Thursday, January 27, 2011

52 Weeks of Color- Week 12- Taupe


I almost let this challenge slip past me this week but I've been going so strong with Luna's 52 Weeks of Color Challenge I simply can't give up. This week's color is Taupe. my first thought, "What the heck is Taupe?" Thankfully, my good friend google was able to answer the question and I was in quick pursuit to find the color. When I do a color challenge I first try to use items I already own and are located deep within the crevices of my inventory. This outfit was found under my "costume folder" and was one I had for a long time. I've never worn it, but always wanted to experiment with using it in a photo.

I'm wearing YIPs baby snowtiger outfit, this complete goodie was a freebie. Yep, a FREEBIE. It was located in the now closed Gnubie store, but don't worry you can still pick up a copy of your own at her store. Four Yip, is a talented Artist, if you don't believe me check out her flicker stream. She even has her own store where you can purchase her items for RL enjoyment. I'm really a big fan of her art and currently have one of her photos as a screen saver for my computer and I phone.

Next week's color challenge is Emerald, which I think will be a bit easier to find, I hope. :D

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