Monday, May 16, 2011

Gaia at PXL Creations....My Skin Fair Pick

Gaia at PXL Creations....My Skin Fair Pic

I blogged earlier this week about how I was torn between skins from The Skin and Shape Expo. Making a decision on the final Skin was something I put a lot of thought into. One of the skins I had in mind and was mulling over was PXL Creations. I'm a pretty frugal person which means I'm always looking for a good deal in Second Life; often price is a major deal breaker for me. The final cost to my pocket book for the quality I received made PXL Creations My Skin and Shape Expo pick. Hart Larsson has made purchasing skins a customized extravaganza. With only a couple of clicks to the skin kiosk you can create your very own Fat Pack, complete with all the options YOU want.

There are Three levels in skin purchases. 1) Picking your Eye and Skin preference. Gaia is available in three eye selections Nude eyes, Cat eyes and Smoke eyes. There is a total of six skin tones available ranging from light to dark. Inside each skin base you will find three eyebrow options and three cleavage bases as well as a freckle options. Three bonus tattoo options are included; 1)buzz cut hair base 2)natural hair base 3)full body freckles. Once you have selected your skin base it's time to move on to Lips and Eyes.

The Second Level is a combination of both Skin and Eye makeup selection.
2) Pick your color. There are a total of 11 lipsticks available. The system will let you choose as many tattoo layers as you would like. After you have chosen your lipstick choices you can move on to Eye makeup. There is a total of 27 tattoo options available for eye makeup. The process is the same Select, Add, Continue. Once you have all the desired tattoo layers you can move on to the Check out process.

3) Checkout Time! This is when it pays off to be a member of PXL skin group because Heart provides an additional 20% off the total price of your purchase when completing a Fat Pack transaction. Individual sales using your PXL skin VIP group tag will allow you a 10% savings.

In the end I love this skin because of the great options that are available, The price and the ability to customize my Fat Pack into something I wanted. I know that with these options I will always be satisfied and happy with the skin I purchased.

I'm wanting to make a quick note about Glitterati, Katey has released a new Supercar! which is a cute prop for summer. Supercar is available in five colors Pink, Black, Red, Silver and Yellow. Each car has 20 poses, 10 female and 10 male poses. It even has working headlights. I am using the car prop in my photo, but I added an extra detail, the Unicorn to make it extra girly. It's not my drawing to be fair. I want to note I kinda cheated and did a search for Unicorn and used an image from the net.

The Look- My Skin Fair Pick
Hair-69- Jessica 01-Chestnut Collection
Skin-PXL Creations- GAIA Natural Medium eyebrows Clevage 2 with Freckles
Tatttoo- PXL Creations- Bubblegum Eyes
Swimsuit-Whippet and Buck- Frilly Little Set Stripped Morning Haze
Shorts- Apple May Designs-Daffodil Denim
Prop- Glitterati-Super Car-Girl (pink)

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