Monday, May 30, 2011

52 Weeks of Color- Week 28- Pink

52 Weeks Of Color-Pink

Pink Pink Pink. It's actually one of my favorite colors to wear in SL, because it's the ultimate girl color. Soft and Romantic Pink is a hue that I think brings to mind utter femininity. Normally I would use this color as an excuse to wear something frilly but today I decided to break out and bring a bit of edge to this color by sporting a Roller Girl look.

52 Weeks Of Color-Pink

I picked up a total cute pose box set from Olive Juice, Sexy Sexin'. This set was a part of the 50L Friday and includes six poses. It's modifiable which means you can tint the color to your preferred choice. Oh and Olive Juice is hosting a photo contest as well. A total of four winners will be selected to have their pictures grace the walls of the Olive juice store. Your entry title should be clearly stated it's intentions to enter and sent to the Olive Juice Flicker page. Winners will be announced on Monday June 19, 2011.

The next color challenge post color is Neon Carrot, Fun Summer color with perhaps a bit of Vitamin A.

The Look- Pinky Roller
Hair-Lamb!-Whoop Dee Doo-Chewed Bubble Gum
Skin-Dutch Touch-Megan-Cream
Tattoo-Chelle- In Bloom-Cosmos
Outfit-Nyte'N'Day- Slice Pink
Socks-Kyoot-Lacey White Knee Socks
Shoes-Pixel Mode-Roxy Roller

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Bella Baroque said...

Thank you for the mention, Bells! You are flippin adorable as ever <333