Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Little Country Fall

Depending on where you live in the world you're probably already feeling the winter chill already. I wanted to get one more Fall look in before I gave in to the Arctic like conditions that are approaching. (Ok,perhaps that's an bit overreacting.) This look was completed with a country fall look in mind. I deeply miss Texas so I suppose I'm channeling a small part of that in this post.

WoE recently released a new dress the Nomi Jean Dress and it's so completely sexy. Dick Wiesel, creator of WoE really knows how to make prims work for this dress. My favorite prim is the Nomi Leather Belt. This belt is beautifully scuplted and rustic perfect of adding the extra flair to the Nomi Twain Dress. The new release is available in eight diffrent colors, Steel, Oil, Midnight, Dusk, Oxide, Mud, Frost, Clay. The Nomi Twain Dress is multicolored and is available in 4 colors, Dusk, Midnight, Oxide, Frost. The Nomi Leather Belt is available in every dress. Each dress runs for 300L while fat packs are 2900L.

SL Market Place

The Look- A little Country Fall
Skin-Fashionably Dead- Bird Skin-Slasher 6
*Dress- Dick Wiesel-WoE-Nomi Twain Jean Dress- Oxide
Sweater-Kyoot-Flimsy Plungie Blouse- Sheer Lace- 50L friday
Leggings- Fishy Strawberry- Woolen Tights- Brown Stripe

Scarf-Theosophy-Auldeam Scarf- Copper- Season's Hunt 2010
Shoes-Bax Boots- Prestige Boots Brown Leather
Hat&Wheat-Surf Couture- Chewing Wheat and Straw Cowboy Hat- Skipping Stones Hunt 2009

*Blogger Review Item

Monday, November 29, 2010

52-Weeks of Color-Plum-Week 4

"you smell like...........sweet red plums and grilled cheese sandwiches."  -The Wedding Planner

This week's color is Plum. for more details on the color challenge please visit Luna's Blog.

Once I bite down on a plum and the juice hits my mouth a smile develops across my face. Its sweet nectar is such a treat and I'm in heaven with every bite. For this weeks challenge I wanted to give a look that was sweet, full of vibrant color and played off the color of this delicious fruit's color.

I tried something different for this weeks challenge I played up the wind-light settings to give a slight tint the sky. I also found a lovely Sim to visit for this photo. I hope to use the location for more photos in the future because it was so breathtakingly beautiful. 

The Look- Sweet Plum
*Hair-Lamb!-Whoop Dee Doo- Lavender
*Skin-Tuli-Claire-Brunette-(Skin Addicts Exclusive Purchase) *Skin Sale until Nov 30th
enhancements* Boost Cleavage, Grape Lips
*Mouth Attachment- PXL-Mouth Open add on
*Dress-Paper Couture-Lush Dress
*Undershirt-Armidi-Satin Mini Dress-Violet 1
*Eyes-Tuli-Gem Eyes-Amethyst-Freebie
*Necklace-Yummy-Heart Window Necklace
*Ring-Paper Couture- Golden Wings Rings
*Pose-StoRin-Annah Whitfield-Something Cute Set
*Veil-5th and Oxford-Little Miss Veil-Purple
Wind light Setting- Euphoria Plum Sunset-Modified
Location-The Gate

Monday, November 22, 2010

Something in My Teeth?

Bells Profile

When Hart Larson announced he was releasing his "Open Mouth Add on" I did the dance of joy in his plurk time line. After all, I've been looking for a good open mouth for quite some time. Unlike some of the other teeth I have seen in SL, these new teeth don't resemble a rodent's chompers and actually create spacing for the corners of your mouth. Upon further inspection you can notice a bottom layer of teeth. The main reason I love love Hart's open mouth, It's a prim. Which makes editing so much easier than a skin or tattoo layer which is transfixed on a portion of the mouth and is heavily dependent on your mouth shape for proper setting. Freaking Genius. In all these are a total WIN and a great addition to any skin. At only 100L it's a deal you can't pass up.

Some other goodies I've acquired along the way have been a fat pack of skins from Dutch Touch. I finally treated myself to a new skin collection. I feel ohh so spoiled and pretty in SjOrS. I tried on several of Iki Irkarus skin lines until I made the purchase and I am 100% satisfied. For the low price of 3 skins I was able to get 6 in the fatpack which makes me LOVE Dutch Touch even more, the Bang for your Lindens.

I also made a little shopping trip to Hucci and pick up this White dress. As much as I tried I couldn't muster the courage to wear it alone so I layered. :D

The Look- Something In my Teeth? 
Hair- Clawtooth-Could I resist?-Girl Next Door
Skin-Dutch Touch Iki Irkarus-SjOrs-Caramel-Basic
Undershirt-Luxuria-Caer-Off White
Dress-Hucci-Ivana Dress-White
Pants-Sn@tch- Classic Trouser- Black
Shoes-Maitreya Gold-Shanti Black
Mouth-PXL-Hart Larson-Mouth Open
Pose-Diesel Works- Odyssey Set

Saturday, November 20, 2010

52-weeks of Color-Goldenrod- Week 3


This week's color challenge from Luna Jubilee is Goldenrod.

Goldenrod as you may or may not know is a flower. It's a deep hue of yellow and has been used for medicinal purposes as a natural cure. This lovely flower, is usually at it's height of popularity during the late summer months of August and September. During this time you are more likely to see the countryside lined with a sea of golden yellow.

When I tried to pull this look together I admit to running into a bit of trouble. Most of the items I found were best suited for summer also some were a bit too bright. I almost said "I'll just skip this post" and was so close to throwing in the towel and giving up. Thankfully I didn't.

The top I managed to find at Tyranny Designs. It was the only item purchased specifically for this look. It was also the main starting point for the look. Everything was spring boarded from this uber cute vest. The rest of the items were all apart of my inventory. I did a search for yellow and gold and pulled apart outfits until I found a skirt from Church of Lux. Finally, I wanted a fall look and added Sn@tch's Precious Cargo Sweater. With my outfit in place I turned to accessories adding hints of gold in earmuffs, a necklace and golden shoes.

I tried to do something a bit different this week and used some props in this photo, rather than posting a standard background shot. The wall and floor textures are from Distressed Textures. The rest of the furniture is from The Loft.

The Look- Goldenrod Lady
Hair-Clawtooth- Could I resist?- Classic Brunette
Skin- Dutch Touch-SjOrS-Caramel-Lucious
Vest-Tyranny Designs-Millers Wife-Posie
Sweater- Sn@tch-Precious cargo Sweater- White
Skirt-Church Of Lux- Elsa-Lemon
Shoes-SL Link-Sydney Gold Edition Over knee boot
Earmuff-Artilleri- Knit earmuffs-Yellow
Necklace-Glow-Studio Female Necklace-The Dressing Room Gift
Chair-The Loft - Bryn Armchair Yellow- 50L friday
Textures-Distressed Textures
Furniture- The Loft
Pose-Diesel Works- Odyssey Set

Friday, November 19, 2010



I've been doing the For the Love of hunt and along my way I found an unexpected surprise, This Window set up. I couldn't resist I just had to stop and take a photo.

The Look- Unexpected
Hair- Shag- Pictures of You
Skin-Dutch Touch-SjORS-Caramel-Lucious
Necklace-Finesmith Designs- Touch the Stars
Dress- Zaara- Hansika- Gold
Location-Medley- Location number 34 on the For the Love of Hunt
Pose- !Bang- Oh Okay 3

Thursday, November 18, 2010

4 years in SL- Oh it's my Rezz day

rezzday, I'm 4

I can't believe I made it this far, Four whole years in Second Life. I've been looking back and realizing all the changes that have taken pace. How my SL merged into my RL and how incredibly thankful I am to have stumbled into this world. What started out as just something to just pass time became a new beginning for me, in some small way a rebirth.

SL has been the one constant thing in my life during the last four years. So many changes have taken place. I've lost loved ones, moved cities and countries, changed jobs and even married. It's been that special place in my life. The sense of familiarity of a home, knowing there are friends to speak to and that I can always attempt to learn something new to keep myself occupied. The friends I've made in SL have been the glue that held me together when my world crumbled around me. Thank you for that, you don't know what you mean to me.

Somethings I've learned along the way....
Apperances are decieving, take the time to talk to people, it may lead to unexpected friendships.
Don't believe everything you're told. People often lie. Make your own judgments
Some of the best people you could ever meet can happen during unpleasant situations.
Always try to do your best and reach for the stars.
Learn something new and be open to criticism, we all have to start somewhere.
Keep your friends close to your heart. Ignore the ramblings of the negative.
Above all else BELIEVE in yourself. 

Bells Semyorka

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

52-weeks of Color-Blue- Week 2

Blue- 52 Weeks of Color Challenge
So here we are at week two of the 52 week color challenge. This weeks challenge Blue. Now if you asked me at the age of 8 what my favorite color was I have immediately answered, Blue. While most girls wore pink and had items in their room lined in the color, I was the one in blue. I have to say that blue is still a color that I am quite fond of but it's not my favorite anymore. That color will have to wait for another post.

The Look- Blue without you.
*Skin-Exodi-Dael Nuit-7
Shirt-Artilleri-Carlita top-Blue
*Pants-Sn@tch-Community College Capris
Jacket-Friday-Tourist Jacket- Navy
Socks-Robin-Bella Socks-Silent Sparrow
Shoes-Friday-Basic Pump- Navy

*Blogger Item

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fit to be Tied

Fit To Be Tied

Bells Boutique has released a new outfit "Fit to be Tied" which is a Corset/Bodysuit. "Fit to Be Tied" is released in 8 vibrant colors. Each lingerie set is 75L and the Skittles Pack (fat pack) is 450L.  Included is an optional prim skirt and necklace.

Reflecting on Bells Boutique-
A long time ago before I started blogging I used to make clothing in Second Life. It was something that interested me when I was a new resident. I wanted to learn so badly, so I attended classes at NCI. The first class I took taught me how to upload a texture and then edit in SL Appearance to make shirts, skirts, pants. Ect. My first designs were ugly, crude, the word primitive definitely comes to mind when I think about early works.

My little store grew and I learned new techniques and skills. I started with Gimp, then moved on to Photoshop elements until I was gifted Photoshop CS and a whole package of Adobe goodies from a classmate in RL. As RL brought inevitable changes I found I had less time and interest in designing until slowly stopped creating in SL. As my Fourth Rezz day approaches I have started to review my little trip down SL. I've decided that I would like to focus back on what I first loved in SL, Clothing Creation.

Fit to be Tied-Skittles Pack

My little store has always been sort of a passing hobby and way to learn. I don't think I could ever be someone with great talent in clothing design; but I will continue to create because it's fun, a challenge and gives me a sense of personal satisfaction. My clothing will never be perfect and part of me will always feel as if it's inadequate. I will admit to feeling that small twinge of failure or invisibility that some SL content creators fall into. I made sales yes, but my tiny store was never blogged by anyone other than myself. I never knew about review copies or marketing. My blog wasn't even on the feeds. I have set aside a couple of personal goals for myself for the next six months, hopefully I can achieve these small milestones.

"Fit to Be Tied", is actually one of the first personal challenges I have completed. With this design I have managed to hand draw all elements, I refused to use brushes. I also learned how to make multiple colors of one design. Finally, I created a new template for store signs. Hopefully I can improve upon these techniques and make my next release better. Please stay tuned for new releases and as always if you have any feedback please let me know how to improve upon my store.

Bells Semyorka

Monday, November 8, 2010

52 Weeks of Color- Week 1- Grey


Luna Jubilee recently called out a blogger challenge. She explains it best so please click here to review the detials.

This week's color is Grey. I tried to use as much of the color as possible in my post giving a monochromatic look. From head to toe, I'm in "Shades of Grey".

Hair-69-MOG-Silver- Group Gift 2009
Skin-L. Fauna- Lapine- Snow Fae- Ice
Tattoo- Cheap Makeup- Cat Power- 50L friday
*Shirt-WoE- Jenae Tie Front Shirt Sweater- (Russet- available in 7 colors)
Skirt- Baiastice- Pleated Cotton Skirt
Shoes-Maitreya Gold- Shanti Black
Necklace- Miel- Sey Necklace
Ring- Callie Cline- The Black Rock Ring- 50L Friday 2009
*Pose-Bang!- Indecisive Pose 4

*Blogger Item

Friday, November 5, 2010

With Love

With Love
We need not think alike to love alike. - David Ferenc

Here are a few of the recent goodies I haven fallen in LOVE with. 

Skin-Exodi- Sylvan Vivante- Beloved-DK/F/C- 50L Friday
Top-Zaara- Zhubh shirt- Freebie Gift
Skirt-Zaara- Trishna Print Skirt- Powder
Necklace-Paper Couture- Deer Flower Pendant
Ring-Paper Couture- Golden Wings Rings