Monday, December 20, 2010

Nothing But Business


Adam and Eve is one of the oldest stores that I know of in SL. I can remember as a young resident first Teleporting into this shop and thinking, "WOW"! I remember when Adam and Eve brought sexy back with a new line of default SL avatars. To me Adam and Eve is legendary, a part of SL history with wonderful sexy designs. Adam and Eve caters to both women and Men. With one stop shopping you can purchase Hair, Skins, formal attire, casual, business, and shoes.

Today I'm going to talk about two new releases from Adam and Eve, NYC Shirt and the San Belt.
The NYC shirt both are saucy and I love them because they make me feel like a business woman with a sense of style. I really enjoy the unbuttoned look, high collar and sleeves. NYC shirt is available in 6 different colors. NYC shirt is also very versatile because not only is it a shirt, but there is also an option to wear as a dress which I must say is so very cute. The San belt,(shown above) is also completely suited for the sexy business woman look and is a perfect compliment to the NYC shirt. The San belt is available in 6 colors.

Some things I really enjoy about Adam and Eve...........

Demos on clothing-  A total treat, No more wondering if an item will look the same as it does on the ads, with the demo you can have the assurance that you are

Shoes- Adam and Eve turned out to be a hidden treasure of shoes. I have several on my wish list already and joined the subscriber so I can find out about the newest release. A little bird told me that the next pair of heels are going to be a must have.

Friendly Staff- As soon as I teleported to Adam and Eve I was given a warm welcome. I love when stores offer customer service and greetings. It makes me want to spend time at a location and I know that if I ever encounter a problem the chances of it getting fixed are fairly high.

The Look- Nothing but Business
Skin-Dutch Touch- SjorS-Carmel- Lucious
Necklace-Deco- Essential Pearl Necklace- Winter Berry- November group gift
Eyes-Exodi-Clear Eyes-Oak
Shirt-Adam and Eve- NYC shirt- Grey
Belt- Adam and Eve- San belt- Charcoal
Pants- Fab Pony-Mezzy Pants- Charcoal

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