Thursday, August 20, 2020

I'm Finding Out True Love is Blind

 I'm Finding Out True Love is Blind
"I want miss little smart girl with your glasses and all your books 
(I'm finding out true love is blind) 
And i want the stupid girl who gives me all those dirty looks
-I'm finding out True Love is Blind, Louis XIV-Pink

 Musical Inspiration- I'm finding out true love is Blind

The Look- I'm Finding Out True Love is Blind
Hair/Hat-Spellbound- Dreamy Fox - Large // Fatpack
Necklace- Abrasive-Servant Collar - PET
**Nails-LIVIA::Zarina [v1] Bento Nails (Maitreya)

**Second Life Event

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Love Potion Number 9

Love Potion Number 9
I took my troubles down to Madame Ruth 
You know that gypsy with the gold-capped tooth 
She's got a pad down on Thirty-Fourth and Vine 
Selling little bottles of love potion number nine 

Musical Inspiration-Love Potion Number 9

The Look-Love Potion Number 9
Hair- Magika-Sorcery
**Outfit-1 Hundred. Summer School. Grey-Second Chance Event

**Second Chance Event

Sunday, July 26, 2020

You Are in Love, with 38!

you are in love 
You can hear it in the silence, silence, you 
You can feel it on the way home, way home, you 
You can see it with the lights out, lights out 
You are in love, true love 

I just turned 38. Happy Birthday to me. 

The Look- You Are in Love, with 38!
Musical Inspiration- You Are in Love, Taylor Swift
Location and Outfit from Dead Doll Main Store

banana pose ;)

Saturday, July 18, 2020


I have a dream 
I hope it will come true 
That you're here with me 
And I am here with you 
I wish that the earth, sea, and the sky up above 
Will send me someone to lava

The Look- Lava
Hair-TRUTH -Char
Flower- LODE Head Accessory - Ann Single Lily [tiger]

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Habits (Stay High)

Habits (Stay High)
Staying in my play pretend
Where the fun ain't got no end
-Habits (Stay High)

The Look- Habits (Stay High)
Musical Inspiration: Habits (Stay High) Tove Lo

Hair-- Lamb. Lilac (L)-Saturday Sale
**Top- Prairie - Molly Top -Second Chance Event
**Jacket-[LeiMotiv] Naomi Open Jacket -Second Chance Event
Skirt-Tee*fy Madison Skirt -  Leapard
Pose- oOo Alexis water bottle
**Fireflies- Persefona Magic Fireflies 2
Background set- SAYO Sin - Manic Reverie - Fluid Suspension RARE

** Second Chance Event, July Round

Monday, June 22, 2020

Til it Happens to You

Til it happens to you
 You tell me it gets better, it gets better in time
You say I'll pull myself together, pull it together
You'll be fine
Tell me what the hell do you know
What do you know
-Lady Gaga, Til it happens to you

I hope you never have to find out what it feels like. That's all I'm trying to do, be heard and protect you from having to experience what has been done to me without my permission. I am a victim and I want to be a survivor.

The Look- Til it Happens to you

Hair-TRUTH - Reyane
Bathing suit-Addams // Lupe Disco Body // Maitreya
Shoes- Friday - Turadh Wraps (Cloud) - Maitreya

Glowing Balls- Half-Deer- Great Glowing Ball of Light - Purple

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Stuck for the Summer

Stuck for the Summer
"Nobody wants to get stuck for the summer
Started with one, we ended with another
Scratch your name in my side
It's all about making good time"
-Stuck for the Summer, Two Hours Traffic

Musical Inspiration: Stuck for the Summer

The Look- Stuck for the Summer
Hair-Maitreya Siobhan (Mesh) * Browns Dark

**Second Chance Event.