Bells Review Policy

 Bells Review Policy
This seems so formal to write an review policy, but I feel it's completely necessary due to the amount of time it takes to blog and the amazing generosity from creators that send the occasional review item my way. These guidelines are designed to help create a standard and provide consistently in my blogging technique.

I accept review copies and blog all items relating to the virtual world Second Life.
Clothes,Shoes, Hair, Skin, Poses and Animations, vehicles, furniture and homes, Animals and care, Special Events and locations of interest and people of interest.
Yes, I blog anything that relates to Second Life.

All items/Events will get blogged within Three to Four days of the item/notice given. I like to provide accurate reviews of the items and need time to complete a photo and write up.

All items will be seen on my flicker site and given tags, which will be sent to a minimum of three groups including the main Second Life flicker group.

I will also provide Slurls to stores that send review copies. These Slurls will be to the main store. If the store or designer has a blog I will include a link to the site.

I also create machinima videos in addition to blogging. If you would like your item to be showcased in a machinima video please send a note card request. Videos will range in time from 30 Seconds-2 minutes depending on the amount of time my schedule permits. These videos take more time than blogging and as a result, I would prefer to have one week-two weeks to work on them.  Please have patience as this is a new process I am exploring.

I am available as a model for special events, and posters.
If you would like to use one of my existing photos please ask and provide proper credits, such as my name and a link to my blog and flicker stream.

Special notes
Most items will get paired up with another designer to be presented in a look of the day; however, I can create an exclusive post upon requests.

I will take great consideration of all items given and apologize if the item/event you sent does not get blogged.

Thank you Frankie for help me to write the review policy and supporting everything I do in SL.