Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Fancy Hair


If you have been keeping up with any of the blogs on the feeds you then you surely would have noticed a trend emerging. Everyone is talking about Hair, Hair, and Hair. It's this special wonderful time of year where I get all tingly from my head to my toes.... Hair Fair Time. This has to be one of my favorite fairs, following shortly behind is the skin fair and pose fair.

The Hair fair is my favorite because of the charity that is attached, Wigs for Kids. Each SL Wig purchased will donate 15% of the sale to the charity. It's a generous gift from Hair designers of Second Life. The Hair Fair opened it's doors on July 14th and will close on July 29. Wigs for kids is such a wonderful charity, because they help bring hair to children who have lost their hair due to a medical related illness. Last year SL residents helped raise $8,935.96. You can view the official letter here. It's always so touching to see what our community can do when we get together.

There are a few thing I'd like to point out about the Hair Fair and some tips you can do to help ease the lag of the fair.

1) Phantom Buildings- The hair fair has set up with phantom buildings so don't be alarmed if you walk through walls it's ok and made this way to help reduce lag.

2) De-Prim and Wear a Low Lag outfit- DCNY has been generous enough to donate a low lag fashionable out for you to wear during the fair.

3) Photo Spots- Pose ball are setup, courtesy of Adorkable Poses around the sims which are perfect for photos.

4) Can't get in the fair because it's too full?? Use the Hair Fair Demo Group to help you get your shopping in order. You can click the in world kiosk located here, or type this: secondlife:///app/group/2e30d166-f3e5-e2de-ff72-b3da2d06ded2/about directly into the SL chat and click to join the FREE group.

5) Purchased and Item and didn't get it? Don't worry, The Hair fair has provide redelivery kiosks so your hair can be redelivered with ease.

There is a complete list of tips and ideas located on the official Hair Fair page.

Hair Fair Sims
Garden Sim
Sand Sim
Flower Sim
Water Sim

*This post is also my 52 weeks of Color challenge photo, Week 22- Cobalt, Next Color Challenge Post will be on Pistachio Green.

The Look- Fancy Hair
Hair- Gotzsche Hair- Josefa- Chocolate
Skin-Dutch Touch- Esmee- Dark Olive
Shirt- Artilleri- Carlita Top- Blue
Pose- Glitterati- Purse 2

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