Thursday, September 29, 2011

52 Weeks Of Color- Week 47- Khaki and some LUJU Love

Softness and Warmth

 I'm going to be talking about a few things in this post today and not only Luna's 52 Week of Color Challenge. First off, only five more weeks left and I'm both a little relieved and saddened by this. Doing these little color challenges have been so much. They helped provide the motivation I needed when my blogging became stagnant. I'm going to miss them when they are over, but will also enjoy completing the final set Luna has lined up for us.

At first I thought finding an outfit in Khaki would be impossible, but once again I underestimated the wonderful content designers of Second Life. Thankfully, I managed to compete a look in Khaki. The one item I decided was an absolute must in my outfit was this warm pink cardigan from Tee*fy. I will say that Azure provides wonderful customer support and was very quick and helpful when I had a small mishap with Second Life eating my Cardigan. I absolutely love this Sweater and hope that Azure releases more that are similar, it provides so much softness and warmth for fall. 

Pointing out one other special item I'm wearing is New skin from Adam and Eve. Once I saw Ariadne I thought it was too cute not to use in today's post. I am planning on using this skin for a while and taking a deeper look at Ariadne in the future. Also I did take the time to complete a full post on MIEL's Puddle Boots, they are designed so beautifully and have so many options. Please take a peek at, "On Your Toes" for more information and some close up shots.

LUJU Homes

Last but certainly not least I want to talk about Luna Jubilee again. (She's mentioned a lot in my posts) Luna is a dear friend and I happen to think she is a wonderful creator and visionary. She has completed so many things in Second Life and provided so much to our community. Her newest venture is LUJU Homes. She designed her first home Great Hopes and has it ready to view and purchase at her store.

Great Hopes is small in prims, but not tiny. Sitting pretty at 29 prims this home is dressed in Khaki and browns making it ideal for fall. So far I managed to create both a working and living space using the home. My favorite aspect of this home is the sliding doors. Each door slides across to the left and remains in its position until you click and direct it to move. I can't wait to see what Luna will create for us in the future she really has so much talent and creativity that the possibilities are endless.

The Look- Softness and Warmth
Hair-Lamb-Egomaniacal- Honeycomb
Skin-Adam and Eve-Ariadne- Cool Bare
Cardigan-Tee*fy-Janny Cardigan- The Dressing Room
Shirt- 5th&Oxford-Jori Cardigan- Bone
Pants-Surf Couture- Yoga Pants- Beige
Shoes-Miel- Puddle Boots- Natural
Location-LUJU Homes- Great Hopes

Bells Semyorka-TUH- Genki Hat

The Unknown Hunt- Birthday Celebration

The Unknown Hunt is celebrating its One Year Birthday. This Hunt is Created by Evelyn Harthshon, creator and owner of The Sleeping Koala.

My item for the hunt is the Genki Hat with Pink Polka dots. It's a sculpted hat complete with a brim and ears. Hair is not included, but with only a little effort you can edit an existing hair to fit under. Genki's name is given by Luna Jubilee, who is a friend and awesome creator of Bang! and JULU Homes.

The starting location for the hunt is The Sleeping Koala. A total of 49 stores available, the goodies are abundant and wonderful. The Unknown Hunt provides skip and hints to each store so with only a little effort you can find your prize or skip over store that might be too complicated or that do not suit your taste. Each Item in the hunt does have a small nominal fee of 1L to purchase.

The Unknown Hunt- Birthday Celebration

The Look- Genki's Birthday
Hair- Lamb- Bitter- Kit Kat-(Modified)
Skin-Dutch Touch-CleO-Olive
Hat- Bells Boutique- Genki- Baby Pink -TUH Prize
Dress- Bodyshot-TUH Prize
Stockings-Zaara-Nishar Leggings- Whit Art Pack
Shoes-Pixel Mode-Rea Plain-Baby Pink

Friday, September 23, 2011

Office Chic with L'Abel

Office Chic with L'Abel

As I've been exploring L'Abel's new fall line I noticed two outfits which exuded Office Chic, Mikki (shown above) and Miss Charlie (shown below) command respect and demand you be taken seriously by saying, "I'm the boss". These two suits says are wonderfully styled creating a balance of female empowerment and fashion trend. Tailored cut to show all your attributes these dark smoky charcoal gray hues are lively and perfect in accommodating any color you wish to accessorize with. The extra details added to each outfit such as the belt, flower pin (shown on Mikki) or black fur lined collar (shown on Miss Charlie) only illustrate how much care and detail Nef places into her work.

I really enjoy how Nef's has created her fall line. Each piece has been crafted to incorporate a style for any discerning women, by maintaining both a sensual and demure appearance. Wearing L'Abel provides the ultimate sense of confidence because when wearing L'Abel you know you are sporting the best of SL.

I am planning on writing one more post on L'Abel's fall line to showcase the beautiful elegance that Nef has to offer. 

Office Chic With L'Abel

The Look- Office Chic
Photo 1
Hair- Truth- Kelsey-Browns
Skin -Apple May Designs- Vixen-Dark- Prada 4
Outfit-L'Abel- Mikki
Bra- Artilleri- Denna Bra
Shoes- Stiletto Moody- Elegant- Ruby
Ring-Kunglers- Lotus Ring
Pose prop set-Glitterati-Office

Hair- Lamb- Isolation- Browns
Skin-Apple May Designs- Catalina- Dark
Jacket/Pants- L'Abel- Miss Charlie
Ring- Kunglers- Lotus Ring
Pose prop set- Glitterati- Office

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Last Friday Night with Avale

When Amara Myoo of Avale recently sent me a package that contained her newest release Lastadia my mind instantaneously swirled to Katy Perry's Last Friday Night Video, which I love BTW. Lastadia is a sexy party dress and it's perfect for hitting the clubs at the start of the weekend, like on Friday. Available in eight different color options for both the top half and bottom half of the dress. This means you can mix and match each design to create your unique look in your favorite color. Wearing Lastadia is so much fun and a perfect way to release your inner vixen.

The Look- Last Friday Night
Hair- Truth-Cleo Streaked-Hot pink
Skin- Belleza-Chloe SK Group Gift
Tattoo- Chelle- NeonNeturaks 3
Top- Avale-Lastadia- Pink
Bottom- Avale- Lastadia- Limon
Bra-Somina-Untamed Heart Bra
Stockings- 5th and Oxford- Fair Isle Socks- Hot Pink
Neckace- Whippet&Buck- Pretty Lady Skull Necklace
Pose/Prop Set- Glitterati- Into the Black

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

52 Weeks Of Color Challenge, Week 46 Brick Red

52 Weeks of Color- #46 Brick Red

Keeping up with my 52 weeks of Color Challenge commitment today's Post is all about Brick Red. Funny little side note, I kept singing "Brick House" while putting this outfit together. (I know I'm silly) Next Week's Color Challenge is Khaki...bleh

When I first saw L'Abel's newest release Vada, which is part of the new fall line, I knew I had to blog it because of the Hounds-tooth print. Something about this print screams fall to me. When I saw that it was available in Red I knew it would be perfect for this color challenge. What I love most about the Vada design is that L'Abel has added an edge to a classic look by creating short trousers with an extremely seductive cut. The jacket is available in both an open and closed option providing you with more versatility for your stylizing. I do plan on posting more from the new line, so let's consider this a teaser to that post. Vada is available in both Red and black and Black and white color combination.

A special Thank you to Harlow Heslop for providing a wonderful location tip. She recommended     Pre fablous as a spot which had a good looking barn and she was right. Thank you Harlow! Big hugs to you.

I've got a pitchfork.

The Look- Ms. Equestrian
Hair-Lamb-Lover-Twix- (Modified Bangs to fit hat)
Skin-Glam Affair-Nina V-Day
Outfit-L'Abel- Vada-Red
Stockings--Friday-Dotty Stockings-(Gacha)
Shoes-Deco-Madison Boots- (50L Friday)
Hat-Bells Boutique- Preview Hat to be released soon
Prop-Glitterati-Witch Hunt 2011
Location-Pre Fabulous

Thursday, September 15, 2011

52 Weeks of Color Challenge Week 45, Bronze

52 weeks of color ,Week 45 Bronze

Whooo Hoo!! I finally caught up on Luna's 52 week of color Challenge and will be on track for the remainder of the time that's left, which is only 7 more weeks. I can't wait to see what colors Luna has lined up for us. I hope she throws us some pink towards the end. Next Week's Color is Brick Red.

I might be slightly cheating on this challenge because my dress is not completely bronze but is more of a gold color. I really couldn't help it because I fell in love with this dress from CLEO Couture. Gold Shimmies as this dress is called is a fun retro flapper inspired dress. Encased with bits of Gold, Bronze and Silver this dress is designed to move as you grace the dance floor or strut your finest walk. CLEO Couture has a large selection of formal and retro inspired gowns and is a bit of Old Hollywood Glam. I can't wait to see what Cleo creates next.

I recently went shopping for some shoes and found some great pumps at Shiny Things for more information on the shoes please check here...I have completed an entire post dedicated to their beauty.

The Look- Bronze Party
Hair- Shag- Bombshell- Truffle
Skin-Glam Affair- Jadis-Natural B
Dress-CLEO Couture- Gold Shimmies
Shoes-Shiny Things-Party Pumps- Tan
Pose Set-Glitterati- Disco

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

52 Weeks of Color Challenge Week 42,43,44

52 Weeks of Color, Week 42 Chartreuse
Week 42, Chartreuse
Hair-Lamb!-Wild Nothing- Lush
Skin-Exodi-Sylvan Lumiere
Body Tattoos-AITUI TATTOO- Hip hearts
Swimsuit-W&B-Frilly Little Set-Striped Green Hill
Hat-Deco-Skull Bowl

52 Weeks of Color, Week43 Liver
Week 43, Liver
Hair- Lamb!-Girlfriend in a Coma-Browns
Tattoos-Dutch Touch-Eyemakeup
Sweater-Sn@tch-Precious Cargo Sweater
Jacket-Church Of Lux-Naomi-Smoke
Pants-Sn@tch-Community College Capris
Shoes-Tiny Bird-Wanderer Boot-Russet
Necklace-Yummy=Secret Garden Locket

52 Weeks of Color Week, 44 Firebrick
Week 44, Firebrick
Hair- Eshi Otawara-Large Bun- Red
Tattoos-L.Fauna- Marilyn
Dress-Paper Couture-Falling Leaves
Glasses-Artilleri-Meredith glasses-Bronze

*Almost caught up, Next post will contain more information. I'm also going to try to stay on track for the last couple of weeks. Thank you Luna for making this blogger challenge so much fun. You are AWESOME!

Monday, September 12, 2011

52 Weeks of Color Challenge Week 39,40,41

52 Weeks of Color Week #39

Week 39, Melon
Hair- Elikatira- Changes-Essential Collection
Skin-Dutch Touch- SteRRe-Fudge
Tattoo- Chelle- Neon Neturals-(Collabor88)
Dress-LeLuka- Simone- Salmon
Shoes-TokiD- Gladiator sandals- Brown

52 Weeks of color,Week #40 Apricot

Week 40, Apricot
Hair- Lady Versailles-Dark Brown
Skin-Dutch Touch- SteRRe-Fudge
Tattoo-L.Fauna- Marilyn
Lingerie- Fishy Strawberry-Damasco Corset and Soignee Nude
Necklace- alaMood-Portia Choker

52 weeks of Color Week #41 Jazzberry

Week 41, Jazzberry
Hair-LeLutka-Brigitte Hair- Dark Brunette
Skin-Dutch Touch- SteRRe-Fudge
Tattoo-L. Fauna- Pink Lipstick
Dress-LeeZu!- A Mon Insu Gown- Fashion for Life
Necklace- Deco- Black Pearl & Onyx

*Due to how far behind I am on the color challenges I am keeping my next posts to pictures and credits. It's a personal goal to not only be caught up with these challenges, but to remain on track once I do.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Persian Pony Satchel from Bells Boutique

 Persian Pony Satchel

Hello Sweethearts!

Bells Boutique is proud to announce our newest release, "Persian Pony Satchel", named after the mighty sand animal The Camel. For your convenience, this sculpted beauty is available in three versions, two animated and one non animated all included in one purchase. Persian Pony is ideal for any lady that wants to incorporate a bit of wilderness into her style. 

Remember I'm still selecting one person (sometimes two) to win each new release.

The qualifications for entry into each contests is really simple. Just click my subscriber kiosk at the front of Bells Boutique. As a member you are automatically entered into the contest. I choose at random so everyone has a fair chance.

The Winner of the New Release is Katy Isodo and yasminn Kira if you happen to see them around SL make sure you send them a congrats. They will be sporting the Persian Pony Satchel

Market Place Purchase
Store Location

Special Thank you to Jori Watler of MOOD for suggesting the name "Persian Pony, without your help this might have been called something dumb like Camel Toe. :D (hahahahaha)