Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What Season?

So originally I wanted to name this post "It's SL wear what you want", after a Plurk but I changed my mind because it didn't feel right for this post's context.

According to my last post I was holding out on breaking out the "winter wear", but guess what I'm sneaking in another two looks that are not exclusive to the season. The reason for the mash up is I received a cute pack from Evelyn Hartshon, owner and creator of *evie*.

I've been watching Evelyn's clothing designs develop on Plurk for the last couple of months and have become quite impressed with the ideas she comes up with. Her clothing designs are hand drawn which I love. I admire how she is able to match the seams and the detail she gives to smaller items such as the buttons on a sweater or the cross stitching on a seams.

*Evie* dropped off on me two different items, "Vintage Sweater" and "This Love Halterneck".  It's hard for me to pick a favorite out of the two because I actually love the look that was created using both of these two tops. The Vintage sweater is available in Three colors, Gray blue, Gray Green and Grey Pink (Shown Above).  "This Love Halterneck", is available in Three colors as well. Blue, Yellow and Purple. Each top runs for 120L a piece while Fat pacts are 300L.

Some News about *Evie*....
*Evie* is currently in the process of re branding so be on the look out for a new name. Also there is a new main store which is currently in a construction process.

*Evie* is currently involved in several different hunts. There is a board at the front of the store that provides a listing of the hunts as well as invitations to new hunts. Creators if your interested check out the "Fist Pump Hunt".

With the start of the holidays *Evie* has a festive booth out front with holiday goodies available at moderately low prices.

The Look- What Season? 
Hair- Elikatira- Horizon- Red 05
Skin-Fashionably Dead- Bird Skin-Slasher 6-Freckles
Top-*Evie*-Evelyn Hartshon- This Love Halter Yellow
Sweater-Surf Co-Floral Cab Sweater- Tan
Shorts-Surf Co-Cafe Shorts- Khaki
Gloves-Corduroy- Catero's Wrist Warmers- 2007
Stockings-Zaara-Nishar Leggings- Primary Art Print
Rings- Zaara- Kashiti Bobble Ring- Pearl

The Look- I'm Cuddly
Hair-Lamb- The Chills-Butterfinger
Skin-Fashionably Dead- Bird Skin-Slasher 6-Freckles
Ears-Magic Nook-Snow Baby Headband
Top-*Evie*-Evelyn Hartshon-Vintage Sweater- grey and pink
Skirt-W&B- Paige Stripped Skirt- Orchid
Socks-Mocha-Loose Socks- Plain Dirty- Pink
Shoes-Mijnt-Potato's Shoes- White

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