Friday, April 6, 2012

Wear Gray for a day is now Open!

Wear Gray for a day is now open! 

Wear Gray for a day is a charity based event designed to help raise awareness and funds for brain cancer research. Several people involved within this event have been personally affected by having family member who were afflicted with this condition. It's a disease that does not affect just one group of people, but can touch both young and old, women and men and children. Finding a cure is only going to be possible with us helping anyway we can. It's important that we all collaborate together during events like this to help show the strength of our community and the power of Second Life.

The Wear Gray Event will run from April 6th until April 23rd. There are a total of over 70 different stores and over 300 exclusive items. Each designer involved in this event was asked to create exclusive items for wear gray. You can view some of these items by browsing the Wear gray for a day flickr page.

For more information about ABTA, donate directly and the Wear Gray sponsors please visit the official homepage of Wear Gray. You will also find information about the special live events which will take place during the two weeks that Wear Gray is open.

Finally, I'm extremely proud to say that I am a merchant in this event. I have three exclusive items for Wear Gray for a day, shown below.

Little Renaissance Villa- Wear Gray Exclusive

The Little Renaissance Villa- Casa Dell' Amore Homes
While designing clothing is my main focus in Second Life creation, I've been experimenting with making homes as well, Casa Dell' Amore Homes are the result of this newest creative venture.

The Little Renaissance Villa s a small Italian Renaissance style building. Made for small areas of land this building can be used as a small home or decorative building for photos. TLRV is 46 prims and has a footprint of 14x20. Two doors are available on the first floor a front and back door. there is a second story with sliding doors which take you to a balcony area so you can view the scenery from up high.

BB-NeverForget Travel Bag-Wear Gray Exclusive

The Never Forget Travel Bag
An Elephant never forgets and neither should you.....

Never Forget Travel Bag is an all leather handbag perfect for both long and short trips. It is embellished with an photo of an Elephant so you never forget to have fun on your travels. This Bag is exclusive for the Wear Gray event and has a secondary meaning behind the gray elephant. It's a reminder not to forget the support of Brain Cancer Research and those who have lost their battle along the way.

Never Forget is mesh so in order to view it properly you need to be using the most recent viewer of Second Life. It is 45 prims when rezzed on the ground and contains one animation for holding.

Black Keys Dress - Wear Gray Exclusive

The Black Keys Dress
This Dress is exclusive to Wear Gray and is part of the hunt. It can be found somewhere within my store at the wear gray event. (No hints, sorry :D)

The Black Keys is a retro key print dress. It falls right below the knee making it ideal for modesty. There is a lace embellish across the decolletage and a Belted skirt. The skirt is Modifiable so you can adjust to create a perfect fit. 

I hope you take the time to visit Wear Gray and pick up some of the goodies found at this event.

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