Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Oldie but Goodie, The Plurky Blogger Challenge #1

Summer Vacation is over for me and its time to get back into the full swing of blogging again. I figured what better way to get back into thing than by stepping up to the "Plurky Blogger Challenge" cause,  1) I'm a plurkie. 2) a blogger and 3) I need a little motivation to kick off the blogging process again. I've seen several of my fellow plurkies complete this challenge and the items they are pulling out are fantastic treats of secret SL memorabilia.  The Plurky Blogger Challenge was created by Alysha Rennahan. This weeks challenge is "Oldies, but Goodies". So without any more delay here is my Blast from the Past look.

So as we all know SL has had some incredible growth in fashion. I searched through out my entire inventory and was able to pull this look together. All items are over two years old. When I first started SL I wasn't really into fashion but rather choose items that I thought looked good texture wise. The designers I am wearing are some that I still shop at even to this day. (yep Loyal customer, That's me) Some of these designers are no longer creating under the Names/Labels they once used others might have stopped altogether. The fact remains that these designs continue as part of my inventory because of the quality of work and appeal they possess when mixing and matching with other items. 

Hair- Naughty Design, creator: Lost Thereian, Style: Angel, Color: drift wood, Acquired : Dec 28, 2006

From what I can remember ND was the it place to shop in 2006. The texture in hair design far exceed the competition rivaling ETDs designs. It was filled with sexy, inticing, scantly clad clothing, skin, hair and shoes for both male and female. It was like Armidi before Armidi. One could venture into ND a noob and leave ready for a job in the sex indusrty of SL. ND had one of the best stores in SL during this time IMHO. The entire sim was primed for photo shoots with sets for beach fun scattered all around. There was also a lesser known discount ND location, where one could purchase older designs or some with a slight flaw for a fraction of the price.

Skin-MM, Creator: Minnu Palen, Style: SkinGloss-Rain, Color: Pale, Acquired: Nov 6, 2007

Ahhh MM skins. I lusted for these and saved until I could finally afford them. I will admit to not being my first skin in SL, but these skins were the first one that made me go, " WOW, I want that." Everything looked real without looking too real for my taste. I loved the soft color of pink on the lips and the dark lined cat eyes.

Eyes-Aden, Creator: Aden Bryer, Style: Gen 1 Eyes, Color: Pacific clear, Acquired Aug 15, 2008

Aden 's hair was my absolute favorite at one point in time. Truth be told I have at least 15 designs still in my inventory. Aden didn't stick to hair design, but rather ventured out into the skin and eye aspect of SL design. These eyes came in both a bloodshot and clear version. The bloodshot version of any eye always creeped me out and I felt it gave me a "stoner" look that was unattractive.

Top- Surf Co, Creator: Emma Gilmour, Style: Mona Jacket, Color: Gold, Acquired: Jan 26 2008

Emmas designs have been something I have fallen in love with since April, 2007. I discovered her when I stopped at GNUbie and have been a loyal shopper of her designs ever since. Surf Co has grown over the last couple of years. I always manage to head into the store for one item and then end up buying two or three instead. As ive stated in previous blog posts Ive never been dissatisfied in the quality or price of Surf Co's designs.The Mona Jacket I think was a group gift. Surf Co is known to give some exclusive items to its supporters from time to time.

Skirt-Paper Couture, Creator: Prue Lu, Style:Shorthand Grey Skirt, Acquired: Jun 5,2007

So back in early 2007 I visited a boardwalk filled with wondrous designs called Tableau. I didn't know at the time that Tableau would become such a fashion icon in SL. The sim itself kept me coming back always changing in theme Tabeau designs and stores were a must see. PC, was my first taste into "mix and match clothing". Suddenly SL became a lot more interesting because dressing up was something fun. Also it was a break away from the stripper clothing that had taken over my SL wardrobe and provided a chance for exploration onto other areas of fashion.

Shoes- Gracile, Creator: Unknown, Style: Triss, Acquired: unknown often loaned out to alts

I only visited this store once and I can't even remember the designer's name. For some reason SL displays creator unknown. Here is what I can tell you about this shoe. It was my first sculpti pair of shoes and I loved them. They have the ability to change colors which became quite handy and necessary because I was shopping on a very limited budget back then. These shoes were well worth the Lindens I shelled out, and are still cute enough to pair with outfits.

So there you have it folks my Oldies but Goodies picks. If you haven't signed up yet please join the plurkies and if you blog please take part in this challenge its been so much fun reading everyone posts. I cant wait to read yours next :D