Saturday, May 14, 2011

Not Quite a Pokemon Nurse

Nurse Joy, I mean Nurse Bells..

I always liked Pokemon, more specifically I always enjoyed when the Pokemon would get injured in a battle and be sent to the Pokemon Center to get well. (Not that I approve Pokemon Violence) Something about the whole Pokemon medical process intrigued me. Today I'm portraying an SL version of Nurse Joy healing my injured Piggy and making sure it receives lots of Love and Attention.  Allright, enough of the sillyness, lets get serious and talk about skin.

I'm still taking the time to blog goodies from the Skin and Shape Expo 2011. I was so thrilled to find Amacci's newest skin Katie. Now I have been a fan of Amacci and Carina Larson (Creator) and I think the new skin is to die for. Katie is released specially for the Skin and Shape Expo and is available in two skin tones at the moment, Fair and Nutmeg. More skin tones will be released at a later date. One of the best things about the new skin line Katie, is the options. I was amazed by all that Carina has match up with this skin. The Extra accompaniment to Katie includes Twelve tattoo lip sticks, which can be purchased separately. As well as sixteen different makeup skin options available for purchase in packs of four. Amacci even is showcasing a special edition skin where 50% of the proceeds are going to Direct Relief International.

I hate to admit it but finding a good location for taking a photo can sometimes be challenging. It's an essential part of any blog post, just as any skin or article of clothing. I often forget to provide proper credit of where I snapped a photo, but today I'm going to make up for it by providing not only the SLURL, but also some information regarding what I found to be one of the best hospitals in SL. Rock A Bye Medical Center and Hospital is a full service facility with a friendly and knowledgeable staff. I was quite impressed with the medical process and equipment they had on hand. I highly recommend that if you are interested in Medical Role play you take the time to visit this location. They will fix any medical disaster you might have.

The Look- Nurse Joy, I man Nurse Bells
Hair-Shag- The Girl Next Door- Fever-Culture Shock
Skin- Amacci-Katie
Outfit-KatatOnik-Happy Nurse-Dress- Pink- FLF item
Piggy-Pink Fuel- Piggy
Location- Rock a Bye Medical Center and Hospital 
*I would have completed this post sooner, but unfortunately blogger was down for a period of time.

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