Tuesday, May 24, 2011

52 Weeks Of Color-Week 27 Olive

52 Weeks of Color- Olive-

Ciao A tutti!
Oggi parliamo di Cucina. Oggi faccio un dolce alla fragola. la fragola e' la mia frutta preferita perche e' di colore rosso e gusto dolce e aspro.

"Hi Everyone!
Today we will talk about cooking. Today I'm making a dessert of strawberries. Strawberries are my favorite fruit because of the red color and sweet and tart taste."

As you can tell I've been practicing Italian and I have to admit I had a bit of help from Frankie on a couple of the words, but I think I'm slowly improving. Today I actually did make a strawberry dessert so I had a bit of fun in my RL kitchen and decided to extend it into SL as well. (so silly I know)

I decided to use my lovely bloom doll again and dress her up as a Italian Casalinga. (Although frankie says she's too elegant for the kitchen.) Today's post is on Olive. I had this outfit picked out since last week, but because I was a bit wrapped up in RL I had to postpone this post until today. Ivalde's Cyntia dress in Olive is perfect for my look today because it has a nice European flair. I love the embroidery on the chest and the frilly sleeves and dress bottom. Wearing this makes me feel fancy, perhaps a bit too fancy for just a normal housewife. Darn this makes frankie right...Well let's just keep this between us.

Oh and the next color challenge is Pink. I have oodles of this color already in my inventory. I can't wait to try and put together a look. I promise no bloom doll.

The Look- Italian Casalinga
Hair-Lamb!-Lovelier Girl- Butterfinger
Skin and Shape-Surf Couture- Bloom Doll- Boo Bloom
Dress-Ivalde-Cyntia Olive Dress
Necklace-Yummy-Baking Charms
Shoes- Surf Couture- Nantucket Spectators
Kitchen Appliances-Artilleri Home
Home-Adobe- The Bayly Home
Location-My Home

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