Thursday, December 9, 2010

La Foule

La Foule

Today's post is titled La Foule because it happened to be the song I was hearing when editing my last photo. Sung by the sultry siren Edith Piaf, this song seemed to completely match the dress and gave a feeling of french beauty. Feel free to listen to the song here.

Recently, I was gifted "Party Nights" from my lovely friend Cleopatra Xiganlia, owner of CLEO Couture. I have seen Cleopatra's designs grow for a number of years from Togas of all various types a new line has emerged couture gowns. I became entranced when I first tried on "Party Nights" because it was so different from her previous line. The skirt and jacket combo are right up my alley when it comes to style. The top of this dress is designed to showcase a sheer teasing look around the decolletage, which I absolutely LOVE.

I want to point out one thing that I didn't like and created a small problem for me. The prims are no modify no copy, which comes in handy for transferable gifts.  I know that Cleopatra works with her customers so if you have a sizing issue she will help correct the problem, just send her an IM. I would have just loved to have been able to do this own my own rather than to make a designer take time from their day.  In all I really do enjoy this dress which I feel is an excellent example of Vintage Couture.

The next items I want to talk about today are eye jewels and hair. Lets start wit the shiny sparkly beautiful jewels that are accenting my eyes. Voshie Paine has been kind enough to drop of a little sneak peak from her store, La Petite Morte, which open on Friday, ( Hey that's tomorrow!) I can tell you La Petite Morte has some great photo sets as well as lovely eye jewels, shoes and other accessories.

I have to admit that I had a bit of trouble setting the eye jewels properly. When wearing them I found them to be a bit too big for my eyes, even after trying to edit my shape and the prims. After much editing I was able to find a position where they sat comfortably on my face, between my eye and lashes, but still not entirely attached to my face. I edited in photo shop slightly the right side because the jewels were hanging off into space. I think these eye jewels would look great during a still photographs, but might be a bit hard to wear during everyday use because of the different curve of each avatar's eye shape. I also thought about perhaps editing each individual prim to fix so it was attached to my face, but I really ended up with a jumbled mess. I suck ad editing prims and thank goodness I made a backup layer first.

Finally it's hair time. Amacci's most recent hair releases over the past month have been designed with hair base usage. I love that Carina Larson has been creating beautiful up dos and poney tails bringing a sleek look incorporating the tattoo layer in her designs. Rina is my favorite out of her newest release because I absolutly love the knotted buns and complicated look. I do wish for one thing regarding Amacci hair, optional bangs. I would love if I could provide a bit of fringetta to the top of my head. My Christmas wish for SL this year.

In all I love today's Look I feel totally prepared for the Holiday and when Christmas party time arrives, I might be wearing this cute little ensemble.

The Look- La Flour
*Hair-Amacci- Carina Larson- Rina hair- Brown Sugar
Skin-Dutch Touch-Sjors- Caramel- CleoPatraSiS *picked today cause of the name and lip color
*Eye Jewerly-La Petite Morte- Voshie Paine-Diva Ametrine
*Dress-CLEO Couture- Party Nights
Shoes-Nardotix-Kurvy Ruby Slippers
*Blogger Item

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