Thursday, October 17, 2019

Mask of the Red Death


"No pestilence had ever been so fatal, or so hideous. Blood was its Avatar and its seal --the redness and the horror of blood. There were sharp pains, and sudden dizziness, and then profuse bleeding at the pores, with dissolution. The scarlet stains upon the body and especially upon the face of the victim, were the pest ban which shut him out from the aid and from the sympathy of his fellow-men."

Mask of the Red Death
Hair- TRUTH-Yuko
Mask-Zenith=masquerade (Red Mix)
***Dress-Guguvaga Fashion-Harmony Witch Gown Black

***Second Chance Event

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Change Your Mind

Change Your MindYeah yeah ......I bet you haven't heard a word I've said
Yeah yeah..........If you've had enough of all your tryin'
Just give up...............The state of mind you're in
-Sister Hazel, Change your Mind

Smoking for me was something I wanted to quit for a long time. I did that whole, I’m going to quit then like clockwork I would start back up again after a few weeks. Something would trigger the smoking again. Stress, Peer Pressure, not enough will power the quitting never really sunk in. I really didn't like smoking. I hated the smell, the constant worry about my breath, not to mention the added risk factor. Quitting was just so hard. Something I had to change.

I quit smoking almost 4 years ago, on my 9th Rezz day. I really wanted to say, my 10 Rezz day I accomplished so much and I had SL to Thank for it. For me, my 10th Rezz day meant One Year of no smoking. I woke up Happy with pride for what I accomplished and excitement for the day. (I took a photo.)

I can admit there are days when I do have the URGE to smoke, but then I remind myself of all the reasons why I quit. One cigarette can mean starting this whole timeline over again. The American Cancer society's has a wonderful timeline listed of all the benefits of quitting smoking. This timeline has been one of the Biggest motivators in quitting.

My milestone of 5 years is approaching next year which means that after 5 years of not smoking tobacco products my chances of developing certain cancers reduces and in some cases falls to the same level of a person who never smoked before. For me, this is huge! I'm at risk for developing cancer myself.

That's the big reason why I don't engage in the behavior. Smoking is just one more thing that can compound or increase my chances of developing cancer; and Cancer, is something that is in my family’s medical history.  I am quite frightened about my chances of developing cervical cancer specifically. I have some things in my own medical history which puts me at higher risk to develop cervical cancer. Smoking only adds more fuel to the fire. There are some complications right now I don't have access to medical treatment and privacy to properly get help. (cross your fingers for me that things change for me soon.)

If you are someone who uses tobacco products please consider stopping or never starting smoking. it's not just a nasty habit, but its one that has serious health negatives...and yes, vaping counts. (Sorry) As I've become older I know my stance on smoking has changed severely. I don't want it near me and I will lecture you if you smoke in my vicinity. After all, we're talking about the health and safety of people you are placing your second hand on. Your right to smoke does not interject with my right and decision not to. They are not mutually exclusive.

Today's outfit is brought to you by Two designers who are participating in the Out Shop Cancer Event, Rebellious Rose and xSnitchery.

I found both these designs wonderful and light enough to bring a sense of humor to the smoking aspect of fighting cancer. The Hope for Lung Cancer shirt is one that I think places a serious question or statement around smoking. If you smoke then are you not hoping for lung cancer? Knowing the risks and participating in the behavior isn’t a smart choice.  xSnitchery has several anti or fight cancer statements available at the store kiosks. 

Please take some time to visit these shops, toss some lindens into the kiosks you see and help make a difference. You never know whose life you could be impacting through your contribution and efforts.

Source Information on, "What Happens when you Quit Smoking."  
Musical Inspiration: Sister Hazel, Change your Mind

The Look- Change Your Mind
Hair- Pr!tty - Dakota - [Updo] - [Grayscales]
Skin- Glam Affair - Mineko - Catwa Applier 003 - 10 (Arcade Halloween)
**Shirt- xSnitchery, Cancer Slogan Tee
**Pants- Rebellious Rose ~ Daphne  PJ Bottoms
Pose- flowey. breathe out, Bad Habit Set, Cig Included


Saturday, October 12, 2019

Hey Pretty

Hey Pretty!

"I see a stairway so I follow it down
Into the belly of a whale where my secrets echo all around."
Hey Pretty- POE

Ships! Ahoy! Anchors Away!
I became transfixed by, BamPu Legacies hat, Poe Reflection Floral Hat. As soon as I saw it I was like, "Hey Pretty." not so much wick of Oz style but more Poe style, like quote the Raven; Nevermore.

BamPu Legacies Hat is just that, it's an Edgar Allen Poe inspired design that is sure to make you sail the seven seas of Second Life Fashion! The hat has everything! Seaweed, dolphins, sails beautiful flowers and a quote and photo of Edgar Allen Poe. To me, its romantic in nature and reminiscent of a Victorian lady's hat

BamPu Legacies is one of the designers that is participating in This month's Out Shop Cancer Event. 50% of the proceeds from this hat will be split between the event and the Store designer.

You can find out more about SL's Outshop Cancer event by taking the link.

The Look- Hey Pretty
Musical Inspiration: Hey Pretty
Hat- Poe's Reflection Floral Hat
***Out Shop Cancer 2019 Store

Friday, October 4, 2019

Little Acorns

Little Acrons
When problems overwhelm us and sadness smothers us, 
where do we find the will and the courage to continue? 
Well the answer may come in the caring voice of a friend, 
a chance encounter with a book, or from a personal faith.

Holy Smokes! it's October which means its time for my favorite time of year, Fall. Since this month is also the birth of Halloween and Breast Cancer Awareness I've decided to try my best to highlight the designers I'm working with in a for the Out Shop Cancer Event in a "spooky" way.

Today's look is centered around this stunning red dress from, Allure Couture. I had the great pleasure of running into ReneBroux, this week at the launch of the Out Shop Cancer event. She's extremely nice and her items that she are donating for this worthy cause are beautiful, a work of art in my humble opinion. She has made sure to place her kiosks right outside her shop so it's very easy to find the items she has donated. Allure Couture will be donating all proceeds from 7 designs: Alexis Bolero Dress in Red, (shown above) Caitlin Gown in Lilac and Slone Mini Skirt in Rose all all designed for ladies. The two other designs she has brought to the table are specifically designed for men and Match the ladies outfits. If you're interested in becoming a Twinkie with your significant otter then this store might be for you. Men can purchase the Jaxx Blazer Outfit in Red and the Perce Turtleneck Outfit in Purple both look fetching.

Rene also has TWO exclusive items for men and women. These goodies are specifically for the Out Shop Cancer event, which means LIMITED EDITION goodies. If you want to purchase something that is rare and wont be worn by many then these items are for you. The Jill Jeans Outfit and the Jack Jeans Outfit are a winning wonder twin power couple outfit, but please don't just take my word for it. Take the LM and head on over to Allure Couture to get your own version of the designs.

Thank you Rene for your impeccable taste, generous heart and designs.


The Look- Little Acrons
Dress- Allure Couture, Alexis Bolero Red-Maitreya
***Out Shop Cancer 2019 Store

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Fight Song

Fight Song
And all those things I didn't say
Wrecking balls inside my brain
I will scream them loud tonight
Can you hear my voice this time?
Strong definition: adjective,
1. having the power to move heavy weights or perform other physically demanding tasks.
2. possessing skills and qualities that create a likelihood of success
3. very intense.

Weak definition: adjective, 
1. lacking the power to perform physically demanding tasks; lacking physical strength and energy.
2. liable to break or give way under pressure; easily damaged. 

In 2007 the matriarch of our family was diagnosed with Stage 3 Cancer, Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. My grandmother, Bea had medical issues that were already debilitating to her health and receiving a cancer diagnosis on top of her ailments was a blow that we were not prepared to handle as a family.

It is a period of time that is marked with sadness, doctor visits and worry. Sleepless nights of anxiety, tears behind closed doors and agitations flew among my family. It was incredibly stressful. We all tried to appear STRONG in front of my grandmother, but the toll of the diagnosis was felt by everyone who helped provide care, love and support for her.

I witnessed the most influential women in my family undergo medical treatments that left her weak but in reality she was doing something so incredibly strong. She was fighting for her life. During this period of time I moved into her home to help provide care for her. That was a promise I made to her as a child, because she took care of me, during my formative years. In the eyes of a child, she was my Mother. We had a very special bond that I've never been able to duplicate with anyone else.

I suppose that's why I do the little things I do to support Second Life and RFL or events that support cancer research and awareness. My life has been impacted negatively by cancer which is why I choose to support events like the one I'm blogging next month. I've spoken in the past about how meaningful and important our, "little" world is in the fight against Cancer, so discussing this topic is something I'm comfortable expressing. (I'm attaching my posts below, in case you want to read a little more.)

Outshop Cancer, Blogger

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer: The American Cancer Society's Out Shop Cancer in Second Life, is an event marked to help support Breast Cancer Awareness. The intention of the event is to help raise awareness of Breast Cancer, promote early detection and raise lindens or monetary cash for a worthy cause.

This year, I'm proudly providing my support by blogging the event. During the month of October from October 1-31st, Making Strides will showcase an event for a grid wide shopping event! How cool is that?! What does that really mean? means that rather than visiting one dedicated Sim there will be multiple stores who have dedicated a portion of their store solely for the American Cancer Society. Thank you to the designers who are participating in this event.   

I plan on highlighting as many goodies as I can during the month of October. For me, this subject is VERY personal. Cancer and early detection is something I feel so strongly about. I feel its something that needs to be dealt with in PRIVATE, with the support of family and friends. (if you're lucky enough to have them.) It's scary to be staring cancer in the face. It's a FIGHT that you can't escape and ultimately one you have to fight alone. I continue to fight in my own way every time I see a RFL kiosk and toss lindens or support a designer who has proceeds who benefit the American Cancer Society, or even when I attend an event where a musician has donated their time to support this cause.

I fight because I care. I fight because this is my life and I can.

Be on the lookout for some upcoming posts about this event. There are so many goodies I'm unboxing. I can't wait to share them with you. For today's post I'm showing off a sweatshirt from Sparkettes, Fighter Sweatshirt. There are 4 support cancer fighting messages you can choose to wear. I'm wearing my favorite out of the bunch,  "I will fight till there is a cure." You can pick up your very own sweatshirt starting October 1, 2019.

For more information on Making Strides please see the links below:
Making Strides Second Life, Main Site
Making Strides, Out Shop Cancer Event
Making Strides Second Life, Facebook Page
Making Strides, Blogger Roll Call

Bells' Previous Blog Posts about Cancer, RFL and Awareness
2007-Over My Head
2008-Stand By Me
2011, A time to Remember
2012, Wear Grey for a day
2015, Stand a Survivor Exhibit

The Look- Fight Song
Musical Inspiration: Fight Song
Hair- Stealthic - Sultry -Misc- Collab88 (September)
***Shirt- Sparkettes - Fitmesh Fighter Sweatshirt (Available 10/01-10/31 2019)  
Necklace-Yummy- Boxing Gloves Charm - Silver
Glasses- Mon Tissu- Favorite Readers ~ Black

***EVENT GOODIES, Exclusive to Out Shop Cancer 2019, Available 10/01/2019

Friday, September 20, 2019


 "We watch the season pull up its own stage
And catch the last weekend of the last week
Before the gold and the glimmer have been replaced
Another sun soaked season fades away........"
Stolen- Dashboard Confessional

The Look- Stolen
Hair- Magika - Jupiter Crash
Hair Piece, Flowers- Zenith=just flowers (Milk)
***Dress- Les sucreries de Fairy-Adelaide * Brown dress 4

*So many Butterflies, cause you make me feel them. 
Butterflies-Wasabi // Butterflies headpiece - FaMESHed Gift (2018)
Butterflies-Wasabi // Butterflies swarm (for photos) - FaMESHed Gift (2018)
Butterflies-Flutter- Butterflies on hand Lullaby .::Cubic Cherry::.
Moths- Disorderly-Dusty Ideas-Extra- Moths 1 and 2
***Second Chance Event, Sale is winding down, Hurry only 10 more shopping days left.


Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Knights of Cydonia

Knights Of Cydoniaf
"And how can we win,
When fools can be kings
Don't waste your time
Or time will waste you."
-Knights of Cydonia, Muse

Sometimes all it takes is one little spark to ignite the combustible fuse of imagination. Today, I found that spark with TO. Kishki's Ella Dress. As soon as I say it I thought....Oh,there you are. I really couldn't resist buying it for this look specifically. It's a warrior goddess type dress like one that you would think an Athena would wear. TO. Kishki's design is available in 12 different colors so if you do decide to purchase this dress there are several options to suit your styling needs. Each dress is individually priced at 99L or if you desire a fat pack you can buy the whole lot for 445L.

Knights Of Cydonia

The Look- Knights Of Cydonia
Musical Inspiration: Knights of Cydonia, Muse
Hair-TRUTH Euphoria
Wings-BOOM- Aranel's Wings (v2) sugar
Headpiece-Glam Affair - Valkyria Sunlight
***Dress-TO.KISKI - Ella Dress  Gold & White (Add) (unpacked)
Shoes- PHEDORA / Athena ( Maitreya Lara ) ROSE GOLD

***Second Chance Event- 50%Off until-30th of this month.