Friday, December 17, 2010

52 Weeks of Color-Yellow/About me.....

52-weeks of Color Challenge-Yellow

 I almost skipped this weeks 52 weeks of color challenge because finding Yellow in my inventory was a little difficult, everything was suited for summer. Finally, I just decided to give in to the summer feel and post this picture. (Style Credits at Bottom).

I'm kinda doing a combo Post today all because of Luna Jubilee, recently she completed a post "About Me" where she answered some questions about herself. This was a response to a note card that had been circulating among some of her SL friends and she brought it to the blogger table. Luna is also the creator of the 52 week color challenge many Bloggers have been participating in.

So here are my answers, just in case you wanted to know more about me..

Bells Semyorka- Palliard, yea I kept my maiden name too

What is your occupation in SL?
Blogger, Owner of Bells Boutique, and klutz

How many items in your inventory?
21,660 and to me it's too much. I'm particular about my inventory and categorize everything into sub folders. Often cleaning notecards LM and other useless clutter out from my inventory.

What are you listening to right now?
Tegan and Sara- Call it off

What was the last thing you ate?
An Apple- I've really been on an apple kick recently.

Can you drive a stick shift?
Yes I can. I had two Ex boyfriends try to teach me. I caused a small fire and burned one of the cars... smoke from under the hood=No Bueno. Finally it took my mother parking me on a steep hill and telling me to DRIVE for me to finally "get it".

If you were a crayon, what color would you be?
Blue- I did some quiz last week and that was my color.

Last person you spoke to on the phone?
My Sister- on a skype call

Do you like the person who sent you this?
Of Course, Who dosent like Luna, She's Awesome! :D

How old are you today?
In RL 28, In SL 4

Favorite drink?

What’s your favorite sport to watch?
Basketball. But don't tell my hubby, He thinks it soccer and that my favorite team is Juventus. 

Have you ever dyed your hair?
Yes, I dye it Black the darkest brightest shade of Black I can find, Stiletto Black. In the past I've had fire engine red streaks in my hair and even a really bad highlighting job where it was semi blonde. For my olive dark completion It looked horrible.

in this country None, but back in America I have my chihuahua, Macho. I miss that little monster. 

Favorite food?

Last movie you watched?
The "New" Nightmare on Elm Street- Scary Movie Lover

Favorite day of year?
New Years Eve- Fireworks, Kissing, Champagne, and new beginnings. What's not to Love?

What do you do to vent your anger?
 Plurk, it helps to say my rant online then delete.

What was your favorite toy as a child?
 Super Nintendo

Whats your favorite season?

Hugs or Kisses?
Hugs Always

Cherry or blueberry?

Do you want your friends to send you this back to you?
I would LOVE to see more people do this. 

Who is most likely to respond?
Not sure?

Who is least likely to respond?
Frankie Palliard, He stopped logging into sl

When was the last time you laughed?
This morning Hubby sent me an email titled," Fruit of Sin".

When was the last time you cried?
Last night, after seeing pictures of my dog. I was so sad and couldn't keep it in. 

What is on the floor of your closet?
Christmas Presents....Shhhh

Who is the friend you have had the longest you are sending this to?
hmmm I'm just going to say.....Frankie Palliard. He's the person I've known the longest in SL

Favorite smells?
Clean Cotton, Sea Breeze

Who inspires you?
Movies, Music, and People

What are you afraid of?
Snakes and Clowns

Plain, cheese or spicy hamburgers?
No Cheese, Must have LOTS LOTS of pickles and Mustard.

Favorite car?
I like smart cars and mini coopers, oh and VW bugs.

Favorite cat breed?
I think you can be a cat person or a dog person.....and I'm a Dog person.

Number of keys on your key ring?

How many years in your current job?
Unemployed- Moved to a country where finding a job is impossible

Where’s The Question?

How many states have you lived in?
Two , Flordia and Texas

Do you think you’re fun?
LOL, You're joking right?

Favorite Tree?
green ones?

Favorite all time music Album/CD
No Doubt

The Look-Weather don't get me down
Hair-Lamb-Wild Nothing-Butterfinger
Skin-Tuli- Claire-03
Eyes-Exodi-Clear Eyes- Ocean
Teeth-PXL-Mouth open
Shirt-Artilleri-Marcy Top- Yellow
Skirt-Artilleri-Carla Circle Skirt-Yellow
Hair Flower-Arilleri-Orchid-Hair Flower
Kitchen and Bar- Artilleri
Pose- Bang!- How's that- pose set

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