Sunday, April 22, 2012

52 weeks of Color Week #12- St Patrick's Day Blue

52 Weeks of Color Challenge - St Patricks Blue
...And when it rains on your parade, look up rather than down. Without the rain, there would be no rainbow. - Gilbert K Chesteron

It feels like it's been raining for the entire month of April here in Italy, so today's post is in honor of the April showers the will hopefully bring in the May flowers.

I'm back on the 52 weeks of Color challenge train and today's color is all about St. Patrick's day blue! This deep but yet vibrant blue is one I really enjoyed using when putting my look together. I tried to find a couple of shades of blue to compliment this color. I managed top pick up some new goodies and just have to share them with you. Let's discuss the outfit first. It's from Ur Favorite One and was picked up during Collab 88, which if you hurry is still open for the remainder of this month. If you wait until the 8th of May it will be gone and a new collection will roll in. This month's theme is french inspired. I love UFO's Choux skirt set. It's a wonderful take on the school girl outfit.

On to the poses, Olive Juice has made this spectacular puddles prop set which I picked up during the pose fair. My one mission for the pose fair is to find cute photo props. Thankfully, Olive Juice was able to fill the gap and provide this cute set.

Speaking of poses, the Number One item I cannot live without in Second Life blogging is the Tillie's Pose stand. This pose stand is such a useful tool to organize and keep your poses. I've been using Tillie's stand for the last three years and it was well worth the initial investment. I mainly use the Standalone HUD because it provides the use of my poses ANYWHERE! I'm never restricted when I am presented with a photo opt opportunity. I currently have over 900 poses within my Tillie pose HUD and I am adding more as my journey through the pose fair continues.

My favorite new features so far are:
The New interface on the stand alone hud
The name and number of each pose listed as it is utilized within the pose HUD
Pose Timer, to automatically run through poses quickly

Tillie's pose stand is the whole kitten caboodle, it includes everything you would ever need as a photographer, blogger, or model. The new version 4.01 includes so many more options than previous versions. Included in the 4.01 version are 22 poses from Diesel Works and 20 poses from Glitterati. This is an extra bonus and a generous gift from these pose designers. For a full photography studio Tillie's pose stand has you covered with several textures for backdrops, lights, and posing stands which can be used during photo shoots. IMHO it's one of the best photo tools on the market.

Next posts color challenge is on Tea Green

The Look- Rain Rain Go Away!
Hair- Lamb- Oleander- Twix
Skin- Pink Fuel- Elly-Honey- Pearl
Outfit-U.F.O.-Choux- Pastry Heart- Navy-(Collab88)
Shoes-Molto Bene!-Alpha Boot Layer
Pose Prop- Olive Juice- Puddle Jumpers
Umbrella-Lisp Bazaar-Rainy Days Umbrella- Hold- (Collab 88)
Tree-Trompe Loeil-Organic Mesh Tree Blue- (Past Collab 88 Purchase)
Gazebo-Barnesworth Anubis-Gatsby Gazebo- (Past Collab 88 Purchase)

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