Thursday, December 23, 2010

52 Weeks of Color-Cerise-Week 7


It's on to week 7 already in Luna's 52 Week of Color Blogger Challenge. I think this is the point in other challenges where I tend to get lazy and stop posting, but nope not this time. I'm pushing forward and continuing on with the color challenge. This week's color is Cerise, which I totally had to look up in wiki. I'm really not a huge fan of this shade of pink and I somewhat copped out/compromise on the color.

*holds up her right hand over her heart and makes the vow. "I promise to try better next week and fully commit to the color no matter what."

With that said, Lets get on to today's Outfit....

It all started with this cute skirt from Sn@tch, Ivy Deschanel's Blue light special "Seriously Pink", is completely cute I really enjoy the fringe on the bottom of the skirt and how shiny and sparkly this skirt is. The blue light special is a special treat because it's an entire outfit for only 65L. The complete look entails, a cashmere sweater, hazard knee socks, the sequin mini skirt and wait for it......TWO layers of makeup. Swoon....I'm currently wearing Cerise Makeup 1 which I found was a great compliment to bring the color Cerise into the post. Now, if the whole Pink color is throwing you off don't worry. Ivy is planning on releasing some new colors on Friday(tomorrow) of this outfit, but if you would love to get this limited edition outfit please hurry and TP before the Blue Light Special is gone.

I also want to point out a really cute necklace I recently picked up from Yummy, it's the baking charms set. As a newly married woman I have started to enjoy the life inside the kitchen, so this baking charm is something I completely fell head over feet in love with. It's sweet charms are reminiscent of the cute charm bracelets and is great gift for someone that is either sweets lover or one who happens to love to baking. 

and finally on a sad note, I want to talk about 5th and Oxford and Luxuria. Recently Roslin Petion plurked that both 5th and Oxford and Luxuria clothing is preparing to move to a warehouse for one last sale. I'm sadden by this because I've really become attached her new line of lingerie. I have found that the Caer bra (Shown above) is the perfect peek of femininity and provides the much essential cover up when trying to retain a bit of modesty. I wish Roslin the best of luck on her next endeavors and will be patiently awaiting ant new project she works on.


Sn@tch- Blue light special until Friday! Hurry and get your copy of the limited edition Seriously Pink while the price is only 65L. 

Luxuria and 5th and Oxford- sometime within the next couple of days will be having a huge markdown sale. Please keep your eyes open and I hope you don't miss out. (No LM currently given, but I will post when the warehouse is open)

The Look- Cerise's Girl
Hair-Lamb-Breeze- Powder
Skin-Fashionably Dead-Bird Skin- Slasher6 (Freckles)
Eyes- Exodi-Clear Eyes- Ocean
Sweater-Artilleri-Elspeth cardigan- Pale Pink
Shirt-Sn@tch-Precious Cargo Sweater- White
Bra undershirt- Luxuria-Caer- Bra Rose- 50L friday
Skirt-Sn@tch-Sequin Mini- Blue Light Special- Limited Edition
Stockings-Zaara-Nishar Socks Thigh- Ivory

Makeup Layer- Sn@tch- Cerise Makeup 1
Necklace- Yummy- Baking Charms
Ring-Paper Couture- Golden Wings Rings

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