Tuesday, December 7, 2010

52-Weeks of Color- Sepia- Week 5


When I was a child my grandmother had this big box of photographs. I used to love hearing her stories and looking through all the photos. The style of dress was different, hair styles usually proofed up and all the photos were tinted a touch of Sepia. To me they were beautiful, a glimpse into the past and a treasure of memories that someone wanted to preserve. It's amazing when you stop and think about how much technology has advanced over time. Will we once look at our digital photos in the same manner?

For Today's look I really wanted to attempt to capture a sepia photograph. After I took this photo I edited in photo shop the background giving the touch of sepia. For my outfit I choose to pick out colors that were dark in the brown family to give a bit more of the sepia feel. I didn't want to overwhelm my photo with the beautiful rich color but rather wanted to highlight.

The Look- Sepia
Hair-Clawtooth- The Eye Patch-Hot Chocolate- 50%off sale on all hair until Dec 31
Skin-Dutch Touch-SjOrS-Caramel-Snow
Eyes-Curio-Dark Brown
Sweater-Insanya-Brown-Shirt-FTLO Fall Hunt freebie
Skirt- Surf Co-Summer of Stripes Skirt
Necklace-KessKreations/Maio-Shelly Necklace
Stockings-Zaara- Nishar leggings- Thigh high socks- Nude
Boots- Bax Boots- Brown Leather

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