Thursday, December 16, 2010

Winter Charm


Winter has finally made it's way to the Semyorka/Palliard home, which is great because the Christmas season is just around the corner and I'm in the holiday spirit this year. My little parcel has been transformed into a Winter Paradise complete with a cabin, snowbanks that run along each side and even a few animal friends. It's the perfect little cozy spot to curl up and settle in for the chilly nights.

Another great way to combat the cold is to bundle up, and it seems that I've recently found some goodies which make this task easier and help create some Winter Charm. A cute warm knit sweater from WoE and Thick woven scarf from Exodi are the perfect combination; when wearing you'll forget all about the chill and enjoy playing in the snow perhaps even venture into a little reindeer games.

**News Updates**
Exodi has released some new eyes. Two gorgeous sets are available, "Clear Eye Series" and "Soulful Eyes Series". I found these to be my new favorite eyes because they give a luscious shine that will entrance and captivate from far away. 75L per color 300L for packs of 5

Exodi also has some new winter themed Gotcha items, 21 Beautiful scarves and 5 rare colors . At only 25L per try playing the Gotcha machine means you're always a winner.

Has two cozy knot sweaters available the Ginger Sweater and The Graham Sweater. Each sweater is knitted and has a sculpted collar and sleeves. The ginger sweater has a defined bell shape collar while the Graham collar is more of a turtle neck hybrid. Both can be worn without the collar and paired with a scarf of your choice. Each sweater is 200L while fatpacks are 1200

The Look-Winter Charm
Hair-Lamb-Wild Nothing-Snickers
Skin-Dutch Touch-SjorS-Caramel
*Eyes-Exodi-Clear Eye Series-Ocean
*Lashes-Exodi-Makeup extra-Eyelashes Natural
*Sweater-WoE-Ginger Sweater- Clay
Pants- Zarra-Ishaya Velour Slacks-White
*Scarf-Exodi-Winter Scarf- Cream
Ring-Zaara- Kashiti bobble ring
*Blogger Gift

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