Sunday, May 15, 2011

In Bloom

Pretty Princess

I awoke this morning to a frenzy of plurks about the New Bloom Dolls at Surf Co. I was all excited and happy because ever since Emma released the teaser pics earlier this week I have wanted to get my hands all over the Bloom Dolls. These dolls are super cute and Customizable. Eye color, Lids and Lashes are all color changing. A total of Six Dolls are available: Clark Bloom (The Boy), Boo Bloom, Strawberry Bloom, Spooky Bloom, Toonip Bloom, Mocha Bloom. Each doll varies slightly in appearance making it easier for your personality to shine through.

You will need to make adjustment to any hair you would like to use, but it's really not that difficult from any normal adjustment you might already make for hair.  I was torn between the Strawberry Bloom and Boo Bloom doll, in the end I decided to purchase the Boo Bloom Doll because of the freckles.

Pretty Princess

I did a series of photos today using my Bloom Doll, these two that I am posting are only a few. Please feel free to visit my stream for the Complete Set.

The Look- Pretty Princess
Hair- Shag-The Girl Next Door- Toffee
Doll Skin, Shape- Surf Couture- Bloom Doll- Boo Bloom
Dress-Epoque- Debut Gown Preview Package
Shoes- Paper Couture- Pastel Blue Butterfly
Carriage-Glitterati- Princess Carriage

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