

Hair: TRUTH / Teila- Vip Collection
Hair Accessory:EarthStones Roses In Bloom Hairstick
Eyes: Lovely Sweet. Lovelle Eyes HUD [OMEGA]
Ring:Yummy-Unicorn Rings - Maitryea
Dress:Dead Dollz - Imagine Dragons - Blue

Location: Restless Times

Location in Blog Recap
Lovely Sweet Marketplace
Lovely Sweet Main store

Monday, March 11, 2019

Kiss Me

Kiss Me......
Kiss me out of the bearded barley
Nightly, beside the green, green grass
Swing, swing, swing the spinning step
You'll wear those shoes and I will wear that dress
-Kiss Me, Six Pence non the Richer-

As, Promised, I have yet another post from a goodie I found at the Whore Couture Fair. Kaithleen's has created an ethereal dress named Paula. Paula is striking in its appearance due to its nice girl appeal and reminiscent 1960s style, which I adore. It feels so ultimately feminine to dress up dainty and sparkle in this dress. Why sparkle? Well Lovelies, that is exactly what you are doing when wearing this little gem.

Recently, I've began noticing designs with something a little extra in them..movement or texture with animations. Kaithleen's Paula Dress effortlessly captures this design rarity and incorporates a shine and sparkle that can easily be the highLIGHT of your evening. (pun intended.)

I know my photo is not accurately capturing the amazing movement Kaithleen has created. I tried my hardest and I played with the wind light setting for a long time before settling on what we have above. Trust me, this dress is BEST viewed in person and under darker light. I wish I would have purchased a darker color, but pink is truly my favorite color. I'm happy with my pick and dont have a case of buyers remorse, but for blogging reasons I wish I could have captured it more in depth for you all to see.

Some other visual highlight of Kaithleen's Paula Dress are the shading of the satin finish and intricate detail along the backside of the corset. 18 loops line the back of Paula and are neatly tied into a bow. The corset comes complete with a customizable HUD. Actually, Both the sparkle dress bottom and the corset backing are customizable. There are 18 different color variations to choose from in the HUD.

Harsh criticisms?? Please don't take it as such....
I usually reserve these for my thoughts only but I decided to give a slight cautionary or additional insight for you ladies. My only irk on this design is the nipples. I'm not a fan of mesh that has been rigged to add an enhancement of nipple outline, providing a "perky" look. This dress is so classy and unique that I felt the protrusion for the nipples is just a bit too much for my taste. Ladies as always when it comes to shopping try the demo before buying. Paula is beautifully designed and I didn't let this small detail stop me from wearing, enjoying and blogging the dress, so hopefully it won't be a breaking point for you when deciding on this piece. 

(Side history of SL: Texture movement flexi style prim skirts was something I remember seeing circa 2007. Yes, I'm OLD in SL.)

The Look: Kiss Me

Musical Inspiration: Kiss Me, Six Pence Non The Richer

Hair: Truth- Kaijah- For the VIPs
Sheer Shirt Under Dress- The Secret Store - Nathalie Tutu Dress - Sheer Top Applier
Dress- Kaithleen's Paula Dress with Sparkle
Shoes-Breathe-Juniper Wedges-M.LARA-Pale Rose

Locations in Blog Recap:
The Whore Couture Fair
Kaithleen's Isle

Wednesday, March 6, 2019


"Dip a finger in me
And paste one of my words on your machine."
THC, Dip  

Ok, so I have to give a little disclaimer here, Sometimes my posts are NSFW.... so um, read and look with caution.

I visited the Whore Couture Fair earlier this week and I found a few things I couldn't pass up. What had me super excited?? was the little yellow slip of fabric wrapped around my finger.

Ainadara, of, "I heart F and Co." has managed to capture my imagination in the best way possible. I can't tell you how much I have longed for something like this in SL. I could never find what I was looking for until I visited,"The Whore Couture Fair" and her vendor spot. Thank you, Ainadara for making this girl's undies dream come true. I've wanted to express something like this for a long time. Thank you for giving me the tools I needed. 

Now, what I love about this panty pose is that it's versatile. Meaning naughty isn't the only look you could pull off with this panty pose. I had to think hard about what intention I wanted reflected in my picture today. I was on the fence on turning this as a dis, but rather, I decided to take a dip. My mind tends to go into overdrive with ideas when something really sparks the creative part of my brain.

"I Heart F and Co." set comes complete with a HUD and 12 different colors for panties.

I have a few more unmentionable goodies that I picked up from, "The Whore Couture fair," which I may or may not be posting. I'd like to retain a small amount of mystery if possible. "The Whore Couture fair" started on March 1st and will end on the 31st. So Ladies and Gents, take the taxi over to the fair and release your SL inhibitions and let your imagination run wild. 

As for the rest...well I'm shy. I always find it a little awkward to post things that are slightly explicit in nature. I'll let the picture tell the story for itself. Just use your imagination... I can't be anymore descriptive without breaking the censors..and listen to the audio below ;)

The Look- Dip

Musical Inspiration: THC, Dip

Hair-Lamb. Fox
Headphones-LISP Bazaar - Headphones- yellow
Pose/Panty- I heart F and Co. Ruby - Slip on Finger
Chaise-✿ Moss & Mink ✿, Molly Hallway Seat (PG)
*I'm not wearing much more than that.

Location- My Home, want an invite??

Landmarks in Blog, Recap
The Whore Couture Fair
I Heart F and Co.


Monday, March 4, 2019

White and Nerdy

White and Nerdy

Jeepers! I did not expect to have so much fun with The Arcade this month, but low in behold I'm posting again. Actually, I knew I would be blogging Bad Unicorn when I saw a sneak peak at the vendor on a friend's FB page. I really wanted a mini SUV. (I have a collection of mini vehicles.)

Bad Unicorn's, "Big Kid Gacha" immediately made me think..Barbie Jeep Racing! Now, I'm not sure if you have ever been privy to seeing, "Barbie Jeep Racing", but if you haven't I totally suggest you do. (it's a sport, apparently.) But enough of Bells' Ramblings lets pop the clutch and change gears slightly.

Big Kid Gacha comes complete with 17 collectible Big Kid family friendly toys. It's like all the toys you wanted as a kid but could never actually get. Racing Car Beds?! They got that! Jungle Gym?! Look no further. Have a hankering for some cookies?? Well, this is one place where you can get your hands caught IN the cookie jar. Super Cute items and totally FUN.

Now, I did end up spending quite a few lindens trying to get a Jeep. I visited the Arcade a total of three separate times in an attempt to win. One thing I can suggest when purchasing Gachas is be patient, you may have to return several times before getting what you really want. Remember kiddos, the gachas are randomly generated and the possibilities of rares to regular items are reduced. (i.e, more regular that rare possibilities.)

I had a blast taking this photo up above. For me, dressing up and accessorizing is a huge part of Second Life. I guess you would classify me into the, "Not Quite a Role Player". I love the thug life, but can't commit to it. If you happen to have a night out on the town and have room for one more jeeper in your posse give me a shout out. I'd love to be part of a street gang. Imagine it now...."They see us rolling...." well, you catch the drift.

The Look- White and Nerdy

Musical Inspiration: White and Nerdy

Hair- Magika - Hair - Olivia
Helmet-Motor-Head II Black-Red Dirty
Track Suit- Scandalize.Anna- Fluor
T-Shirt- Nylon Outfitters- Route 66 Sheer Tee - No Bra
Jeep-Bad Unicorn (Black) Baby Jeep 'Big Kids Gacha' RARE

Location: Racers Gulch, Dry Gulch

Landmarks in Blog, Recap
The Arcade
Bad Unicorn

Saturday, March 2, 2019

The Way I Am

The Way I Am
So today's post is all about channeling that inner fighter that we sometimes need. Here is my fight look from head to toe courtesy of Arcade's March Gacha Round.

Once I saw Belle Epoque's Fight Like a Girl set I knew I was in serious trouble. Can we say, "Goodbye Lindens Hello newness?" Belle Epoque's gacha comes complete with 28 random, "Fight like a Girl" goodies. All perfect for pulling out the boxer in you.

I've been trying to perfect my Boxer look for quite some time now, but I've been missing integral pieces to fully capture the persona visually. As someone who has a discerning eye for detail and quality; finding fighting items has been a challenge. The accessories I stumbled upon in the past have been subpar, so naturally, I didn't buy them. Once I saw the Belle Epoque's set I knew that someone had stepped up to create a fun and overlooked part of SL.

(The fight/wrestle subculture exists BTW in SL if you ever take the time to look.)

The Way I Am

Please take some time to take a peek at Belle Epoque's work for The Arcade. They won't disappoint you..and if you manage to get that nifty champion belt and don't want it. IM me, please. That's the one item I'm in the market for.

For Today's Music, I leave you with what I consider my fight music, Eminem. I know! Bells, your a girl and a total fem at that WHY? Eminem??

Well it all comes down to lyrics. I may not be able to express what I'm feeling or don't want to give the negative voice to the situation. (I'm very positive...and I don't react well to negativity.) But when pushed, Eminem is the voice I need to hear in order to express sentiments without me having to.

***Sorry for the image quality. I forgot to take a better resolution on the photos. Dummy me, didn't check it.***

The Look- The Way I Am
 *Musical Inspiration: The Way I Am

Hair- Foxy - Regan- Pastal
Skin- Glam Affair - Gio Applier -Catwa- India
Makeup- Glam Affair - Glenny Applier - Make-Ups
Headgear- Belle Epoque { Fight Like a Girl } Helmet Grey
Necklace- Yummy- Boxing Gloves Charm - Silver
Gloves- Belle Epoque { Fight Like a Girl } Gloves Red
Top- Belle Epoque { Fight Like a Girl } Top Red
Shorts-Belle Epoque { Fight Like a Girl } Shorts Black
Water off Body- Izzie's - Wet Body & Face
Leg Wraps-Fri. - Aisling.Wraps (Cloud) - Maitreya High

*Photo Location-Alpha Gym

***Landmarks in blog, Recap**
The Arcade
Belle Epoque Store Location