Sunday, April 28, 2013

Fat Bottom Girl

"Fat bottomed girls you make the rockin' world go round"- Queen

The Look- Fat Bottom Girl
Hair-Truth- Sassy 2- browns
Skin- Essences - Taurus 03-brown
Outfit- Apparel Hideaway- Wildflower Ivonna Kiss Bodysuit
Shoes- Hucci- Choose Love Pump- Electric Sugar
Earrings- Eclectica-'Solaria' earring in Turquoise&Silver-left
Bathroom Fixtures- Artilleri - Stanfield bathroom- Pink
Pose- Bang!-Stand 340

Friday, April 12, 2013

All wrapped up in a bow

Today, I'm taking some time to enjoy the release of PXL Creation's Collab88 Skin line, Jade. Jade is available with four different makeup options: Berry, Cherry (Shown above), Crush or Lime.  Jade is a wonderful addition to your Spring or even Summer look book. Jade is an exclusive preview skin available for Collab88 only. This skin will be available until the end of April's Collab88 round, (May 7, 2013). 

There is also two more days left until, The Pose Fair 2013 ends.  I am using's pose set, Sweet and Sour. Make sure you stop on by to The Pose Fair 2013 before it ends if you haven't already visited. 

The Look- All Wrapped up in a Bow
Hair- Wasabi Pills- Brigitte Mesh Hair-  Browns Pack
Skin- PXL Creations- Jade- Natural- Cherry Makeup- C88
Bow- Boom- Precious Bow Choker- Dandelion
Corset- Ingenue- Ninon- Citrine
Pose- Sweet and Sour Pose- The Pose Fair 2013

Friday, April 5, 2013

First Date


Our first real date wasn't as picturesque as this photo, but it did involve the rain and the city.

Frankie and I got caught in a thunderstorm without an umbrella and became completely soaked from head to toe. In order to escape from the rain we rushed into the nearest restaurant. We sat and talked shared a coke and really connected.  Ever since that moment the rain has become a special symbol to us because it reminds us of the first moment we shared together and when we first started out as a couple in Real Life.

When I saw Exposeur, released a set of rain themed poses for The Pose Fair 2013, I quickly picked up this pose titled, "Here comes the Rain Again". HANDvrk teamed up with Exposeur, to create beautiful spring colored umbrellas that compliment any rain poses.

There is still over a week to attend the pose fair of 2013. Make sure you stop on in and pick up a pose or two.

The Look-First Date
On Bells
Hair- Elikatira- Me- Brown
Skin- PXL Creations- Jade- Crush Makeup {upcoming C88 Edition}
Dress-Tee*fy - Adelaide  Romper Dress- Beige
On Frankie
Hair- Truth- Mark - mocha
Skin- Belleza- Mathieu
Sweater- Redgrave-Loose Knit-Shirt - Grey
Pants- Zaara- 4 Classic Jeans *moss*
Umbrella HANDverk-April Showers Parasol
Pose- Exposeur- Here Comes The Rain Again

Wednesday, April 3, 2013



"When you forgive, you in no way change the past - but you sure do change the future."
Bernard Meltzer

In my last blog post I talked a bit about how pose designers help bring emotion into our Second Life. Emotions are not always happy and there are times when sorrow, anger or even forgiveness needs to be shown. Today's pose is from [RNP] Animations, which designed a set of argumentative poses for couples for the Pose Fair 2013. This unique set of poses will be available for the duration of the The Pose Fair 2013.  

The thing that caught my eye about Couple #54 is that it's not a pose, but an animation with movement. My interpretation of this pose is a couple asking one another for forgiveness after a fight.  This tender moment shows the love and devotion between a couple and it is not often shared or expressed in Second Life. 

*All LM to [RNP] Animations are for the pose fair location. 
The Look- Forgiveness
Hair- Clawtooth- Victim of Love- Captivating Brunettes Pack
Shirt- Glam Affair- Perla Sweater- Azul
Boots- Surf Couture- Olea Boots
Pose- [RNP] Animations-Couple #54

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Here's Looking at You.

Here's looking at You....

The Pose fair of 2013 is now officially open and I am so excited to share with you some of the goodies I picked up. To me, the pose fair is such an important event because it highlights the wonderful creators who give us the gift of movement. Their creations help us express the full range of emotion.

The Pose fair of 2013 will be open until April 14, 2013. There are so many designers at the fair I found myself head over feet in awe looking at every store. In today's post I am highlighting a pose from Grafica, a store I discovered at the pose fair. Grafica brings fashionable male and female poses to your Second Life.

Scylla, is one of Grafica's newest pose set available for the pose fair. (each designer of the pose fair has new items available for this special event.) The entire Scylla pose set contains ten different poses all with the inclusion of mirrored sets. I picked the Scylla set for today's post because it provides the flexibility to explore different points of views.

The Posefair Official Website

The Look- Here's looking at you
Hair- Exile- Nomi- Sunset
Skin- Izzie'sVIP Group Gift Feb 2013- Harlow Skin- Pale Ginger
Lace Mask- Belleza- Lace Mask
Flower- LaGyo- Lily Head Pin
Pearl Set- Yummy- Michelle Pearl Set
Dress- Indrya Originals Mesh- Daisha Gown- Lush Petal- Shimmer! - Global Domination Prize 
Pose- Grafica Pose- Scylla- Pose 3 - Pose Fair 2013

Saturday, March 23, 2013

MaRam Aries

MaRam Aries

I'm having a bit of fun with today's look MaRam Aries. I visited the Zodiac Event and picked up some really cute items for today's post.

First off, The cute Sheepies from Adore and Abhor are my absolute favorite out of the collection. The Sheepies are available as a Gacha, each play will cost 50L but they are totally worth it.

Next, I stalked over to Boom's area and picked up a set of "I am Aries" ram horns. I decided upon Gold, however, there are many several color options for you to choose from. The, "I am Aries" set a unisex design and is available with three options, 1) horns alone 2) mask 3) horns and mask.

Sitting pretty right next to Boom's sale kiosk is !Bang poses. I picked up the overcome pose series for today's post. There are two pose sets available optimistic and overcome for your buying pleasure.

I'm definitely not  finished with my Zodiac shopping, but I had to put together this look and showcase these cute items first.

Not to make fun of myself or anything, but while working on this blog post I had a bit of a flash back to the Power Rangers. I think my look resembles the Villain, Rita. ha ha ha ha

Items are available at The Zodiac

The Look -MaRam Aries
Hair-Curio Obscura- Stack-able Hairstyle Elegance
Sheep Avatar-Double Paradox Yum Yum- Shy Sheep-2009 Choice Prize
Dress- Paper Couture- Sequin Finch
Golden Horns-Boom-I am Aries- Golden
Sheep-Adore and Abhor- Sheepies- Cotton Candy, Strawberry and Mint
Pose- !Bang- Overcome Pose Set

*LM in Credits are to Main Store Locations
to get the items in today's post please Visit The Zodiac

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Orange you Happy for Spring?

Orange you Happy for Spring?

“And like flowers in the fields, that make wonderful views, when we stand side-by-side in our wonderful hues.."- unknown

We had one of our first spring days of the year in Italy. To celebrate I decided to dress up in Orange from head to toe. Sadly, dipping into my inventory meant some of the items I am wearing are no longer available. Either because they are older discontinued items, or the shop is no longer available in world. Nevertheless, I am still a fan of these designers and feel that their creations needed a day in the sun.

The Look- Orange you Happy for Spring?
Hair- Shag- Pretty Please- Vodka
Skin- Exodi- Sylvan- Cachet- (Store location no longer in SL)
Dress- Ingenue- Enid- Puff - (Modified Orange)
Glasses-Paper Couture- Carved Flower Cat Eye Glasses- Older collection
Necklace- Yummy- Secret Garden Locket