Friday, May 27, 2011

Country Chic in Italy

Tomorrow is the big day L'Abel is releasing their new summer collection, Country Chic. I have to say the new line is so much fun to wear because of it's romantic whimsical upscale apperance. It's perfect for mixing and matching and is 100% comfortable for summer. Nef has done such an amazing job with the textures, incorporating the sculpts and creating key versatile pieces which can be mixed and matched effortlessly. With so many options available wearing L'Abel so much fun.

I am showcasing three photos in my post today all using L'Abel pieces. I choose to stick with a white/pink color range, because they are my two favorite colors. There are other colors available in the new line. All are soft elegant shades which resemble light airy breathable textiles. Saying I love the new L'Abel is not enough. My admiration for Nef has seriously grown by 10X what it was before.

I want to point out the location where these photos were taken, La Perla II-Old Italy. I want to provide credit to Strawberry Singh for first blogging this location. We had kinda a serendipity moment where she posted right as I was taking pictures. I was a bit reluctant to complete this post using these photos, I didn't want to be a copycat.  Strawberry does such a wonderful job highlighting the sim, better than I did. Her post, titled "So Social" provides wonderful information for content creators and for others on your online presence . She's a true teacher of SL. Thank you for always providing us with so much, several tutorials and news and insight on Second Life.

The Looks- Country Chic
Photo 1
Hair-Exile- Lida-Naturals Pack
Skin-PXL Creations-Gaia-Natural Nude Eye Base
Sweater-L'Abel-Tinde Cardigan-Pink
Skirt-L'Abel- Jessica White Lace Set

Photo 2
Hair- Exile-Alyssa- Naturals Pack
Skin-PXL Creations-Gaia-Natural Nude Eye Base
Shirt-L'Abel-Cyri Black Shirt
Shorts-L'Abel-Jessica White Lace Set
Shoes- Surf Couture- Shoelace Sandals-White

Photo 3
Hair-69- Bell- 02- Mocha Collection
Skin-PXL Creations-Gaia-Natural Nude Eye Base
Shawl-L'Abel- Hardanger Pink Cardigan
Dress-L'Abel-Enna White Set
Shoes- Elikatira- Move Pumps-Powder-Fashion for Life Exclusive

Location-La Perla II-Old Italy


Unknown said...

Adore this blog post. The pictures are beautiful and you show the clothes of perfectly. Great location

Strawberry Singh said...

awwwww I just saw this post. Thank you so much for the kind words. And your pictures are beautiful. <3