Monday, January 17, 2011

Frida Style

frida style2

One artist I've always admired is Frida Kahlo. I can remember my mother first introducing my sister and I to her art at a young age. She thought it was important for us to see strong Hispanic women in non traditionals roles. Perhaps, to help us realize that we didn't need to feel that we had to confirm or compromise ourselves.  Recently I find myself thinking a lot of my mother's life lessons and turning more to Frida's art for inspiration. I left behind a couple of prints in America of both Frida and Diego's (Her Husbands) art. I'm a fan of both, and miss the comfort I felt from having them in my home.

It's only now as I've grown older that I've truly learned to appreciate the beauty of Frida's life and how much influence she carried as a strong Hispanic role model. I admire that she didn't follow the trends in fashion and rather choose to showcase her Mexican heritage by wearing clothing in bright hues, long skirts and eclectic jewelry. She's become a bohemian fashion icon because of her unique style.  Today I'm doing my humble SL version of Frida's style. 

frida style

The Look- Frida Style
Hair-Boon-KED937-Hair Black
Skin-Dutch Touch-eefje-Carmel-Starters Pack
Earrings-Paper Couture- Deer Flower Earring
Jacket-The Secret Store-Les Bleuets-Brick
Dress Shirt-W&B- Bonita Eyelet Dress
Dress Skirt-W&B- Lismore Drop- Waisted Maxi White
Shoes-Surf Couture-Shoelace Sandals-White
Location-Barnesworth Anubis Homes

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